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This is a tournament put on by Classic Fighting Gamer and more veteran +R players from Southern California as a stress test and community building event during the public beta for GGPO in +R.

Replay Archive
Click on this link to get a download of the replay archive for this event.
Click here for the full bracket.

1stUSA.png ElvenshadowGGACR Faust Icon.png
2ndUSA.png WoocashGGACR Anji Mito Icon.png GGACR Baiken Icon.png
3rdUSA.png JinNCGGACR Dizzy Icon.png
4thUSA.png KrakatoaGGACR Faust Icon.png
5thUSA.png Digital WatchesGGACR Axl Low Icon.png
5thUSA.png Wingzero76GGACR Johnny Icon.png
7thUSA.png FiestamentGGACR Testament Icon.png
7thUSA.png RSGGACR Sol Badguy Icon.png
GGPO Beta GGXXACPR Tournament
Dates:November 1st, 2020
Location:Netplay, North America
Winner:USA.png ElvenShadow
ClassicFightingGamer, Osugure, nostalgic98, AbyssgamingTronzilla, and GrimFlash