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Nuke explosion is probably the best tool in the game vs pin. Nuke Pin interaction She can set up Secret Garden for free and there's nothing you can do about it without meter. Tied against Bridget for Justice worst MU, this honestly sucks, you quite literally don't get to play the game because even if you can throw one nuke or two, Millia can ignore it quite easily

Specific move counters and stuff

Work In Progress. If she uses secret garden and you have meter, you can Saperia > Throw if you're in range, or Michael Blade and approach, nukes barely do anything in the mu

Justice Matchups

ABA Anji Axl Baiken Bridget Chipp Dizzy Eddie Faust I-no Jam Johnny Justice Kliff Ky May Millia Order-Sol Potemkin Robo-Ky Slayer Sol Testament Venom Zappa