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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+U becomes 236U.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jump
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
WS = Wall Stick/Wall Splat
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.
AB = Avatar Belial
BB = Beelzebub
BL = Belial
CA = Cagliostro
CL = Charlotta
DJ = Djeeta
EU = Eustace
FR = Ferry
FT = Ladiva
GR = Gran
KT = Katalina
LN = Lancelot
LW = Lowain
MT = Metera
NM = Narmaya
PC = Percival
SO = Soriz
SX = Seox
UN = Anre
VS = Vaseraga
VI = Vira
YU = Yuel
ZO = Zooey
ZT = Zeta

Combo List

  • All buttons are done using in game notation of LMHU. X represents the use of any normal button. "Normal" buttons are the aforementioned LMH buttons.
  • LX results in more damage than LXX due to scaling in most combos involving EX moves.


Combo Damage Meter Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
XXX > 214M-H, 623M (Setup) 1860-2660 24%-29% All Easy Basic Midscreen BNB into Rat Race setup.
2L, 2L, f.5L > 214H 2070 26% All Easy Low hitconfirm.
2L, 2L, 2M, 214M-H 2190 19% All Easy Crouch-hit low hitconfirm.
c.5H > 623H > f.5L > [4]6H > 66 > f.5H > 214H-H 3860 47% All Medium If you don't want to spend 214H, you can end with f.5HH instead, doing 3560 damage. f.5L can be replaced by 2M on crouching opponents.
2H > 214L-H 1400-2000 12-16% All Easy Anti-Air combo. On higher heights delay 214L to deal maximum damage.
c.5H > 623H > f.5L > [4]6H > SBA 4427 -100% All Easy You could technically end this one with SSBA, but it does less damage than SBA, even with technical input.
UOH(with H Rat Race) > 2H > SSBA 5281 -100% All Easy If you go for SBA, do c.5H instead of 2H. Huge amount of damage for a normal hit UOH conversion from midscreen.
c.5H > SSBA 5596 -100% All Easy Most damaging grounded combo midscreen, even with easy input.


Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
c.5H > 623H > f.5L > [4]6H, 66 > c.H > 214H-H > c.5M > [2]8H (easy input) > 2U 4242 55% Easy Meterless set up for a j.H safejump. If you don't get maximum height from 214H-H, you can follow up with c.5M instead of c.5H.
c.5H > 623H, f.5L > [4]6H > 66 > c.H > [2]8H (easy input) > c.5H > 214H-H > c.5M > SSBA 5696 -100% Medium Optimal universal corner combo from 5H starter. If you can't get the maximum height from 214H-H, you can do c.5M or 2M instead of c.5H at the end, for exactly the same amount of damage. The SSBA can be replaced with SBA or 5U if you don't have meter.
c.5H > 623H > c.5M > [4]6H > 66 > c.H > [2]8H (easy input) > c.5H > 214H-H > c.5M > SSBA 5920 -100% Medium Optimal Crouch-only corner combo. The c.5M's can be replaced with c.5L's for an easier combo. You can replace the final c.5M with 2M or c.5H if you get enough height from 214H-H for exactly the same amount of damage. The SSBA can be replaced with SBA or omitted if you do not have meter. EXAMPLE VIDEO:

Combo Theory

Video Examples

【GBVS(Granblue Fantasy: Versus)】Ver 2.51版 尤斯堤斯 ユーステス・Eustace 基礎Combo