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Justice completely dominates the keepaway game. Resist the urge to jump without nukes covering, Aba has really good antiairs. If Aba has meter for FB Slide, don't throw nukes out carelessly. You can space it out so that you can grab the recovery of the slide. Saving meter for dead angle is really good incase Aba gets on top of you with Moroha. You can Valkyrie Arc the Keygrab when it's not in throw range and in the middle of non goku-moroha Danzai. Nukes and Michael Sword knock down. ABA has to play extremely patiently or take massive risks in order to get in against you, and if she pops a bloodpack to go into Moroha, nukes will still keep her out and score knockdowns, draining her resources further. You can IK her from anywhere if Aba goes into Suka, beware of burst to avoid Suika. Normal Mode Aba, FB SLIDE, will get you if you commit to a nuke or button in neutral. Don't press buttons needlessly in neutral against Normal mode Aba. You can react to her movement options and punish accordingly. Strike back tail goes over meaty 2H on wakeup. Probably the most screwed up mu in the game.

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Justice Matchups

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