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Things to note when discussing matchups:
-General ratio
-Optimal/inoptimal spacings
-Strong/Weak buttons
-Things to watch out for
-Character specific confirms
-etc etc

Matchups are going to be more in depth on individual character matchup page. Work in progress. ABA
The numbers need to be adjusted (removed) as soon as someone gets around to updating this section dohohho.

Matchup numbers represent the character whose page this is compared against the character in the leftmost column of the table.

GGACR A.B.A Icon.png A.B.A 8:2 Justice completely dominates the keepaway game. Resist the urge to jump without nukes covering, Aba has really good antiairs. If Aba has meter for FB Slide, don't throw nukes out carelessly. You can space it out so that you can grab the recovery of the slide. Saving meter for dead angle is really good incase Aba gets on top of you with Moroha. You can Valkyrie Arc the Keygrab when it's not in throw range and in the middle of non goku-moroha Danzai. Nukes and Michael Sword knock down. ABA has to play extremely patiently or take massive risks in order to get in against you, and if she pops a bloodpack to go into Moroha, nukes will still keep her out and score knockdowns, draining her resources further. You can IK her from anywhere if Aba goes into Suka, beware of burst to avoid Suika. Normal Mode Aba, FB SLIDE, will get you if you commit to a nuke or button in neutral. Don't press buttons needlessly in neutral against Normal mode Aba. You can react to her movement options and punish accordingly. Strike back tail goes over meaty 2H on wakeup. Probably the most screwed up mu in the game.
GGACR Anji Mito Icon.png Anji Mito -:- Backdash is good. Anji can't wakeup with autoguard if you do nuke oki and a low. P Nuke will trigger Shitsu but not the FB version of it.
GGACR Axl Low Icon.png Axl Low 4:6 Justice is so large that 5P and most of Axl's other moves will hit her from anywhere onscreen. Try building meter and using Saperia Trance if possible. Otherwise, hope it ends quickly.
GGACR Baiken Icon.png Baiken -:- Baiken struggles against nukes. Watch out for FB Tatami, it will go through nukes. Hotta vs Nok
GGACR Bridget Icon.png Bridget -:- Bridget's 6S can snipe Justice from huge ranges due to her tall frame. Yoyo setups ignore nukes. Roger Rush and FB Jagged Roger can prove a headache for Justice's big hurtbox to play around. However, with Bridget being one of the squishiest in the cast, he may struggle with regaining the life lead after even one of your combos.
GGACR Chipp Zanuff Icon.png Chipp Zanuff -:- Teleports allow Chipp to get in and dance around Justice completely. This makes it extremely difficult for Justice to run a gamut and you'll have to be wary of his very fast and disjointed buttons. Being tall leaves you susceptible to his longer IAD combos and fuzzy guard setups, but if you land a hit he'll die pretty fast. example match
GGACR Dizzy Icon.png Dizzy 3:7 Multi hit moves can snipe fish and then hit Dizzy trying to come in, eg. two hit air sword, 5P.
GGACR Eddie Icon.png Eddie -:- Don't nuke at drill ranges. S and D nukes are great at stopping him from flying over nuke setups. Watch out for his huge anti airs.
GGACR Faust Icon.png Faust -:- Scapel Pull hits almost full screen and can snipe nuke sets. Faust has many big normals he can use to destroy nukes, use manual det to stop him. You can Valkyrie Arc all doors and Scalpel Pull. P Nuke explosion will kill mini Faust/Roboky and take 1 hit off of mini Potemkin (once they are on the ground).
GGACR I-No Icon.png I-No -:- HCL hits almost full screen and can snipe nuke sets. Nukes will stop notes but keep in mind they will still linger for a while. SBT will go under the P nuke, use manual det to stop her.
GGACR Jam Kuradoberi Icon.png Jam Kuradoberi 4:6 When Jam gets 25%, if she is mid to close range, she can snipe nuke sets with FB Puff. Card Ryuujin invincibility can also go through nukes at mid-close ranges. She will get cards because you don't have a way to punish her carding up without meter and nukes already travelling.
GGACR Justice Icon.png Justice 10:10 Only the most sophisticated of mirror matches, save bar for Michael Blade since it will punish a nuke setup from anywhere on the screen.
GGACR Johnny Icon.png Johnny 5:5 Nukes will destroy coins. Johnny is the one that has to get to you. Play around Mist Finer range.
GGACR Kliff Undersn Icon.png Kliff Undersn 5.5:4.5 Kliff can 2H nuke to try to take a 1 hit, and if close enough will hit Justice to trade with a P nuke set, with the damage in Kliff's favor. Be extremely wary if he has 50 meter, because his projectile super will blow through all the nukes you have out. Despite him having an airdash, Kliff's mobility is generally poor enough to not be an issue.
GGACR Ky Kiske Icon.png Ky Kiske 6:4 Nukes basically prevent Ky from playing as it beats all his projectiles. If you're both in neutral parity, Ky can TK Stun Edge to snipe a nuke set to edge his way in. Once you have advantage, nukes makes Ky's life difficult. Manual det nukes can deal with weird angle air Stun edge. Ky's pressure is still pretty good if he gets in though. If you do get Ky off of you, it's better to just go back to the projectile game instead of doing the mixup game on Ky.
GGACR May Icon.png May -:- May can 3K slide punish nuke sets at closer rangesn manual P nuke det will hit her. Watch out for the Whale super when setting up multiple nukes.
GGACR Millia Rage Icon.png Millia Rage -:- Nuke explosion is probably the best tool in the game vs pin. Nuke Pin interaction She can set up Secret Garden for free and there's nothing you can do about it without meter
GGACR Order-Sol Icon.png Order-Sol -:- P and K nukes are the go to nukes. His jump is very low and can't get around nukes easily. HOS will try to Rock-it into P nuke to take a 1 hit, and then rock-it your face as you try to set another P nuke. Use Valkyrie Arc as deterrent or a safer play is to FRC P nuke. At closer ranges, HOS dash up 2D will punish nuke set. Gunblaze low profiles but manual det P nuke hits HOS. If he does get in, patiently push him out with FD and watch for jump attempts. HOS WILL get charge levels if he so pleases, don't try to punish charge with Michael Blade as he can charge burst through it on reaction. You can Valkyrie Arc 2nd and 3rd hit of Tyrant Rave after blocking the previous one.
GGACR Potemkin Icon.png Potemkin 5.5:4.5 Potemkin can't duck the K nuke and is the primary nuke in this MU as he cannot flick the projectile and has to guess flick the nuke explosion. He can slide head punish nuke sets, however all of Justices ground specials and walks have frames that are off the ground enough to avoid slide head. Justice footsies buttons are generally just good against Pot. Multihit f.S beats hammerfall. Bully with f.S and 6H. Potemkin has better tools than most to punish backdash on wakeup so don't always go for that option. 6P is a 10f overhead on Pot. If Pot tries to do Heavenly Potbuster into j.D to get in, you can Valkyrie Arc on reaction. All nonP nukes can snipe Heavenly Potbuster on manual det.
GGACR Robo-Ky Icon.png Robo-Ky -:- RoboKy can get all the heat he wants from 2D in this mu. Don't try to Valkyrie Arc his invulnerable dash up attack, it causes a unique interaction that leaves you minus.
GGACR Slayer Icon.png Slayer -:- Slayer can S/H Dandy Step/BBU through nukes, use manual det to stop him.
GGACR Sol Badguy Icon.png Sol Badguy -:- Justice can keep Sol out, but she needs to be wary of Grand Viper attempts and f.S stuffing P nukes. Manual early det P nukes to beat Grand Viper. Once Sol gets in, his buttons are faster than yours, but significantly worse range. His aerials aren't that great though, so you can AA him fairly easily with 6P and 2H. Watch our for roundstart 2D
GGACR Testament Icon.png Testament 4.5:5.5 Testament favored, but only slightly. Use jK, jS, air sword to disarm nets. EXE Beast will punish you for setting up multiple nukes. Don't crouch under the FB Skull, you will be stuck. Try to dance around it. If you get cursed, try to either time the curse out or land a stray hit to end it. Warrant OS
GGACR Venom Icon.png Venom -:- Watch out for his attempts to teleport through nukes. Nukes will destroy uncharged balls. Nukes' interaction with charged balls depends on charge level.
GGACR Zappa Icon.png Zappa -:- You can Valkyrie Arc Sword. Zappa can run under a lot of your buttons. If you beat a Zappa they are by law formally obligated to quit Guilty Gear forever.