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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+P becomes 236P.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jump
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
JI = Jump Install
RC = Roman Cancel
FRC = Force Roman Cancel
VA = Valkyrie Arc - 236P
SMS = S Michael Sword - 41236S
HMS = H Michael Sword - 41236H
SBT = Strike Back Tail (S.B.T.) - 623K
X Nuke/NB = Nuclear Blast (N.B.) - 22X
ST/Saperia = Saperia Trance - 236D
MB = Michael Blade - 632146H
IR = Imperial Ray - 632146S
Ultra Lightweights = BA, BR, JA, KL, MA
Lightweights = DI, IN, JU, MI
Midweights = AN, AX, CH, ED, FA, KY, SL, SO, TE, VE, ZA
Heavyweights = AB, JO, OS
Ultra Heavyweights = PO, RO
AB = A.B.A
AN = Anji Mito
AX = Axl Low
BA = Baiken
BR = Bridget
CH = Chipp Zanuff
DI = Dizzy
ED = Eddie
FA = Faust
IN = I-No
JA = Jam Kuradoberi
JO = Johnny
JU = Justice
KL = Kliff Undersn
KY = Ky Kiske
MA = May
MI = Millia Rage
OR = Order-Sol (HOS)
PO = Potemkin
RO = Robo-Ky
SL = Slayer
SO = Sol Badguy
TE = Testament
VE = Venom
ZA = Zappa

In General

Justice combos may need minor character and position specific adjustments to work, mostly consisting of using combo filler and the cost of reduced damage or going alternate route altogether. Regardless, her combos are more or less the same regardless of whether you're in the corner or midscreen. Her aerial combo enders will push her back, even when you're in the corner.

Basic Combos

Beginner.png Basic combos are simple combos with the fewest requirements and conditions possible. They:
  • Work against every, or almost every, character in the game
  • Can be performed from most positions in the play area
  • Require few adjustments, and if any are required they are simple
Basic Gatling ComboSimple knockdown
Very Easy
Starter > f.S > 5H > 2D > 22XGGACR Justice 22X.pngGuard:
Total 51
/SMSGGAC Justice 41236H.pngGuard:

Very simple knockdown route. 5H is only a combo filler and can be omitted depending on distance. 2D > Nuke will get you oki up close, while cancelling into SMS will send opponent to the other side of the screen. Pick the ender depending on matchup.

Crouch ConfirmAlternative to 2D knockdown
6P > f.S > 5H > HMSGGAC Justice 41236H.pngGuard:
(> RC > mircowalk forward > 6H > j.K > j.D > dj.S(1) > j.H > air SMS)

Justice's overhead forces crouch in order to confrim 5H into HMS, but can technically be used from any crouch hit. f.S is a combo filler and can be omitted for consistency. Places opponent closer than 2D. Useful against mobile opponents so they can't escape nuke oki as easily.

Can be RC'd to do 6H > air combo, but distance usually prevents connecting with j.S outside of corner, so you will have to settle for far knockdown most of the time.

Throw ConfirmBasic burst bait
Very Easy

Throw 22K/S/D > 22X

Justice's throw is one of the best in the entire game, it's tied with Potemkin's for the farthest in the game and it allows for conversions anywhere in the screen into big damage and great okizeme, as well as it's great on baiting bursts. Doing the above combo will either give you a knockdown so you can get more nukes out or bait their burst which you'll be able to punish with a 6H starter

Dust ConfirmHugs
5D > j.D > j.D > jc > j.D (> j.D) > air SMS

Justice's Dust is pretty good and will often catch people off guard as they're usually waiting for a 2D ender on your pressure. Deals good damage and gives fullscreen okizeme.


Intermediate.png Core combos balance potency with consistency. They:
  • Work against most characters of a selected weight or hurt box type
  • May require moderate adjustments to account for variables such as screen position, hit count, resources, and opposing character
  • Are expected to be consistently performable by most intermediate and advanced players who main the character
Basic Air ComboActual BnB
Launcher > j.K/j.S(1) > j.D > dj.S(1) > [j.H > air SMSGGACR Justice j41236X.pngGuard:
] or air HMSGGACR Justice j41236X.pngGuard:
> j.H]

Simple yet always relevant combo, which is very easy to route into. Many Justice routes are variations of this combo. Confirmable from many things including: Throw, anti-air, air-to-air, 2H and 6H.

j.H > air SMS gives fullscreen knockdown allowing you to put a nuke or two on the screen. Meanwhile, air HMS > j.H gives halfscreen knockdown allowing for a closer oki, usually by mixing up with 2K/6P, which cancels into 2H which allows you to do it all over again. Which one you'll use depends on each situation and matchup.

May require some minor adjustments such as doing c.S after ground hit 2H on mid-weights and heavyweights for more consistency or adding multiple j.Ps to get height after stray air hits. Note that 2H > c.S is 1 frame link on Faust.

There are multiple ways to confirm into 6H including:

  • Throw/236PGGAC Justice 236P.pngGuard:
    Total 38
    catch. May require microwalk forward after VA.
  • CH 5K/c.S/2S/j.H/j.D/SMS/HMS
  • 22X Nukes may require specific timings or FRC in most cases.
  • 623KGGAC Justice 421K.pngGuard:
    Mid, All
  • (2D >) Michael BladeGGAC Justice 632146H.pngGuard:
6H HMS FillerHuge damage
6H > HMS > 6H/2H > Air combo
6H > HMS > 5K > Air combo (Corner)

Combo filler from ground hit 6H. 2H is easier to connect and is recommended on heavyweights. On midweights 6H is easier to connect if they are closer while 2H needs to be delayed, on lightweights you need to delay a little. Midscreen you can do second HMS on all lightweights except Millia.

If too close to the corner 2H becomes too slow, thus depending on distance 6P, 5K, c.S, f.S and 2S all become valid choices to pickup with.

Throw RoutingFree burst baits!

Throw > microwalk back > 6H > Air combo
Throw > HMS > 2H > Air combo

In addition to the combos mentioned on the previous section, these also allow for great damage and as a cherry on top, they bait bursts if done correctly. These are very consistent and will work from any range except in the deep corner, where you should slightly delay 6H so that the second hit doesn't whiff. 6H routes are easier and more consistent meanwhile HMS routes deal more damage but are a tad easier to burst. In the corner, do HMS > 5K instead.

Michael BladeFullscreen Super!
(Starter) > MB > (6H >) Air combo
(Starter) > MB FRC > j9 > [HMS > 6H/2H > Air combo]

Basic confirm into Michael Blade super. Best way to convert from 2D. Can combo without FRC if done close enough with 6H or directly into air buttons. If you have 75 meter you can do a HMS right after and convert into any 6H/2H route. If you hit MB from fullscreen, you can either do another one or put Nukes out.

HMS RelaunchMore damage and meter than standard route
Starter > 2H > c.S > j9.S(1) > air HMS> delay j.S(1) > j.H(whiff) > land > 6P > j.K > j.D > dj.S(1) > j.H > air SMS

While better, this combo is limited by character specific delays, requiring midscreen position and being relatively close to the opponent. But it is still consistent enough to be worth doing after some practice. Character hurtboxes may render some starters less practical such as j.H on ABA. You can forgo j.S(1) > land > 6P for j.S(2) > land > j.P for an easier link, in exchange of damage.

Character specifics
  • On lightweights replace c.S > j9.S(1) with j7.S(1) and on MA and JA do j8.S(1)
  • On RO do 6P > j.9S(1) > j.P > j.S(1) > air HMS after c.S
  • Does not work on DI, SO
  • Hard on BA, FA, OS, requiring very character specific adjustments


Advanced.png Specialized combos are advanced routes which require more knowledge and awareness, but offer advantages over core routes. They:
  • Can have any number or combination of requirements and conditions—character, spacing, hit count, resource, or situation specific
  • Offer some advantage over core routes; be that in damage, corner carry, okizeme, meter gain, etc.
  • Might not necessarily be harder than core combos, but require more specific circumstances and knowledge to execute
j.P loopsGuts crush aka Hotta combos
HardVery Hard
Starter > [j.PPP > j.S(1) > j.H > land > 2P > c.S]x3 > 22K/IR

Highly potent extension with character specific timings. Best used to close out rounds. Most commonly routed into from SMS FRC or Saperia Trance, but other options exist (eg. air CH j.H, SBT FRC, HMS relaunch routes).

Has many variables: initial pickup timing, number of j.Ps, can replace second j.P with j.K, delay time between j.S and j.H, can omit 2P during relaunch, total number of loops (commonly ~3, but depends on prior combo time). All are character and position dependant. A writeup is available in this document Air Routing explanation

While it is possible to use for corner carry and end with 22K, its not advisable to do most of the time because of the amount of tension opponent gets.

Example Routes

Combo Notes
Starter > 2H(2) > [c.S > j9.S(1)] or [j7.S(1)] > air HMS > j.S(1) > jc9 > [j.PPP > j.S(1) > j.H > land > 2P > c.S]x3 > 22X/IR Variation of the HMS relaunch route, can be used as fallback in case it was mistimed (recommended to end early with j.H if done so). Subpar damage wise, better suited for corner carry (carries about half of the stage). j8.S(1) on AX, ED, JA, ZA. Delay j9.S(1) on CH and OS. Not recommended for JA and KL. Does not work on DI, RO, SO.
Starter > 2H(2) > c.S > 6P > j9.S(1) > j.P > j.S(1) > air HMS > j.S(1) > land > [j.PPP > j.S(1) > j.H > land > 2P > c.S]x2 > 22X/IR Version of the above working on Robo-Ky.
Starter > 2H(2) > [c.S > j9.S(1)] or [j7.S(1)] > j.D > j8.S(1) > j.H > ST > land > 5K > [j.PPP > j.S(1) > j.H > land > 2P > c.S]x2-3 > 22X/IR MA needs j8.S(1) > j.D. Does not work on AX, FA, SL, ZA.
CH SMS PickupSituational, but unprorated damage
CH SMS > 236D > 2H > Air combo (Midscreen)
CH SMS > TK j.236D > 6H/2H > Air combo (Near corner)
CH SMS > sj9 > j.D > Air combo (Near corner meterless)

This routes give conversions from a move that is good to throw out in neutral, but hard to normally capitalize on. If you are close enough you can ignore those routes and simply do microwalk 6H. In case of Saperia routes 2K is easier to use, but will sacrifice a lot of damage to the point where its usually not worth it.

Character specifics
  • 2H does not hit sliding Axl.
  • j.D does not hit sliding: AB, AN, AX, BR, DI, JO, KY, MI, OS, RO, SL

Other Combos

Air Combo Extensions

Justice's main enders for her air combos are j.H and air SMS, giving halfscreen and fullscreen oki respectively. Her ideal, but harder, okizeme is 1-hit air SMS, which leaves them right behind you, that oki is also possible with air SMS FRC, however, you can extend your combo and still get a 1-hit okizeme along with a substantial damage boost (usually 40+ damage on an already long combo) rather easily due to the gravity scaling. These extensions however can be rather difficult, as they're extremely character and height specific, you'll need to practice them in order to get your Justice to the next level.

j.236D/Saperia Extensions
Combo Position Damage Tension cost Difficulty Notes Video
6P/2K/j.H > 2H(2) > c.S > j9.S(1) > j.D > j8.S(1) > j.H > ST > land > 5K > [j.PPP > j.S(1) > j.H > land > 2P > c.S]x2-3 > 22X/IR Midscreen ?? 25-75 Very Hard Works on Middleweights, Heavyweights and Ultra-Heavyweights except AX, FA, SL, ZA. Cranks up a lot of tension, guts killer. link ref here
6P/2K/j.H > 2H(2) > j7.S(1) > j.D -> j9.S(1) > j.H > ST > land > 5K > [j.PPP > j.S(1) > j.H > land > 2P > c.S]x2-3 > 22X/IR Midscreen ?? 25-75 Very Hard Works on Ultra-Lightweights and Lightweights. MA needs j8.S(1) > j.D for it to work. Cranks up a lot of tension, guts killer. link ref here

Air Throw Combos

Air throw combos are typically done after RC, but can be done meterless on specific characters. Note that without RC airthrow puts her on the same side as throw direction.

Air Throw RC

Most common followups are 6P and c.S into air combo ending with either fullscreen knockdown or 1 hit SMS. The side Justice ends up on is character specific and is illustrated below.

Same side as airthrow direction                          
Opposite side of airthrow direction                      
Always P1 side  

Meterless Combos

Justice airthrow can be jump installed by holding 8 when it connects to the ground. Certain combos use superjump and by having jump install you can jump again to continue combo and get optimal okizeme.

Combo Position Works On Notes
AT > 5P(1)/2P > 5K > SMS Anywhere/Corner AB, BA, IN (anywhere)
AX, JA, MI (corner only)
2P on Axl and Millia. 5P on everyone else.
Not worth resetting neutral instead of going for oki unless it kills.
AT > 2P > 5K > j.KD > SMS Deep corner AX Axl specific extension. Still not worth doing.
AT > 5P(1) > 5K > j.PKD > dj.KD > SMS Midscreen KL Grants fullscreen oki.
AT > 2P > 2S > j.KD > dj.KD > SMS Midscreen MA Simmilar to the Kliff route above.
AT > 2P > 5K > sj.KPK > j.S(1) > j.H > c.S > ... Midscreen JU Relaunch combo. Potential followups include: sideswitch, 1 hit SMS, j.P loops.
AT > JI > [2P > 5P(1) > 5K] or [2P > 2S] > sj.PKPK > j.S(2) > dj.S(1) > j.H > SMS Midscreen BR, TE 1 hit SMS route. 5K version for Testament. 2S version for Bridget.
Always worth doing to tack extra damage, but can be somewhat hard.

CH Airthrow

Very rare occurence. All end with 1 hit sword oki. Multiple may work on some characters.

Combo Optimal on Notes
CH AT > 6H > j.S(1)/(2) > j.D > dj.S(1) > j.H > SMS AB, AN, AX, BA, BR, CH, DI, IN, JA, JU, KL, MA, MI, TE j.S(1) on lightweights. j.S(2) on others.
CH AT > 2H > j.K > j.D > dj.S(1)/(2) > j.H > SMS ED, KY, PO, SL, VE, ZA j.S(2) for Potemkin.
CH AT > 2H > j.K > j.S(1) > j.D > dj.S(1) > j.H > SMS JO, SO, OS, RO Extremely hard on Johnny.
CH AT > JI > 2S > sj.PKPK > j.S(1) > j.D > dj.S(1) > j.H > SMS FA

Optimal Okizeme

The optimal oki combo ends with a 1 hit air SMS that happens when your opponent is slight below and behind you when j.H hits. Every starter, route, character is a different combo and not always possible. Her air routes are dependent on height adjustment and awareness, in general it goes like (something > j.K/j.S(1)) > j.D > dj.S > [j.H > air SMS] or [air HMS, j.H], air SMS will throw your opponent far away, while air HMS will put them closer, knowing when to do each ender and against who is vital for your Justice gameplan. A playlist of how to do those from 6P/2K starters can be found in the next section.

External References

List of optimized combo routes:

Starter BnBs

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Hotta Dizzy 6h roundstart combo into SBT frc combo Michael Sword oki ender

Hotta Dizzy K nuke anti air confirm into Throw j.D ender

Hotta Dizzy high j.p jump in confirm simple combo

Hotta Dizzy K/H nuke antiair burstbait combo into 6h ch combo

Hotta Dizzy 6h ch Michael Sword oki ender into nuke j.D left/right setup

Hotta Dizzy roundstart j.p mash confirm into j.s anti air confirm

Hotta Dizzy c.S anti air combo into 6P H Michael Sword RC 6H combo

Hotta Dizzy j.H ch air to air burst safe into 6h backwards Michael Sword combo

Hotta Jam 2h one hit CH anti air JD ender

Hotta Jam c.S anti air combo into 2h one hit ch j.P loop (dropped)

Hotta Sol S/P Nuke anti air burst safe j.P mash into Sape into j.P

Hotta anti air Michael Sword into K nuke into Michael Blade

Hotta Jam 75 tension Throw Imperial Ray combo

Hotta Zappa 75 tension 5P Michael Blade frc combo

Hotta Zappa Michael Blade frc combo

Hotta Zappa 6h combo

Hotta Zappa ground P nuke confirm

Hotta Zappa 6H Michael Sword frc combo

Hotta Zappa Throw Michael Sword oki ender

Hotta Pot P Nuke confirm combo into j.D ch combo

Hotta Jam Valk Arc corner Burst Safe into c.S combo

Hotta Jam j.P air to air into j.P loop

Hotta Aba H nuke anti air conversion

Hotta Aba 6P -> c.S anti air conversion into air S Michael Sword frc ch throw bait combo

Hotta Testament corner S Michael Sword ch simple combo

Hotta Pot 6h combo

Hotta Testament Throw Michael Sword oki ender

Hotta Aba P nuke trap anti air Michael Sword oki Ender

Hotta Johnny P nuke trap anti air combo

Hotta Johnny j.K air to air conversion

Hotta Johnny 2h combo into 6p combo

Hotta HoS j.H with K Nuke Michael Blade Oki ender

Hotta Zappa Reversal Michael Blade Michael Sword oki ender

Hotta Zappa 6p c.S 6p anti air combo

Hotta Slayer corner Max Risc throw combo

Hotta Testament 2H starter rejump combo

Hotta Millia RISC TOD

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Hotta Robo-Ky anti air nuke c.S conversion

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