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Things to note when discussing matchups:
-General ratio
-Optimal/inoptimal spacings
-Strong/Weak buttons
-Things to watch out for
-Character specific confirms
-etc etc

A.B.A -/-
Anji Mito -/-
Axl Low -/-
Baiken -/-
Bridget 4.5/5.5
Chipp Zanuff -/-
Dizzy 4/6
Eddie -/-
Faust -/-

Faust has a ton of air options with great pokes that are hard to challenge. Faust doing jump back j.2K is difficult for Slayer to beat along with Faust being able to mix up his timings. You have to respect items and bomb bag a lot, don't try too hard to get in if you would get hit by them. Dandy step can be pretty good but can get caught by j.2K or Fishing line. You can use IB in the air a lot to slowly close in. You can 6P FB chop.

I-No 4/6
Jam Kuradoberi -/-
Justice 4/6

Justice is one of the more difficult match-ups for Slayer, nukes control a lot of space and Justice has strong normals to challenge approaches as well. This does not mean you have no ways to fight her, but the most important thing is knowing how to deal with her Nukes.

Round Start

Your best bet is to mash Mappa punch and get an early lead. If that doesn't work play the long game and inch closer to justice as best you can.

Handling Nukes
Justice will most likely pay keep away using her massive projectiles. There are many ways to play around them and no 'one way' to deal with them. Just be patient and try not to use the same option too many times in a row.

Dandy step
Dandy step S and H are good ways to get behind justice and put you in the advantage, however this option comes with heavy drawbacks. It's best to use this move sparingly as a mixup.

  • It's very react-able

The Justice has a lot of time to react to the move if she knows your trying to go for it.

  • Slow startup

The moves have a slow startup and if your unfamiliar with the range can put you in an even worse situation.


Dashing through the nukes it not a bad idea. Timed well and you can ignore the undetonated nukes. The Justice can detonated the nukes manually however if she catches you dashing too much. the option is also very spacing dependent and mostly works on the ground nukes as opposed to the air or arched nukes.

Air dashing can accomplish a similar thing, but it has to be timed really well or you end up eating an air nuke. Not to mention slayers air dash doesn't go super far. Air dashing should also be used sparingly.

Super jump

Slayer can super-jump over most of the nukes if timed well, avoiding all variants. This does however give justice the ability to meet Slayer with an air to air or even air grab. The key here is to use it like all the other options. sparingly to avoid being punished for it.


The best and most simple strategy is simply blocking the nukes. slowly inch forward and block. Ideally you should IB(instant block) the nukes, as long as you try avoiding FD(faultless defense). Faultless pushes you back and loses meter which just gives the Justice more ground to work with and you less meter.

Johnny 5/5

You can mappa or 2D under coin but 5K and f.S can poke you out. When he does normal > coin, you can IB the normal and S Dandy under the coin in certain situations. You generally want to look to Dandy Step > Pilebunker his normals to whiff punish given he has so much whiff recovery. If he starts doing dash > normal you can use 6P or 5K to stop him. BDC mappa can be good as a whiff punish but without counter hit you may struggle to get pressure afterwards.

Kliff Undersn 4.5/5.5
Ky Kiske 4.5/5.5
May -/-
Millia Rage 5.5/4.5
Order-Sol 5.5/4.5
Potemkin 4/6

Potemkin has high health and good defensive options against Slayer, and he can also compete with Slayer's damage. His tick throw pressure makes it difficult to use Slayer's defensive options.

Potemkin Buster

Pot Buster is a constant threat when pressuring Pot, or when Pot pressures you. Pot Buster is fast enough to interrupt Slayer's common strings that he uses for combos, and has enough range to grab Dandy Step sometimes. Where other characters would only get a weak combo off their fastest moves like 2P, Pot Buster deals a lot of damage and can even lead to a combo midscreen vs Slayer.


  • 3f startup command grab with great range and damage
  • Corner allows for a very strong combo, which can easily deal 50% or more health
  • Combined with IB, can punish a lot of common links such as 6K or It's Late into 2K
  • Midscreen Pot Buster > fS works on Slayer, which leads to 2S > Heat Knuckle for better oki


  • Jump ins and jump cancels avoid Pot Buster, but beware of 6P and fS. Sometimes, Pot can IB > Pot Buster to punish you after landing.
  • Try to pay attention to their Pot Buster habits on defense and bait them for whiff punishes.
  • On defense, it is easier to jump than to backdash or BDC.


Hammerfall is generally strong against Slayer since most of Slayer's normals cannot be canceled and only hit once. Slayer also has many moves that move him forward, so Hammerfall can punish them very easily. Pot uses Hammerfall in his pressure to stay in close range for tick throw mixups.


  • Can armor a single hit, armor starts from frame 1
  • Knocks down on ground hit, techable on air hit
  • Has a FRC slightly after the hit, which makes Pot very + on block
  • Hammerfall Break followup lets Pot cancel the move and is generally unpunishable


  • Punishable on block (5H or BBU), but watch out for the FRC and Hammerfall Break.
  • Try to limit your use of 6P, 6H, 2D, and Mappa in neutral.
  • If you want to use Dandy Step, Crosswise will almost always beat Hammerfall.
  • You can spend 50 meter to RC your single hit moves, then block the Hammerfall attack.
Robo-Ky -/-
Slayer 5/5
Sol Badguy 5/5 Both players are looking to get in, you have to watch meter carefully to make sure he doesn't just run away with a massive meter. It is a tough match up but not impossible.
  • air dashing is a good way to engage with sol if you can call out his gunflame.
Testament 5/5
Venom -/-
Zappa -/-

f.S is a very good poke that wins against most things that you want to do. Zappa can also duck under a ton of stuff, and can 2K under everything he can't duck. His DP is only -10, and it can be hard to stop him from doing backdash > backdash > DP summon. Using iad j.H or FB dandy can work pretty well. If you can get zappa to stop moving 6K can be pretty good.