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Training Mode Inaccuracies

Some training mode behaviour differs from actual gameplay. This includes:

  • Dummy can't block I-No's respect
  • Millia's pin has longer cooldown before it can be picked up
  • Testament's Zeinest have longer cooldown after hit

Collision Box Sizes

Character Standing Collision Crouch Collision Air Collision
A.B.A 81x121 65x91 61x71
Anji 61x131 65x101 61x71
Axl 61x131 65x101 61x71
Baiken 51x111 65x81 61x71
Bridget 57x131 65x101 61x71
Chipp 61x131 65x101 61x71
Dizzy 57x121 61x91 57x71
Eddie 61x131 65x101 61x71
Faust 77x121 81x81 61x71
I-No 61x131 65x101 61x71
Jam 61x121 65x101 61x71
Johnny 61x131 65x101 61x71
Justice 77x141 81x111 61x71
Kliff 61x111 65x101 61x71
Ky 61x121 65x91 61x71
May 61x111 65x81 61x71
Millia 61x121 65x101 61x71
Order-Sol 61x131 65x101 61x71
Potemkin 81x141 85x111 61x71
Robo-Ky 61x121 65x91 61x71
Slayer 61x131 65x101 61x71
Sol 61x131 65x101 61x71
Testament 61x131 65x101 61x71
Venom 61x131 65x91 61x71
Zappa 61x131 65x101 61x71
  • Collision box size is equal in both directions with origin point in the middle.
  • Air collision box is 40 units above origin for every character except Kliff.

Main takeaway is that throws have effectively +2 pixels of range on crouching characters. The exceptions are Baiken (+7 pixels), Bridget (+4 pixels), and A.B.A (-8 pixels).

Fast wake-up after OTG and CH DAA

Counterhitting with Dead Angle disables hurtbox upon hitting the ground and makes the character stand up quicker similar to if you hit someone OTG and they don't tech. Ground slides also skips the OTG part.
The technical explanation for this is as following:

Knockdowns in this game are divided into 3 parts, the floor bounce, laying down and getting up. Characters can be hit OTG during the first two

The first part: Floor bounce as the name suggests is where your characters hits the ground and then bounces up a tiny bit. It lasts for as long as the character hangs in the air following the bounce. This state is also used by ground bounce moves except they bounce the opponent much higher and remove the OTG status the moment the character leaves the ground
The second part: Laying down is just where your character is laying down flat, it lasts for 11 frames before it goes into the next part. Your character is still able to be OTG'ed during this.
The last part: Getting up is where the invincibility normally kicks in and your character starts to get up.

When you hit someone with a CH DAA or OTG, they are immediately granted invincibility the moment they enter OTG state and additionally the second part of the knockdown is reduced to 1 frame. Ground slides on the other hand just always skip to the last part of knockdowns when their duration runs out.

Special Clash Rules

By default 5P, 2P, 2K, j.P and j.K has a special property where they will always clash as long their hitboxes collide on the first frame of either move's active frames, regardless if they also touch a hurtbox. However some normals are an exception to the normals listed above.

Air SB Interactions


Normally slashbacking On will still lock character in inescapable animation, but without scaling applied by the first hit. However using burst within 2 frames after slashback will result in character escaping, while still keeping Anji in animation. The animation is long enough for some characters to punish with Instant Kill.

FB On however recovers mid air leaving Anji with only 2 vulnerable frames and a big hitbox which can easily catch extended hurtboxes to force a favorable trade. Those factors make airthrow a preferable punish.

That's My Name

Slashbacking Johnny's super in the air negates damage from first hit, but locks into animation to be hit by two more. This can be avoided by doing FD immediatly after SB. This will only work on early SB (frame before attack hits), late SB will result in animation lock regardless of FD.

APB Burst

Performing Burst the frame Air Potemkin Buster hits or the frame after air SB will result in escape, but the damage will be taken regardless. Once Potemkin lands the character may or may not teleport back into his arms to continue animation. It is currently unknown how to avoid this consistently.

Venom Ballboxes

Like other things in the game balls are interactable with using boxes. Normally hitboxes are used for this purpose—balls can even be hit using currently inactive ones. However there are some solely ball interaction.

In inert stage balls are interacted with using their "collision" box (orange), while active balls use their hitbox.

Attacks that spawn balls, like Stinger Aim, also use those boxes and can be utilized to hit balls outside of launched projectile's trajectory. Another quirk about those is that ball spawns before startup and can be hit by other active balls.

6H has two hitboxes exclusively for hitting balls. They will hit balls below or inside Venom and send them straight up.

Venom Gold Burst Combo

Venom's throw is one of the only known ways to combo into Gold Burst. This is because the ball the opponent gets trapped inside of has its own hurtbox which Gold Burst is able to make contact with. This isn't possible raw due to Gold Burst's slow startup, but it can be set up using Force Break Carcass RaidGGAC Venom 28H.pngGuardAllStartup13RecoveryTotal 32Advantage+7.


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