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GBVS Ferry Nameplate.png
GBVS Ferry Portrait.png
Health 9500
Prejump 5f
Backdash 22f
Unique Movement OptionsGhostswing


Ferry is a zoning character who excels in harassing the opponent in the mid-far range thanks to her long pokes. In addition, she also boasts arguably one of the strongest setplay tools in the game, Geegee, as he can create many ambiguous situations for the opponent to deal with when they’re put on the defensive.

"You're going to admit defeat so soon? I've no use for untrained pets."
Lore: An Erune girl who once resided on the Mist-Shrouded Isle. She became a spirit at the moment of her death. This grim transformation occurred while she was waiting for her frail sister to return home, a period that had lasted well past her death. At Gran and Lyria's behest, she sets out on a journey to discover the whereabouts of her now-grown sibling. In addition to the crack of her whip, she fights with the faithful bite of her ghostly pets, overwhelming her opponents with phantasmagoric assaults.
GBVS Ferry Icon.png Ferry is a zoning character who excels in harassing the opponent in the mid-far range thanks to her long pokes, as well as boasting some of the strongest okizeme options in the game.
Pros Cons
  • Very long range on her normals that convert into knockdowns at any distance.
  • Has a DP with Beppo, Sic 'Em!.
  • Massive pool of special moves, all of which have a use.
  • Close range normals are astonishingly good for her archetype, such as c.M acting as a pseudo-anti-air and c.H being +3 on block.
  • Arguably has the best 2U in the game with its low recovery, long-range, and giving hard knockdown on hit.
  • Has lockdown tools, allowing her to stay in when she wants to.
  • Incredible oki game thanks to Geegee, as he allows you to setup powerful hit/throw mixups, as well as high/low 50/50s that can loop into itself
  • Instant overhead j.L.
  • High air mobility with Ghostswing.
  • Incredible Skybound Arts, all of them are useful and fill a niche.
  • Normals, while long, are slower than average and have bad hurtboxes.
  • Can struggle to get in on opponents when behind.
  • No real way around fireballs except for H Gespenst.
  • Anti-airing can be pretty difficult, as 2H only covers specific angles and DP being pretty committal.
  • Lowest health in the game along with Metera

Normal Moves[edit]

GBVS Ferry cL.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
400 Mid 6 3 8 +0 +4

Slightly slower than average jab that is a solid button to mash out of pressure with when the opponent is up close, as well as having nice utility when used in stagger pressure up close (i.e 2L>c.L).

GBVS Ferry cM.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
700 Mid 7 6 9 +0 +4

c.M can serve as situational anti-air on deep jump ins.

GBVS Ferry cH.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
1000 Mid 9 4 12 +3 +7

Preferred starter for combos in most cases. +3 on block, allowing you to do things like c.H>Liechten and be able to capitalize on the + frames afterwards. Also great as combo filler in juggles.

Auto Combo[edit]
Auto Combo
GBVS Ferry cXX.png
GBVS Ferry cXXX.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
XX 300 Mid 9 - - -3 +1
XXX 240 Mid 12 - - -4 +0

Both of these moves are combo filler primarily. You can use them during block pressure to end your turn safley. Not much else to say about these moves.

GBVS Ferry fL.png
Minus on
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
350 Mid 8 3 15 -7 -3

Solid poke in the midrange, and your primary button to jail the opponent after the opponent ends their pressure. When used to jail, you want to mix in the threat of f.L>214L vs f.L>nothing to keep them honest.

GBVS Ferry fM.png
Axl would be proud.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
650 Mid 9 5 17 -7 -3

This is your main poke at longer distances, and is a staple move of Ferry’s strong keep out game. You’ll want to use this to control the screen horizontally, eventually conditioning the opponent to try to roll or jump over it, both of which can be baited and punished. The whip is NOT disjointed, so the opponent can hit the whip to hurt you, thus exercising restraint with this move is very important. This move can be low profiled, in which, you can use 2M or 2U to thwart that.

GBVS Ferry fH.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
900 Mid 13 8 23 -14 -10

Similiar to f.M with more range and damage, but slower startup and higher recovery. Ferry steps forwards as she uses this move, so it can be useful in keeping up pressure on a retreating foe.

GBVS Ferry 2L.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
400 Low 6 3 9 -1 +3

Main button to mash out of pressure with, thanks to it not having a range limit unlike c.L. Also the preferred normal to start stagger pressure with up close. Low recovery lets you use this move on an opponent's knockdown and still recover to block slow reversals like Charlotta's flashkick. Hits low.

GBVS Ferry 2M.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
600 Low 11 5 20 -10 -6

This move complements f.M very well. While f.M can be low profiled, 2M can stop this outright, as well as having the added utility of hitting low. Compared to f.M, it is slower so you really only want to use this to stop them from low profiling f.M, punish rolls, or poke at their feet. You can also go under projectiles with this, punishing people who try to fireball in the midrange. This move also often serves as the low complement of Ferry's high/low oki.

GBVS Ferry 2H.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
1000 Mid 14 4 16 -3 +1

Ferry’s dedicated anti air normal. Air-unblockable and can convert into 236X on air hit. This move is good for controlling the air space in front of her, but is not reliable when the opponent is directly above your head. In that case, consider another anti air option such as DP, c.M, or rising j.L. Great combo filler, especially in juggles and Liechten routes.

GBVS Ferry 2U.png
Worst move I've ever seen kappa
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
700 Low 9 6 16 -7 KD

Incredible sweep. One of her better pokes, and one of the best sweeps in the game. Grants a hard knockdown on hit. You can use the hard knockdown to go for a safejump with j.H (jump into them, press j.H and hold back immediately after) or set up Geegee oki with 22X. Preferred meterless ender when in Liechten. This move also is often used as an alternative to 2M as the low complement in Ferry's high/low oki.

GBVS Ferry jL.png
Netplay unblockable
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
400 High/Air 7 - - - -

Primary use of this move is in Ferry’s mixup game, as rising j.L is instant overhead that can hit the entire cast, even when crouching. To convert off of it, you will need to set it up with Geegee or Vergiften. Alternatively, if you are in Liechten, you can convert off of it without the need of a setup, by chaining j.L into j.4U. Without a proper setup or Liechten, using j.L as an instant overhead is unsafe, even on hit. This move is also useful as an air to air up close.

GBVS Ferry jM.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
600 High/Air 9 - - - -

Horizontal whip attack that is useful for checking opponents in the air from a distance. Not much use outside of that however. The whip does have a hurtbox so be careful when throwing it out.

GBVS Ferry jH.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
800 High/Air 10 - - - -

Primary jump in normal. The whip is a part of her hurtbox, making it easier for the opponent to anti air, so proceed with caution when using it.

Unique Action[edit]

Ein Ball[edit]
Ein Ball
GBVS Ferry 5U.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
100x15(1500) Mid 16 22 19 -2 +2

Performs a multi-hit attack that deals a substantial amount of chip damage if blocked. As well gains a good chunk of meter if all hits are blocked and only -2 on block. This skill has a short reach at first, so you’ll want to dash up to them prior, but it is mostly disjointed so it can serve as a counterpoke. Its multi-hit property makes it extremely effective against armor moves with limited number of hits, such as Vaseraga's empowered tackle, by shredding through the armor and punishing it. The low recovery of this move makes it pretty safe to whiff. Surprisingly, it prorates really well, making it useful in some combos.

Spectral Dive[edit]
Spectral Dive
GBVS Ferry jU.png
FOOT DIVE (but actually Batspin)
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
600 All 15 - - - -

Dive kick. Performs a midair dive attack. This move is very difficult to make safe, as even on hit, it can be punished. However, if this does move hit close to the opponent's feet, it's possible to be safe, or even plus. The angle the move goes in can be altered by inputting j.4U or j.6U, for a total of 3 different angles. When cornered, you can jump and input j.6U as a way to escape out (however, the opponent can smack you for this if they read it). In Liechten, you can use j.4U to convert off of instant overhead j.L. You can also use j.4/5/6U as a way to set up pressure and high/low mix on opponents in Liechten.

GBVS Ferry j8U.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
- - - - - - -

Hooks Ferry's whip to the stage ceiling and swings her forward. Primarily used as a mobility option to get around the stage. You can cancel your air momentum after the swing by inputting an air normal immediately, with the most preferable button being j.L for that purpose. You can also swing backwards by inputting j.7U.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
GBVS Ferry Throw.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
500,1000(1500) Throw 8 - - - -
  • Forward throw slams the opponent to the ground, giving a hard knockdown afterwards. Midscreen, you can set up 22X to apply more pressure afterwards. If you have Geegee placed beforehand, he can be used to convert off of the throw.
  • Back throw has Beppo slam them to the other side, leaving them very close to Ferry. This is the preferred throw for okizeme afterwards midscreen due to this property.

Both throws can set up safejumps as well.

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
GBVS Ferry AirThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
1000,500(1500) Throw - - - - -

Grabs the opponent and slams them back into the ground. Good air to air option. If Geegee was was set up prior, you can convert off of it afterwards.

Overhead Attack[edit]
Overhead Attack
GBVS Ferry OverheadAttack.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
1000 High 26 6 17 -4 +1

Probably one of the worse universal overhead attacks in the game, due to it moving Ferry back as opposed to forward, making it hard to utilize in pressure. Luckily, it isn’t that big of a deal, as Ferry has a better overhead mixup anyway.

Special Moves[edit]

236X or 5S
GBVS Ferry Gespeng.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
L 400 All 21 - - -8 KD
M 400 All 32 - - -8 KD
H 400 All 18 - - -8 KD

Performs a whip attack. It has a slow start-up, but it has a long reach and negates projectiles. Can be followed up by Whip It Good and Heel. This move is very good at punishing reckless run ins from the opponent in neutral.

  • M version has longer startup but also has more reach than the L version.
  • H version has the same range as M version but is much faster.

Whip It Good[edit]
Whip It Good
236X > X or S
GBVS Ferry WhipItGood.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
L 800 - - - - - -
M 1200 - - - - - -
H 1200 - - - - - -

Deals additional damage after connecting Gespenst (automatically triggers with less damage if no other commands are input). If H version of Genspenst was used, Whip It Good will grant a hard knockdown.

236X > 4X or 4S
GBVS Ferry Heel.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
L 0 - - - - - -
M 0 - - - - - -
H 0 - - - - - -

Pulls the foe near after connecting Gespenst. This skill doesn't deal any damage, but causes hard knockdown regardless of the version of Genspent used. This move is a key part of setting up her midscreen oki game, as you can do 22L and go for a hit/throw/shimmy mixup that can be looped into itself. If you do 22H, you can add additional layers to the mixup, such as instant overhead j.L or low, albeit sacrificing the ability to loop the oki. If 236M was used, after the pull in, Ferry can follow up with a normal and continue with a combo or setup. If 236L or 236H are used, Ferry cannot combo after the pull.

  • Gran wakes up 52 frames after pulling.
  • Narmaya wakes up 54 frames after pulling.
  • Everyone else wakes up in 51 frames

Beppo, Sic 'Em![edit]
Beppo, Sic 'Em!
623X or 6S
GBVS Ferry BeppoSicEm.png
Up dog
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
L 1000 All 7 - - -16 KD
M 800,500(1300) All 13 - - -11 KD
H 450x3(1350) Mid 7 - - -26 KD

Summons Beppo to perform a rising attack.

  • L version: Strikes near Ferry's head, making it a useful anti-air attack.
  • M version summons Beppo a little lower vertically compared to the L version, allowing it to cover different air angles as well as be utilized as combo filler in grounded confirms.
  • H version: Has frame 1 invincibility, so you can use it as a panic move to escape pressure. Unlike the L and M versions, it is also air unblockable. Grants hard knockdown.

214X or 4S
GBVS Ferry Trombe.png
Beyblade Beyblade let it rip
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
L 750,150,150(1000) Mid 16 12 16 -5 KD
M 550,150,150,150,150,150(1300) Mid 27 21 16 -3 KD
H 550,150,150,150,150,150(1300) Mid 16 21 16 -3 KD
  • L version is mainly used to end your block pressure safely, as well as having some utility as a frametrap tool during block pressure. Can also be used as an alternative ender if 623X is not available due to cooldown.
  • M version is slower than L version, but does more damage and hits. On counter hit, causes a wall bounce in corner, making it a very scary move to get punished by in corner.
  • H version grants a hard knockdown and causes wallbounce in corner regardless of counter hit or not, making it a good way to extend combos in the corner.

Geegee, Get 'Em![edit]
Geegee, Get 'Em!
22X or 2S
GBVS Ferry GeeGeeGetEm.png
"Go, my son, and hold down the neutral."
GBVS Ferry GeeGeeGetEm2.png
Haha got em geegees
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
L 500~200x5(1000) All 16 - - - -
M 500~200x5(1000) All 16 - 29 - -
H 200x5(1000) All 45 - - - -

Projectile that disappears if Ferry blocks or gets hit. Sends Geegee at the foe for a multi-hit attack. The attack can be delayed by holding any button except U or G. You can switch which button you use to delay Geegee by holding down a different button immediately after inputting it. Geegee defines Ferry’s amazing okizeme game, as you can go for many ambiguous mixups such as hit/throw/shimmy or even a high/low with 2M and rising j.L, and have Geegee help you convert off of it afterwards. Geegee persists after a throw which allows for a combo, but any kind of tech will make it vanish.

  • L and M version: Jumps out in an arc. Can be useful as an anti air in some cases. In corner, Geegee can go offscreen when using the L or M version. If you’re too close to the corner, use 22H
  • H version: Runs across the ground stopping in front of the foe. This is usually the version you want to use to set up the high/low mixup with rising j.L and 2M.

Skybound Art[edit]

236236H or 236S
GBVS Ferry Vergiften.png
GBVS Ferry Vergiften2.png
Please hold this Dark Angel for a moment.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
400x5(2000) All 7+8 - - - -

Skybound Art that launches a projectile. Releases a powerful orb that slowly bounces across the stage. Chase the projectile down to apply pressure and restrict the foe's movement options. Also serves as amazing combo filler when you have the meter to spend. DOES NOT HAVE INVINCIBILITY FRAME 1 SO DO NOT USE IT AS A REVERSAL!

214214H or 214S
GBVS Ferry HinLiechten.png
Combo Install
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
- N/A 7+0 - - - -

Install super that lasts for 600F (10 seconds).

When active, allows Ferry to chain her normals into each other in any order, but cannot repeat a normal in the chain and she can only cancel up to 3 times i.e (5H > 5M > 2U). Each hit of an autocombo contributes to this 3-move limit. Hin Liechten allows you to do a multitude of things, such as reverse beat your pokes into 2L to cut down their recovery, convert off of rising j.L instant overhead without a setup prior, and combo into 2U naturally for a hard knockdown. Shortcut input of 214S over 214214H has no known downsides. DOES NOT HAVE INVINCIBILITY FRAME 1 SO DO NOT USE IT AS A REVERSAL!

While in install, specials will not recharge until install finishes. Recharging specials used before install became active will have their timers paused and will resume recharging once the install is over.

This can also be used as a pseudo chainshift/YRC. Buffering this input in neutral while in range can be good to start pressure or catch them during fireball startup.

There is currently no known difference between the easy input (214U) and the hard input (214214H)

Super Skybound Art[edit]

Aetheryte Requiescat[edit]
Aetheryte Requiescat
236236U or 236S+U
GBVS Ferry AetheryteRequiescat.png
Itano Circus, just because.
GBVS Ferry AetheryteRequiesca2t.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On Block On Hit
4500(3500) Mid 7+3 - - -37 -

Invincible reversal. Performs a powerful whip attack that deals additional hits upon connecting. This skill's long reach is useful for punishing foes throwing out pokes or projectiles at a distance. You can hitconfirm into this after successfully hitting f.M, f.H or 2M, by buffering 236236 and then hitting U when you see they got hit. It’s really easy so it’s highly recommended to learn it.

The easy input only affects the distance at which the cinematic occurs, and the cinematic does provide extra damage. At certain ranges where 236S+U and 236236U both won't activate the cinematic, there is no damage difference between the two inputs.


Ambox notice.png To edit frame data, edit values in GBVS/Ferry/Data. Be sure to update both the move and the move Full sections. One is shown on the character page, while the other is shown on the frame data page.
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