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HCL hits almost full screen and can snipe nuke sets. Nukes will stop notes but keep in mind they will still linger for a while. SBT will go under the P nuke, use manual det to stop her.

Specific move counters and stuff

Work In Progress.

You can 6P HCL at midscreen and closer and get a huge conversion off of it, it has to be done early. HCL will also punish nuke setups at all ranges except full-screen.

Note can be stopped by nukes and good movement, so ino usually uses those for oki.

Your jK is a godsend in this MU, it allows you to stop ino from coming at you and will give you some possible conversions if you get CH.

You can mash 5P on her dash pressure after the first mix, and if you hit, convert with cS 2H or fS SMS, but you usually want her to be close.

Justice Matchups

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