Guilty Gear XX Accent Core

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Guilty Gear: Accent Core
GGXXAC+ Logo.png

Developer: Arc System Works

Arc System Works (Japan)
Aksys Games (North America)
505 Games (Europe)

Release Dates:

Λ Core (2006 - Arcade, 2007 - PS2/Wii)
Λ Core Plus (2009 - PS2/PSP/Wii, 2012 - 360/PS3)

Guilty Gear Series

Preceded By: Guilty Gear XX Slash
Followed By: Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R

What is ΛCore?

ΛCore (read as Accent Core) is a fast paced 2D fighter that boast a large roster with each character playing very uniquely, most have their own systems in place for players to master. Compared to prior entries in the XX series, ΛCore boasts the most significant system changes, adding new mechanics such as Force Breaks and Slashbacks, new hitstun properties such as wall stick and slides, and more. It also marks the first time since the original XX that character and system voices have been re-recorded.

ΛCore Plus?

An update to the original game that addressed multiple bugs found in the original's console conversion (while fixed, other bugs popped up). It also marks the return of Kliff and Justice to the playable roster, though they remain not tournament legal. It also adds a brand new Story Mode, a new Mission Mode, an updated Survival Mode, and for the first time since X: Advance Edition, a Team VS mode which allows each player to pick 3 characters and square off in 1-on-1 elimination matches (unlike the tag-esque styling of X: Advance Edition).


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