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Throw Break Glitch[edit]

When one player perform a special move with the H button that ends in InputIcon 6.png or InputIcon 4.png and other players tries to throw on the same frame, the throw break happens, but the break animation will be canceled into the special attack!

Ky performs 236H and Sol performs a ground normal throw at the same time
Ky and Sol will flash purple like a normal throw break, then Ky will perform 236H while Sol is still in the throw break animation. Ky's attack will miss because the throw break animation is invincible.

You can also cancel the throw break animation into Slashback. Since slashback can be cancelled immediately into other actions, this means you can effectively perform any action immediately while the opponent is still in throw break state. The opponent is still invincible while in throw break state, so you cannot do something like punish them using this method. However, you can use the extra time in order to effectively "meaty" them or gain otherwise impossible advantages while they are recovering.

The potential of this glitch is very unexplored primarily due to the fact that the situation is VERY rare.

OTG Burst Glitch[edit]

Blue Bursting while knocked down will leave your character in OTG state during recovery! This means that even if an opponent is able to block your Burst, the opponent will not be able to perform a standard combo since you will be in OTG state and will take less damage and be able to tech out very quickly! At best the opponent will be able to air throw the recovery.

The disadvantage of this glitch is that it requires you to Blue Burst while knocked down, which is usually enough time for the opponent to recover and block the Burst and guarantee that the opponent will retain offensive momentum.

There is a way past this shortcoming: If you Blue Burst while getting ground bounced (for example, from Axl's Axl Bomber), it behaves just like bursting while knocked down! If you know your opponent's combos and want to burst out of the combo, execute your burst exactly when you ground bounce and you can minimize any punishment from the opponent baiting your burst!

Button Macros Rapid Fire Bug[edit]

This bug is used to make linking special attacks and reversals very very easy.

Built-in button macros have a strange property where holding down the button repeats a negative edge input every frame. This means that by holding down a macro button and buffering the motion, it is very easy to perform one frame links of specials and supers.

To use this bug on a specific button, hold down the macro button as well as the buttons you wish to exclude. For example to use this bug specifically for H inputs, bind the P+K+S+H Macro to button X, then hold X + P + K + S.

Example with Ky
  • Bind the P+K+S Macro to button X, then hold X and perform 236. Ky will perform Stun Dipper (236K).
  • Ky has multiple special attacks that use 236 motions: 236K, 236S, 236H, 236D, 236236P
  • To perform 236S with this bug, hold X + P + K and perform the 236 motion.

This bug allows for some once difficult links to be performed very easily.

More examples
  • As Robo-Ky, bind the P+K Macro to button X, then hold X and start running. Robo-Ky will perform his invincible dashing attack special as fast as possible!
  • As Sol, bind the P+K+S+H macro to button X, then hold X and mash 623 motions when knocked down and you will get a reversal S Volcanic Viper on wakeup! Hold X + S to specifically get H Volcanic Viper.
  • As Anji, bind the P+K Macro to button X, then hold X and continually perform 236 motions to easily perform Anji's double butterfly glitch!
Note this bug does not work in the PC version, nor does it work in Training Mode in the console version.