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Ground Movement


Good ol' reliable

Walking is the most basic form of movement by holding Template:4 or Template:6. While to the untrained eye, walking seems so basic that it's boring, it's actually very useful in GBVS. You can immediately cancel walking into any other action, thus giving you the most flexibility to immediately react to the opponent's actions. Players often use walk to safely reposition themselves slight distances in order to maintain optimal range for their attacks.

Each character has different walk speeds, and different speeds between forwards and backwards. You will also slowly build meter by walking forward, good in a pinch if you're almost at 100% SB Gauge.


Running is fast, but limits certain actions (i.e. no guard, all other actions available).

There's always three key parts to basic movement, and running is the second and can be done by either double tapping and holding forward (ex: Template:66). Running is faster than walking, but comes with certain drawbacks - specifically you can not cancel running into guard. You can still cancel run into all other actions (including Jump, Dodge, and Cross-Over). Letting go of forward stops your run and puts you into a stopping animation when you slightly slide towards the opponent before coming to a full stop. This stopping animation has the same properties as when you are running (i.e. no guard, all other actions available).

Running is a medium risk/reward option - you can quickly advance on your opponent, but you will need to compensate for the inability to guard.

Just like walking, each character has different run speeds.

Back Dash

Quick retreat, even has some invincibility at the start

The tertiary form of movement and is catered to more of a defensive retreat, back dash is inputted by doing either double tapping back (ie: Template:44). Back Dash is often used for quick retreats and has a slight amount of invincibility on startup, allowing you to escape the opponent's block strings if you can time it correctly.

Be warned that while backdashes have some invincibility at the beginning of the move, the rest is completely vulnerable to attack, and can easily be punished!


(See: Evade for detailed explanation on Evade.)

Evade is one of two key evasive defense options that have been introduced to Granblue Fantasy Versus and can be done by using the Guard button + the direction away from the opponent (ex Template:4G).


(See: Cross-Over for detailed explanation for Cross-Over.)

The secondary form of defensive evasion introduced into GBVS. Roll can be inputted by using the Guard button + the direction towards the opponent (ex: Template:6G).

Air Movement


Jump is one of the air movements in Granblue Fantasy Versus and is done by inputting Template:7, Template:8, or Template:9. You can control which direction you jump by using Template:7, Template:8, or Template:9. Jumps are generally the highest risk/reward movement option, since your options are the most limited - you are in a set jump trajectory, and you can not guard certain attacks (See here for more details).

High Jump

High Jumping is one of the secondary means of getting around from ground to air movement in GBVS and can be done by going from neutral Template:5, then tapping any downward direction (Template:1Template:2Template:3), then tapping any upward direction (Template:7Template:8Template:9). Pressing Template:7Template:8Template:9 will change which direction you high jump, just like normal jumping.

It is always best to mix up the two types of jumps to keep your opponent on their toes depending on the situation.


Jumps and High Jumps are not instantaneous - before going airborne, your character will enter a state called prejump, where you can not block, but are invincible to throws. If you are hit during prejump, you will enter crouching hitstun.

Characters have different amount of prejump frames, but the rule of thumb is that the heavier/slower your character is, the longer the prejump. Exact values for prejump can be found in each character's frame data.

It is actually possible to cancel prejump into Skills and Skybound Arts, though for most characters is not used very often. The reason for this is that Skills that involve an Up input, such as Charlotta's Holy Ladder ([2]8X) or Ladiva's Jewel Resort Screwdriver (360X) can be used without going through hoops to hide the jump input (such as whiffing moves beforehand).

Landing Recovery

All characters share a universal 5f landing recovery. If hit during the landing recovery, the character is considered to be in a standing state. 1f before landing the character is considered to be grounded.

Ground and Air Recovery

Running Momentumn

Momentum gained from running in GBVS (and all Arc System Works games) carries over into most other actions.

This means running then forward jump will travel further than a normal forward jump, and a running f.L will have more range than a regular f.L.

Momentum can open up new punish and combo opportunities.


Canceling is the act of performing one move, then going into a second attack even before the first one ends. This is generally used to extend or finish combos, but can have other applications as well, such as in blockstrings.

Special Cancel
Most normal attacks can be canceled into Skills.


Dramatic Slowdown!

A clash happens when:

  1. Two attacks would trade
  2. The two attacks have the same Attack Level

During a clash each player can cancel into almost any attack*, Dodge, or Cross-Over, and each player also gains 10% Skybound Gauge!

  • Specifically you can cancel into any attack except itself, but f.L, 2L, and j.L can cancel into themselves.

Because of the unpredictable nature of clashes, they are often difficult to take advantage of, but some players understand how the attack interact well enough to intentionally cause a clash to cancel out the opponent's attack, then retaliate with their own!

Input Buffer

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