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Aligari's Mu notes


NOTE: The old matchup subforums can be found here:

Things to note when discussing matchups:
-General ratio
-Optimal/inoptimal spacings
-Strong/Weak buttons
-Things to watch out for
-Character specific confirms
-etc etc

All Matchup rates/stats have been removed as part of a DL wide decision. Or at the very least, a +R wiki wide one.


GGACR Anji Mito Icon.png Anji Mito 2D and Gunblaze throw massive wrenches into Anji's traditional gameplan, and his slow moves leave him ill equipped to deal with your fast offense without risky guessing. * 2D and Gunblaze really mess with Fuujin, both the move itself and its followups.

* Gunblaze can get you out of a lot of Butterfly oki setups and mess with anji, but be careful about it.

* Anji has a very hard time stopping your pressure once you are on the offensive in this MU without taking large risks for autoguard or fuujin, which you can discourage with being non-predictable with 2H and 2D

* Remember that Guard points will always eat one hit when done correctly, so moves like RI become liabilities when done predictably, while BHB multihits become great assets for blowing that up.

GGACR Chipp Zanuff Icon.png Chipp Zanuff You have the speed to keep up with chipp (sorta) and the moves to constantly challenge his stuff, and more importantly the damage to make him regret any single mistake the makes, and the health to trade it out to that point. * You can punish blocked Alpha Blade (and the followup as long as they aren't right next to you) with 2S or 2D into 6H or a full combo, respectively.

* Chipp rules the skies in this MU, so AA should be GB under, preemptive rising jP, or airthrow. Don't try to play the A2A or air game against chipp.

GGACR I-No Icon.png I-No You have the speed and buttons to make neutral a pain for I-NO, and the specials to blow her up for a lot of her common options. * 5H works wonders in this MU, occupying the space I-No wants to be at preemptively, threatening massive damage, and working to really control the airspace of the match.

* Gunblaze on wakeup against airdash oki can work, but do NOT become reliant on it. With this matchup especially, the threat of gunblaze is much more effective than the move itself.

* jP and Rock It, work to control a lot of the immediate horizontal space of the MU, and Fafnir can blow up 2S and STBT.

GGACR Justice Icon.png Justice Contrary to popular belief, this MU is in your favor. Neutral is a pain, and you have to play respectfully around JU's neutral options, but you have plenty of stuff that gives her headaches, and once you get your KD, the match is yours to lose. She has no good ways to contest lv3 charge so you play the MU at basically a permanent lv3 neutral, which it turns out makes HoS pretty scary. * Beating Nuke patters can happen in a few ways. You can pop p and k nukes by poking them with the tip of fS to det them and avoid knockdown and damage, or you can just dash into them and block. You can also pop p nuke with RI and k nuke with 6H more reliably. PKSP pattern is vulnerable to disruption by dash blocking into P, and then catching the P re-set with 2D or RI, PSKP pattern can be jumped in the gap between P and S nuke and det K nuke, clearing the field. Fafnir will go through P Nuke and have 1 active frame before setting off P nuke, which means you can use it to snipe JU through nuke, but be careful of swinging into K nuke. You can also GB under nukes if JU doesn't manually det P to stop you, and TR lv3 goes through them, and you can use I frames from Dp to hit JU through the nuke. When all else fails, just SJ into the nukes and

* When JU decides to nuke spam, its a great time to IAD back and just charge up to lv3, shifting the Risk/Reward way into your favor. You can emergency burst through Michael blade if they try to tag you with it for this.

* For dealing with air Michael Sword, either SB the second hit, or RI lv2 or greater as JU falls. She will have to resort to falling buttons to stop this, which lets you set up a guessing game for between dash up 5H, RI, and dash up DP as responses to air Michael Sword.

GGACR Millia Rage Icon.png Millia Rage Pound for pound your normals out-trade her and she has to play in your optimal range, plus you have the speed to keep up with her. Still scary if you get knocked down, but not a matchup where millia can afford to make many mistakes. * jP rules the skies in this MU, watch out for millia jK angles, and other than that, you can completely wall her in A2A with this move.

* Watch out for abare 6K, it will go over your 2S and 2D, and grants a full combo on CH.

* Millia oki tips: Millia can't meaty you with disc off badmoon enders unless she spends meter for it, if she does meterless badmoon KD and sets disc, you can jump. FB disc pulls towards the center, meaning corner blockstrings with FB disc is a setup for a sideswap. Be aware and ready when you see it.

GGACR Robo-Ky Icon.png Robo-Ky You absolutely dominate robo at the start of this match, and all the way through he has a pretty tough time dealing with your offense, but once he gets 75 meter or more, you have to be very careful. Similar to pot, you are going to be hitting robo a lot, and all he needs is one or two hits. * Be very careful of predictable stagger or +frame pressure against robo, robo generates most of his advantage and meter by IBing, so doing strings with no consequence against him will just feed him resources, which you want to avoid, tick throw him lots.

* Robo has a lot of trouble AAing HoS without being preemptive about it, use this to your advantage, but be careful about getting predictable with it, and watch out for robo IB to lv3 DP.

* Gunblaze or wakeup TR is a free punish on reaction to bazooka oki, don't let robo get away with it.

* When robo doesn't have resources, you can really roll the dice in this MU, because the punish threat is really not there for resource-less robo.


GGACR Baiken Icon.png Baiken Tatami mats and Baiken normals make neutral a massive pain in this MU, and her damage is going to be big issues. Once you get in though, 2D to punish guard cancels and the ability to jump cancel and safely pressure and bait guard cancels with most of your buttons means Baiken has a hell of time playing defense, and 2H punishes her for trying to stop your lows. * 2D is your best friend in this MU, it beats every single GC if you smell it coming except Ouren, and gets you a full 2D CH combo.

* P and K normals can pretty much safely pressure while leaving you enough time to block GC options in response, so take full advantage of that.

* Because Baiken so heavily focuses on GC, delayed Lows and tick throws play hell with her defensive game.

* Fafnir can Low Pro through the first hit of tatami mat (the emerging part), granting a full CH combo.

GGACR Bridget Icon.png Bridget You melt Bridget when you touch him and have the speed and mobility to keep up and mess with his oki setups, but good luck ever catching the guy, and his normals dominate neutral. * Gunblaze, Superjump jP, and Air BRP dominate huge amounts of airspace, making BR have to be somewhat careful about movement.

* Gunblaze can get you out of some really nasty oki setups, especially when Roger isn't pinning you down.

* BR 3P will beat a whole lot of your moves clean, including Rock It, so be careful about reckless approach.

GGACR Eddie Icon.png Eddie Eddie has the neutral control to make you regret careless movement, and the threat off blockstrings and oki to make you severely regret getting hit. Conversely, he absolutely can't deal with your pressure or damage, and your abare can randomly snipe lil eddie all the time during his blockstrings if he isn't careful. * IB the first hit of mawaru and then FD jump/backdash/mash 5K or 2P to beat that blockstring.

* Eddie has a hard time dealing with jH without lil eddie, but it's by no means impossible. Be wary of 2H and 6P especially, they will eat you alive if you let them.

* Your DP being 2 hits means that if your opponent doesn't cover it right, it's possible your reversals hit lil eddie first then eddie second. Meaning you can cheat your way out of some situations if your opponent isn't accounting for it.

GGACR Order-Sol Icon.png Order-Sol 10/0 HoS. "HoS mirror is stupid, because your character has answers to literally everything I do" -Aligari, 2019 * Defensive gunblaze messes with all of your offensive approaches that aren't advancing with crouching buttons. Be very careful jumping at a HoS who's ready.

* You can DP between fS and 6H, especially if you IB the fS.

* On blocked DP, 5H gets a full CH combo before they can FRC if they are in that space on blocked lv1 or 2. If they aren't in that space, or it was lv3, you can AT it before FRC or the flip kick part of lv3. Make sure you have this on lock to shut down this option and make it a risk, this is a big part of the MU.

* You can IB and DP/throw inbetween hits of Lv 2 and 3 RI, or Slashback and get a full punish. Same for BRP.

GGACR Jam Kuradoberi Icon.png Jam Kuradoberi Two of the best close range fighters in the game duking it out. Jam doesn't have the damage to trade with you without cards, and you absolutely don't have the damage to trade with her when she does, but in regards to neutral or defense, you are both pretty evenly matched. * Be extremely careful when oki-ing Jam, because of wakeup OS parry. Either go with lows for oki, or create frametraps that bait the parry and then punish her before she can react (ie: 6P 5K, 5K 2D, ect)

* You can 2D under and CH both puffballs, but not the EX puffball, that will kill you if you try.

* FD is your best friend in this MU, frame advantage from ACFRC is risky in this Mu because of Jam's close range defensive options, so most of your meter should go to not getting mauled.

GGACR Ky Kiske Icon.png Ky Kiske Ky absolutely dominates the neutral in this MU, but has a hard time actually approaching you, and is constantly in danger of losing life lead to you landing a stray haymaker, and once you get your KD, he doesn't have a lot of good options if you play safe. * Similar to the Axl MU, you are going spend a lot of this MU trying to get in by guessing whether to approach via ground or air, or slowly dashbraking your way in, the difference is Ky won't randomly overhead you into 200+ damage, and getting hit in the air doesn't delete your life bar. That all being said, you still need to be careful.

* Make sure to either 6P or Slashback the stun edges, you don't want to have to stop your momentum if you can help it.

* This matchup is a lot of patience, if you just run in, you will die. Remember that you often only need one or two clean hits against Ky to take the life lead if you were down.

GGACR Potemkin Icon.png Potemkin The Ky MU in reverse. You have the advantage in almost every way but damage here, but you need to hit Pot like 5x more than he needs to hit you. Strong charge management and risk/reward skills are essential for this MU. You can gunblaze or 2D under every one of Pot's air normals that isn't jD, and you can DP that one.

* jP and 2D give Pot massive headaches in this MU, make sure to abuse them to their fullest. Also against standing pot you can dustloop fuzzy him from any running jH jumpin.

* This is another MU where its fairly easy to manual charge up to high levels, and you can reaction burst slidehead and Hammerfall trying to stop this. Be careful about giving up all that screen space though.

GGACR Sol Badguy Icon.png Sol Badguy "Mirror match." He beats you in neutral and damage, but he has real trouble stopping you once you get momentum. Watch out for his big starters. * Similar to the HoS Mirror, you have to really watch out for and shut down his high risk options. IB then throw grand viper, safejump VV then punish with Fafnir or 5H, RI Riot Stomp, ect.

* A good mix of IB and FD is essential in this MU, you can't let Sol just stay on top of your for free, and you really don't want to risk betting on DP too often.

GGACR May Icon.png May May can gorilla out in this MU, and if you get hit its bad times, but you can also constantly check her, and her low life means you are no slouch in damage either. Couple that with both chars high mobility, and this MU is often very fast, movement and damage wise. * May jump ins are a pain to deal with and can't be AAed through traditional means, use SJ airthrow to remind her that you aren't free to jump in on.

* Overhead kiss has invuln towards the end of it and can be FRCed into AUB up dolphin, so make sure to jump FD when you avoid it.

* Gunblaze in neutral is a strong tool here, it punishes reckless approach by May, and restricts her vertical airspace if she tries to get in on you conventionally, forcing her to play a ground game. Make sure to FRC it so you aren't recklessly gambling trying to use it in neutral.

* IB horizontal dolphin and punish with Fafnir, dash brake vertical dolphin and punish with fafnir. Discouraging reckless dolphin is a huge part of this MU.

GGACR Venom Icon.png Venom Typical Zoner MU. Venom can keep you out really effectively, and can and will setplay you to death once he gets a hit, but his relative inability to get KD from air hits and low damage means that eventually you WILL get in, and he has no good answer for that. * Venom has no answer for HoS pressure besides gambling on high risk options (2S/fS, 6P, ect) or dead angle. As long as you pressure safely and bait these, you can stay on him for as long as it takes to kill him once you get in.

* Don't try to contest venom oki setups when he has a ball set, its never worth it. 90% of the time they are safejump ball covered setups, and the times they aren't, the venom player is almost always baiting an option anyway. They are relatively low damage, just try to block it out.

* Its best to try to rush venom right from the start, the earlier you can get on him the riskier you can be with your offense (less meter for him to do stuff), and the less scary he is.

GGACR Zappa Icon.png Zappa Surprisingly even. You can run in on sword very well, abare dog decently well, and even get in against ghosts with careful movement. They are all still giant pains for you though, and Zappa can easily control the flow of the match. * Rock It is almost dead weight as a neutral tool in this MU, Zappa has too many ways to disrespect it. Use it as a punish tool or a way to quickly close the gap at lv2, but don't rely on it.

Zappa has a bit of a hard time AAing you depending on his summon, but watch out for him trying to airthrow you, its his most reliable way to stop your jumps.


GGACR A.B.A Icon.png A.B.A ABA's turtle game in normal mode is surprisingly effective against you, and she can consistently AA you and get otg keygrabs quite easily. Once she pops Moroha, she just straight up outclasses you in just about every aspect. While you can threaten her in midrange, she can RPS all of your threats effectively, and due to her high defense and your low damage, its extremely hard to kill her before she can transform at least once. Combine this with difficulty chaining KDs and no IK and poor damage post suka, and ABA becomes a very difficult matchup. * Do NOT let ABA bloodpack for free, you have the speed and the frames to stay on top of her and make sure she has to earn moroha. Force her to win the RPS if she wants to transform.

* If she hits moroha, lv 2 is your best friend, guaranteed knockdown from almost any starter is going to chunk her bar.

* Saving 50 meter is absolutely essential in this MU, ABA in Moroha or goku will run over you and your options to stop it are extremely limited, so you need to have the meter to DAA. Consider spending gold burst in the MU when possible just to get the meter.

* On blocked Danzai, either 2H 6H inbetween the blocked first hit and the second hit, or SB the danzai second hit and fafnir punish. For rekkas, IB after second rekka is a free jump or 2S CH if they go for the third, but be careful, as lots of ABAs like to go 2nd rekka->goku to catch this.

GGACR Axl Low Icon.png Axl Low Axl not only has the tools to keep you out or pinned and make you take risks, and the damage to back up those tools, he has enough tricks both offensively and defensively that you can never be completely safe. * Meaty 2K timed to the last 2f will beat every wakeup option that axl has, or leave you with enough time to block if its invuln.

* You can use Fafnir to blow through Axl's lows like 2H or 3P, which can make the MU very frustrating for him trying to stop you on the ground.

* Like most chars against Axl, jumping is a HUGE risk, so be careful when rejumping in pressure, or at least be aware of the 2S threat.

* Axl is extremely weak to tick throws, with his fastest normal being 6f, so you can pressure him into either FDing or going for risky reversals to stop this.

* Watch out for 5K raising his hurtbox over your 2D and 2S.

* Watch out for him trying to low pro your jS with 2K.

GGACR Dizzy Icon.png Dizzy You take an absolute grip off Dizzy when you hit her, and once you are in range she has to take risks to do anything. Good luck getting into that range though, her maneuverability dances circles around you, and her air buttons combined with space control means that you are often the one on the back foot. Rush her down and try to pin her or put her in a bad spot, but if you get hit or have to block a summon, the match can end right there, and her neutral is very good at deterring linear aggression, which unfortunately is really your only option in the MU. * jP is god in this MU, its great for A2A, A2G and all around coverage. However, don't be too predictable or linear with it, bubbles, pre-emptive normals, and classic AAs can and will blow you up, jP or no.

* 5P and 5K work wonders for gappy fish strings on oki, allowing you actually make Dizzy go for tight strings and coverage, and ensuing that you can contest tick throw setups. Make sure to gatling normals after to catch DI if they went for a mix behind the fish!

* Gunblaze frc can get you out of some nasty airdash fish setups, but you have to make sure to FRC, the actual hit of the GB will probably get eaten by the fish. Don't do this if DI is in 2K range

* On oki: Backdash k fish midscreen, jump out of D fish and H fish before they go active, P fish is real but doesn't lock you down long and very little blockstun after the bites.

GGACR Faust Icon.png Faust He owns the ground and air from round start, and won't ever let you forget it. Hard to approach, hard to get away from, and he anti-airs your for free. If you can manage to get lv3, you can shift the risk/reward of the MU into your favor and force Faust to take the initiative. If you get lv2 or 3, and are half screen or closer, you can punish Item throw on reaction the majority of the time with Rock It, which lets you check him there.

* Gunblaze in neutral can randomly hit a lot of his grounded pokes into a full combo, and is good for callouts on stuff like fS.

* Like Axl, very vulnerable to tick throws. In particular, the oki pattern late airdash jPP land 6SH (throw OS with cS) is extremely hard for him to deal with.

* 2D and Gunblaze both low profile under j2K.

GGACR Johnny Icon.png Johnny Your worst MU. Johnny shuts down all your ground and air options with just his ground buttons, and his air buttons are mostly uncontestable for you. You will have to fight your way through hard neutral to score a KD, then never let johnny play again. Also all your combos drop on this char. * 2D on defense will tag the startup of 6H and 5H, allowing you to abare out of blockstrings when you can smell those buttons coming.

* 2D or 5H on Oki will both oki Johnny, give you + frames, and beat wakeup super.

* Watch out for 2H abare from Johnny, since he knows you don't want to jump in this MU, its a much stronger tool than it usually is. Be sure to mix in dash brake and probing advances when resetting pressure on him.

GGACR Kliff Undersn Icon.png Kliff Undersn The old man beats you in the damage race, and completely controls neutral, making a MU where its very hard to play. Essential to know the answers to his tricks, or you will get gimmicked out. * Being able to punish drill is an essential skill. IB as much as you can to get him as close as possible, then if he's in 5K range, 5K 5S 5H SJ combo, or if he's not, 2S 6H punish.

* This is one of the few matchups where you don't want to try to escape by Superjump Airdash all the time on defense, often at the ranges kliff will be sitting at, you will just airdash into a 5H or other big normal. Try to dash brake or dash jump your way out, and look for the gaps in his strings where you can escape.

* Watch out for dodge, make sure to shut it down by representing run up throw as a frequent option in the MU.

GGACR Slayer Icon.png Slayer "So I've been thinking about the [Slayer vs Order Sol] matchup a lot ever since AA, and I think my character is just better than yours" -Sims 2019. Slayer out-damages you, out-footsies you, out-gimmicks you, out-pressures you. He basically does everything HoS wants to do but better. Don't try to turn it into a slugfest without charge to equalize risk/reward, and if you get the KD, don't let him gimmick out of it for free. * 2S 6H will completely shut down back dandy on wakeup or approaches, which will allow your run ups and approaches to actually start connecting with where he is, instead of having to guess where he will be.

* Be VERY careful about committing hard on oki options in this MU, its often best to just get the charge and go for something relatively safe with a light normal meaty and get ready to respond to a wakeup option.

* Slayer is a king of AA, be incredibly careful of jumping at him. 2S, 6P, 5P, and 6H all convert into huge damage for him.

* Direct linear approach (dash fS, RI, ect) is very risky in this MU, because 6P will eat it into huge damage. Be very aware of the risk.

* Neutral in the MU devolves into a stacked RPS game of playing around Slayer 6P, 2H, and 2S. 2H stops conventional run up, dash break and low approaches, and forces either jumping or extended linear approach, or Fafnir. 6P beats extended linear approach and Fafnir and air approaches, and forces run up and ground low approaches. 2S Stops jumps, and forces extended linear approach and ground low approaches.

GGACR Testament Icon.png Testament This matchup is an elaborate game of Simon Says, where if you did the wrong answer you have a very real chance of dying. That being said, you run past trees and clear nets pretty well, so its down to just his normals that will really be giving you trouble. * jP clears nets with no commitment, and you can run over trees before they pop, meaning testament has a hard time keeping you in check with just traps alone.

IB 5K or DP will blow up 2H resets, or you can soft call it with SB or backdash.

Be very careful about jumping when not directly in testa's face, as he has a lot more options than most chars to just completely stuff anything you do.