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This is a tournament put on by Tarkus Lee and OtherLiam as the first open tournament in the Good Vibes FGC ACPR series.

Replay Archive
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1stUSA.png Digital WatchesGGACR Axl Low Icon.png
2ndUSA.png ParaclesGGACR Sol Badguy Icon.png
3rdUSA.png Ugly_GothGGACR Testament Icon.png GGACR A.B.A Icon.png
4thUSA.png DeadwardGGACR Justice Icon.png GGACR Testament Icon.png
5thUSA.png JohnnyAKGGACR Bridget Icon.png
5thUSA.png NWSerpentGGACR Jam Kuradoberi Icon.png
7thJapan.png Tarkus LeeGGACR Testament Icon.png GGACR Venom Icon.png
7thUSA.png ReicyGGACR Zappa Icon.png
Good Vibes FGC Rollback Netplay 1
Good Vibes FGC Rollback Netplay 1.png
Dates:November 7st, 2020
Location:Netplay, North America
Winner:USA.png Digital Watches
Tarkus Lee, OtherLiam, Jimbo