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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example 236+U becomes 236U.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
land = Indicate that the player must land at a point in the sequence.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j = Jump
hj/sj = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
WS = Wall Stick/Wall Splat
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input
(move) = Move is optional.
[sequence]xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Attack must deal N amount of hits.
[X] or [Y] = Perform X or Y.
AB = GBVS Avatar Belial Icon.png Avatar Belial
BB = GBVS Beelzebub Icon.png Beelzebub
BL = GBVS Belial Icon.png Belial
CA = GBVS Cagliostro Icon.png Cagliostro
CL = GBVS Charlotta Icon.png Charlotta
DJ = GBVS Djeeta Icon.png Djeeta
EU = GBVS Eustace Icon.png Eustace
FR = GBVS Ferry Icon.png Ferry
FT = GBVS Ladiva Icon.png Ladiva
GR = GBVS Gran Icon.png Gran
KT = GBVS Katalina Icon.png Katalina
LN = GBVS Lancelot Icon.png Lancelot
LW = GBVS Lowain Icon.png Lowain
MT = GBVS Metera Icon.png Metera
NM = GBVS Narmaya Icon.png Narmaya
PC = GBVS Percival Icon.png Percival
SO = GBVS Soriz Icon.png Soriz
VS = GBVS Vaseraga Icon.png Vaseraga
VI = GBVS Vira Icon.png Vira
ZT = GBVS Zeta Icon.png Zeta

Combo List

  • All buttons are done using in game notation of LMHU. XXX represents the use of any normal buttons three times. "normal" buttons are the aforementioned LMH buttons.
  • Colors represents LMH variants for X.
  • (X) indicates that this move is optional.
Combo Position Damage Meter Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
c.XXX > {5U}xN Anywhere 2740 23% Everyone Very Easy Mostly used to put the opponent in position for Zeta's M normals or other long reaching attacks.
Other Values:
1940 - 18%, 2240 - 21%
2L, 2L, {5U}xN Anywhere 1840 ~17% Everyone Easy For max damage you need to run a certain distance to get enough momentum for multiple 5U hits.
Depending on the distance ran, the meter gain will be higher or lower.
(c.L/2L), 2U Anywhere 1300 7% Everyone Easy Crouch-only jab link.
2L, 2L, 2U Anywhere 1540 8% Everyone Easy Crouch-only.
(2L), c.LXX > 66X~6X~(6X) Midscreen 2135 24% Everyone Easy Corner carry. (6X) only works with the H versions of 66H.
Other Values:
Without 2L: 1750 - 19%, 1890 - 19%, 2000 - 23%
With 2L: 1935 - 20%, 2055 - 20%
c.XXX > 66X~6X~(6X) Midscreen 2800 28% Everyone Easy (6X) only works with the H versions of 66X.
Other Values:
66L: 1750 - 19%, 2050 - 22%, 2550 - 24%
66M: 1890 - 19%, 2190 - 22%, 2690 - 24%
66H: 2000 - 23%, 2300 - 25%
c.XXX > 214H~X Midscreen 2030 20% Everyone Medium Alternative autocombo confirm to 66X. Grants midscreen safejumps. Easier to connect L and M followups of 214H if only 2 hits of autocombo are performed, at the cost of less damage and meter gain.
Other Values:
214H~L/M: 1730 - 17%, 2030 - 20%, 2530 - 22%
214H~H: 1450 - 17%, 1750 - 19%, 2250 - 21%
2L, 2L, f.L > 66X~6X~(6X) Midscreen 2090 19% Everyone Easy Corner carry off 2L hit confirm. 66M does not connect from f.L.
2L, 2L, 2U > 66X~6X~(6X) Midscreen 2490 21% Everyone Easy Alternative route to the above combo for crouching opponents. Will only work on crouching opponents. 66M does not connect from 2U.
f.M > 66X~6X~(6X) Midscreen 2050 19% Everyone Easy Corner carry off poke. 66M will not combo and 66L will not work at max range, instead use 66H.
Also works with 2M instead of f.M. It will have the same damage and meter gain.
Other Values:
1700 - 15%
c.XX > 214H~H, j.U , j.U , j.U , j.H > j.22X~8X~(8X) Corner 3700 40% Everyone Medium (8X) only works with the H versions of 22H.
Using c.XXX instead of c.XX will result in lower damage, but a bit higher meter gain (~3%).
9X can also be use instead of 8X, for same damage and meter gain. Also, 2L > c.LL works, resulting in lower damager though.
Other Values:
22L/M: 2830 - 33%, 3130 - 35%, 3630 - 37%
22H: 2900 - 35%, 3200 - 38%
2L, 2L, f.L > 66H~9H~2H, c.M > 22H~8H~2H(whiff), 2U Corner 2960 34% Everyone Hard Timing of 66H followups will depend on distance from corner and height of opponent character, experiment to find best timing. Hard knockdown, allowing for safejump.
2L , c.MX > 236H, c.H > 214H~H, j.H, c.H > 22H~8X~2X(whiff), 2U Corner 4025 44% Everyone Hard Delay the j.H until the opponent is about to hit the ground for best results. Hard knockdown, allowing for safejump.
CH 5MH, c.HX > 236H, c.H > 214H~L, c.H, 22H~8X~2X(whiff), c.H > 66H~9X~8X Corner 5450 55% Everyone Very Hard Max damage from CH overhead, without spending SBA or SSBA. Substitute (c.H > 214H~L) with (c.H > 214H~H > j.H) for an easier route at the cost of damage.
CH 214X~M, (dash) f.H > 66H~6X~(6X) Anywhere 3130 28% Everyone Medium Followup from counter hit of M Rhapsody followup. Generally seen after a reversal H Rhapsody. 66H must be used; 66L/M will not combo.
2H > 22X~9X~(9X) Anywhere 2850 20% Everyone Easy (9X) only works with the H version of 22X. Generic anti-air combo that can be performed regardless of CH, anywhere on the screen. Followup directions may need to be altered depending on position of opponent.
Other Values:
22L: 2360 - 16%
22M: 2560 - 16%
CH 2H, (dash) f.H > 66H~6X~(6X) Anywhere 3130 24% Everyone Medium Followup from counter hit anti-air 2H for corner carry. 66H must be used; 66L/M will not combo.
2H > 66M > c.MX > 22H~9X~9X Anywhere 3715 31% Everyone Medium Anti-air corner carry combo. The 2H must be timed correctly, or else you can't continue into c.MX after 66M.
Using c.MXX instead of c.M will result in lower damage, but a bit higher meter gain (~3%)

Combo Theory

Important links

  • (c.L/2L), f.L (Only on standing opponents, unless close)
  • (c.L/2L), 2U (Only on crouching opponents)
  • (c.L/2L), c.M

Launchers for Corner Combos

Zeta has the unique strength of being able to use 3 specials as a launcher for a corner BnB, 236H, 214H~X, and 66H. 236H is generally always your best starter and will combo consistently from the first hit of autocombo. It can also combo from the second hit of auto combo if you did not link into the autocombo from an initial normal (e.g. 2L, c.MMM > 236H will not combo). While 236H is a powerful starter, it generally requires the opponent to be very close to the corner to pick up the conversion, so using 66H~9X~2X or 214H~H as your starter if your opponent is further away from the corner can be useful to get a higher damage combo from a further distance.
Additionally, when starting a combo from a light confirm (2L, 2L, f.L or 2L, 2L, 2U), 66H will be the only launcher that will combo, so knowing these routes is important for maximizing damage.

Midscreen and Corner Carry

Midscreen, Zeta's combos are mostly just confirming into 66X, since her combo potential only really shines in the corner, where she can use the Heavy versions of her specials to juggle the opponent. If 66L or 66M won't quite be enough to push the opponent all the way to the corner, 66H can be used to help secure the corner since it has one more followup than the L or M verions.

Juggle Into Sweep In The Corner

Safejump setups. If the opponent is launched into the air (preferably by 236H or 214H~H), Zeta can use 22H~8X~2X followed by 2U to grant a hard knockdown state and safejump. The 2X should not actually hit the opponent, instead being used to quickly get Zeta back to the ground so she can hit the opponent with a sweep before they hit the ground. The sweep will hit the opponent no matter how high they fall from, provided they do not recover or hit the combo limit, though the timing is a bit strict since the first hit of the sweep has seven frames of startup. Alternatively, you can do 5M (or 5H if you can) into SBA or SSBA to try and close out the round.

Video Examples

Zeta Combos by Meno