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GGReload Potemkin Portrait.jpg

Defense Modifier: x0.87

Guts Rating: 4

Weight: Heaviest (x0.94)

Stun Resistance: 80

Jump Startup: 5F

Backdash Time: 21F / Invul: 1~20F

Wake-Up (Face Up/Down): 35F / 33F

Movement Options
Double Jump, No Air Dashes or Forward Ground Dash, Backdash
P K S H D Start
GGReload Potemkin P.png
GGReload Potemkin K.png
GGReload Potemkin S.png
GGReload Potemkin H.png
GGReload Potemkin D.png
GGReload Potemkin Start.png
GGReload Potemkin P(Sp).png
GGReload Potemkin K(Sp).png
GGReload Potemkin S(Sp).png
GGReload Potemkin H(Sp).png
GGReload Potemkin D(Sp).png
GGReload Potemkin Start(Sp).png


The grappler of Guilty Gear, named after the great Russian warship, The Potemkin. Pot essentially is a walking tank, dealing damage of ridiculous proportions whenever he gets in with his command throw of terrifying power: The Potemkin Buster.

Potemkin is a grappler who of course works best directly in the opponent's face, but still has some unique tools for dealing with situations outside of grab range. He has large hitboxes, good range, moves with super armor, and a variety of powerful throws at his disposal. Perhaps more than any other character, Pot is capable of punishing on good reads very well. He has the best ground throw range in the game without Pot Buster alone, along with two anti-air grabs, and the best air throw range in the game to boot. From far out, he has a full screen unblockable that hits the floor, a projectile reflecting move, and plenty of other tricks. Though he may have trouble against good zoning and projectiles galore, big damage is Pot's game, he just needs to get close enough to make opponents scared.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Long-range normals with relatively high single-hit damage.
  • Extremely fast command grab with great range.
  • Damaging conversions off corner hits or Potemkin Buster.
  • Above average stun output.
  • Highly invincible backdash.
  • The highest effective health in the game. Potemkin has a defense modifier of x0.87.
  • The highest stun resistance in the game. Potemkin is practically impossible to stun.
  • F.D.B and Slidehead allow Potemkin to deal with zoning.
  • Very poor mobility. Makes approaching very difficult.
  • Few options for dealing with opponent's pressure.
  • Very long startup on most normals.
  • Big hurtbox which extends further during most normals and makes him subject to combos that work against him only.
  • Very situational overdrives.
  • 5f jump startup.

Normal Moves

GGAC Potemkin 5P.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-5P-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 5-6

GGXXACPR Potemkin-5P-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 7-9

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
11 Mid CSJR 5 5 6 -1

Your quickest jab, with a pretty good hitbox, capable of hitting crouching, standing, or even airborne opponents (sometimes). Chain into 5K on the ground, or c.S if they're in the air. If they block, you can chain as normal, or go right into a Potemkin Buster if they're not expecting it.

GGAC Potemkin 5K.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-5K-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22 Low SJR 7 9 9 -4

Tied with 2K for Potemkin's quickest low. 5K is Potemkin's best move for catching backdashes, with a whopping 9 active frames. Although 2K has more range, 5K can be canceled into c.S or 2S to keep your combo or blockstring going. Good to use after a landing from a jump-in (alternate with 6K for throw invul overheads).

GGAC Potemkin cS.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-cS-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 Mid SJR 9 3 11 ±0

Mostly used as combo filler, although it can be used as situational anti-air. Deep jump-in combos should be followed up with this or 2S when possible for better damage. Whiff c.S close as they wake up for a not-so-obvious Potemkin buster/Heat Knuckle. Can also be used to setup tick grabs.

GGAC Potemkin fS.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-fS-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 12-14

GGXXACPR Potemkin-fS-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 15-18

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
36 Mid SJR 11 7 18 -11

A long-range poke with a slight upward angle. Slow startup and recovery, but good range and follow-up options. Use it to control space, stop jump-outs, halt IADs, or to setup tricks like canceling into Slide Head or approaching with Hammer Fall.

GGAC Potemkin 5H.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-5H-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 15-17

GGXXACPR Potemkin-5H-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 18-21

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
58 Mid SR 15 7 16 -4

Works like f.S, but for opponents that'll stay grounded or very low in the air. One of Potemkin's best pokes: fantastic range, big guard gauge build-up, plenty of blockstun. Cancel into Hammer Fall > Break for better advantage on block or just to gain ground, or cancel into Slide Head for a cheap (but very punishable) mixup. At distances where nothing else is possible, 5H air counter-hit, wait, 5H works. 5H counter-hit leads to Slide Head, Hammer Fall Break, follow up combo. 5H is also the only move that leads to Giganter vs airborne opponents.

GGAC Potemkin 6P.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-6P-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 13-15

GGXXACPR Potemkin-6P-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 16-19

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
35 Mid R 11 7 19 -9

A decent anti-air. Potemkin's hurtbox is low to the ground, and he has some upper body invulnerability during start up and even more through the activate frames. You can use this as a ghetto reversal vs airborne opponents if their move isn't 100% meaty (such as vs. late IAD'ing opponents trying to bait throws). Hitbox doesn't extend much further than his hands, but that's plenty.

Biggest weakness is that it can't be canceled into anything except Roman Cancel, and only combos against jump-ins on counterhit. Very bad against any opponent on the ground.

1~4F Upper body invul. 5~12F Above knees invul. 13~22F Upper body invul.

GGAC Potemkin 6K.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-6K-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
23 High SJR 18 3 20 -6

A 23 frame overhead with short range. Jump-cancellable on hit/block (JC on block for pressure, on hit for burst baits, or Hammer Fall through the burst). Although one of Potemkin's hardest combos due to charging, 6K xx Hammer Fall combos on crouching and baits bursts automatically. It also nets you insane damage, and in the corner the Hammer Fall can be FRC'd into Giganter. If you hit with it, cancel to 2D xx Heat Knuckle/Heavenly Potemkin Buster as Tension allows. Once the opponent becomes used to the 6K animation, Slide Head can be substituted in place (hits low!) as they have similar animations, for a dirty 50/50.

1~17F Above knees invul. Staggers opponent on hit (max 35F). Initial proration 70%.

GGAC Potemkin 6H.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-6H-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
90 Mid SRF 23 5 30 -16

Potemkin's longest-ranged normal, hitting from nearly 2/3 of the screen away. Great for tagging backdashes or just landing an unexpected hit at range. Ridiculous on counter hit, as the CH holds them in place momentarily, allowing followups such as Giganter. Can be FRC'd right before it becomes active (frames 20-21, active on 24). An odd gatling is 5P > 6H. 5P > 6H FRC Pot buster for shenanigans, or let it rip to catch backdashers.

Blows away and knocks down opponent on ground hit. Blockstun 23F. Dizzy modifier x1.5. FRC timing 20~21F.

GGAC Potemkin 5D.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-5D-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 31, 33, 35, 37, 39

GGXXACPR Potemkin-5D-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 32, 34, 36, 38, 40

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30 Mid R 29 2(2)2(2)2 8 +1

Standing dust, with a remarkably large hitbox. Slow startup and obvious animation make it difficult to use in pressure. 5D Anti-Air CH can be followed up (situationally) for a combo into Heat Knuckle.

GGAC Potemkin 2P.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-2P-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 Mid CSR 9 4 8 -2

Really slow 2P at 9 frames, but it has situational use such as killing Eddie's shadow from far away, or using it for Hammer Fall Break pressure. It also starts his OTG combo, 2P > 5P > 5P.

GGAC Potemkin 2K.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-2K-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 7-8

GGXXACPR Potemkin-2K-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 9-10

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16 Low SR 7 4 14 -6

Comes out as fast as 5K, but has better range. It cancels into any S attack, but only c.S and f.S will actually combo. If you're at max range, it's probably better to cancel into 2D for knockdown.

GGAC Potemkin 2S.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-2S-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
36 Mid SR 14 3 20 -6

Good range, good hitbox, mostly grounded combo filler, though smart use can net you big damage since it causes stagger on counter-hit.

Staggers opponent on CH (max 43F).

GGAC Potemkin 2H.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-2H-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 13-15

GGXXACPR Potemkin-2H-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 16-17

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
66 Mid SRF 13 5 35 -21

A vicious uppercut that reaches ridiculously high. Thanks to its high startup you'll have to throw it out relatively early, so make sure you know it'll connect before committing to it. Reaches further back than most anti-airs, allowing you to tag crossup attempts in addition to the normal anti-air benefits. Can be FRC'd on the last frame of startup and first two active frames (13~15), allowing for an air combo followup, or just making it safe if blocked.

If you get a normal hit on an airborne opponent, you can cancel into Heat Knuckle if they're low enough. Otherwise your only direct followup is a Heavenly Potemkin Buster. If they're on the ground, you can always cancel to Heat Knuckle. On counter-hit, your opponent can't tech until they've hit the ground, no matter how high they were when you hit.

Floats opponent on hit (untechable for 30F, knocks down on CH). Dizzy modifier x1.25. FRC timing 13~15F.

GGAC Potemkin 2D.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-2D-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
35 Low R 12 5 14 -2

A great low with fantastic range. Use it to end ground combos, tag your opponent on wakeup, or just keep them guessing at range.

GGAC Potemkin jP.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-jP-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
18 High, Air CSR 7 6 6 -

J.P is important for gaining some height in Pot's air combos. Cancels into itself and all his other aerial attacks, and is a good choice for air-to-air combat. If the opponent blocks, keep pressing it until you both land and you can set up pressure or go straight for a grab. Additionally, since j.S gatlings back into j.P, you can use j.S as a jump-in, cancel into j.P if they block, then use the reduced blockstun to put them into a Buster (or bait their escape attempt!).

GGAC Potemkin jK.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-jK-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 9-12

GGXXACPR Potemkin-jK-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 13-16

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22 High, Air SR 10 8 13 -

Has a decent hitbox that also crosses up.

GGAC Potemkin jS.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-jS-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 14-16

GGXXACPR Potemkin-jS-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 17-19

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 High, Air SR 13 6 23 -

An overhead hammer swing with both fists. Covers a good amount of space, going from slightly above to well below Potemkin as the active frames complete. Desirable as a jump-in for its hitbox, its ability to cancel into j.P for grab setups, and the fact that it staggers grounded opponents on counter hit, allowing combos directly into Potemkin Buster (or anything else you might want to try). Air counter hits provide pretty decent untechable time, allowing you to combo into Heat Knuckle after landing, depending on the height.

Staggers opponent on CH (max 39F).

GGAC Potemkin jH.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-jH-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 High, Air SR 11 6 16 -

Potemkin crosses his arms in front of him for a body splash. Massive horizontal hurtbox, hitting on both sides of his center line. The legs hit lower than the arms, making its usefulness as a jump-in dependent entirely on how ambiguous you can make it as a crossup.

GGAC Potemkin jD.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-jD-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
45 High, Air R 13 Until L Until L+9 -

After a short startup, Potemkin drops rapidly to the ground. If you catch an airborne opponent with it, they'll plummet to earth with you. Combo after j.S for a knockdown into whatever oki you please.

Plummets opponent on air hit (untechable for 40F). Knocks down opponent on air CH.

Universal Mechanics

GGAC Potemkin throw.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 Throw: 55 Pixels - - - - -

Toss your opponent like a ragdoll.

Floats opponent on hit. Initial proration 50%.

Air Throw
GGAC Potemkin airThrow.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
70 Throw: 130 Pixels - - - - -

The air throw with the farthest range in the game.

Knocks down opponent on hit (untechable for 32F). Initial proration 50%.

Dead Angle Attack
GGAC Potemkin 5D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
35 All R 13 5 18 -9

Hitting gives a wallbounce and a solid second (60 frames) of untechable time, but forced 50% proration hurts your damage output. Still, if you need some breathing room, this is a great way to get it. Can combo off the wall bounce with 5K.

1~17F Full invul. 18~32F Strike invul. Wall bounces opponent on hit. Initial proration 50%. 18~35F Potemkin in CH state.

Special Moves

Mega Fist
GGAC Potemkin 236P.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-214P-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 25-28

GGXXACPR Potemkin-214P-2-Hitbox.png

Forwards: Frames 29-31
Backwards: Frames 29-32

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50 High, Air RF 25 8 0+8L -4

Forward lets you close the distance on your opponent, but is otherwise inferior to the backwards version in every way. Lower Attack Level means less hitstun, allowing for quicker tick throws but otherwise not providing any advantage. Can be FRC'd on frames 25 or 26 (the first two active frames).

1F onwards lower body invul. 4F onwards airborne. Feet invul during landing recovery. FRC timing 25~26F.

50 High, Air RF 25 9 0+6L +4

Superior to Forward Mega Fist in every way. High Level, more active frames, less recovery. Staggers on counter-hit. Better as a raw attack than Forward, but not as great for follow-ups without a CH. Can be FRC'd on frames 25~26.

1F onwards lower body invul. 5F onwards airborne. Feet invul during landing recovery. Staggers opponent on ground CH (max 47F). FRC timing 25~26F.

Slide Head
GGAC Potemkin 236S.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-236S-Hitbox.png

The first hitbox. The second hit strikes along the entire floor.

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 Low R 25 2 28 -11

One of Potemkin's more interesting moves, Slide Head has two different attacks during its active frames. The first is Potemkin's actual body itself, a level 5 attack that hits low, but that's likely not what you're using it for. If the first attack misses, the second attack occurs, which sends out an unblockable shockwave, covering about 3/4 of the screen at full zoom-out, which can be avoided only by being in the air (jumping, Dizzy/I-No dash, backdash, feet/lower body invul attacks, etc.). If this connects, it knocks the opponent down, and keeps them there for an extra 40 frames over normal knockdown length, giving Potemkin time to advance.

When going for a knockdown with Slide Head, make sure you're not too close. If the first attack connects, the knockdown attack won't come out. Additionally, you should always be holding back after performing a Slide Head so that you can charge a Hammer Fall, then Break to get in and set up oki. Slide Head's startup animation has upper body invincibility, but it won't usually help against jump-ins.

1~16F Above knees invul. 25~38F Low profile. Knocks down opponent on ground hit. Quake has 29F startup and is unblockable. Can not be RC’d.

Hammer Fall
GGAC Potemkin 46H.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-46H-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 Mid RF 19~ 2 33 -16

Hammer Fall is Potemkin's dash attack, allowing him to clear a large amount of space in a short amount of time. While rushing forward, Potemkin gets one hit's worth of super armor, and will take only half damage from that hit. Any additional hits will interrupt Hammer Fall, and any Overdrive hit will interrupt him regardless. Hitting a grounded opponent will cause knockdown. It's usually a good idea to charge Hammer Fall when not doing anything else, or to follow up on certain moves.

The startup time depends on distance: 19 is the startup at the shortest possible range, 27 at the longest.

Knocks down opponent on ground hit (untechable for 22F). Must charge for 30F to use this move. Startup depends on distance from opponent. Gains super armor that can absorb one (non-super) hit for half damage from 1F until 1st active frame. Can cancel into Hammer Fall Break from 2F until 9F before the end of startup. Untechable for 22 frames.

Hammer Fall Break
P during Hammer Fall
GGAC Potemkin hammerBreak.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - - - Total 18 -

Hammer Fall Break lets Potemkin stop Hammer Fall early without an attack, allowing you to put up a defense, or use a more suitable attack for the given situation. Note that if you hit P too late (within about ten frames of it going active), Break won't occur, so it's worthwhile to practice at different ranges and get the timing down, especially when using it for going in after Slide Head, or to catch an opponent with a Potemkin Buster.

GGAC Potemkin 63214S.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-63214S-Hitbox.png
GGAC Potemkin flickBullet.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 All R 21 3 12 +2

A powerful attack with two separate aspects: the attack and the reflect (see below). The attack portion is powerful, with a deceptively large hitbox (extended well beyond and above the flick itself) and good priority. If it hits a grounded opponent, they'll be staggered for a maximum of 35 frames. On block, they'll be pushed away a great distance, and a counter-hit will launch them upwards and towards you.

Staggers opponent on hit (max 35F). Launches opponent on CH. 4~20F can reflect projectile (See F.D.B. Reflect).

F.D.B. Reflect 16 All - 2 - Total 22 -

The second aspect of F.D.B. During frames 4~20 of F.D.B.'s startup, any projectile within Potemkin's hurtbox (the box that determines if Potemkin is hit) will be reflected back as a slow moving, screen filling projectile. This projectile will keep going even if it hits other projectiles (most of which will be destroyed), and will travel until it exits the stage or until it strikes the opponent. After reflecting a projectile, Potemkin is strike invincible until he recovers, although this won't save you from multi-hit projectiles unless they're out of the way by then.

1-22F Strike invul. Staggers opponent on hit (max 48F). Knocks down opponent on air hit.

For a full list of projectiles F.D.B. can reflect, check F.D.B. Reflectable Projectiles.

Potemkin Buster
GGAC Potemkin 632146P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
140 Throw: 176 Pixels - 4 1 Total 40 on whiff -

Your go-to move, that which all of Potemkin's game plan is centered around. With a 176-pixel range, it's hard not to catch people with this. In addition to its already great range, many attacks actually bring the character's throwbox forward, making them even easier to catch, before their active frames have even started. Can be followed up with c.S in the corner, and with f.S midscreen against some characters. If you whiff, the entire animation will take 40 frames.

1~2F Throw invul. 3~5F Full invul. 6~16F Throw invul. Dizzy modifier x0.5. Initial proration 75%. Knocks down opponent on hit.

Heat Knuckle
GGAC Potemkin 623H.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-623H-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0,15*2,40 - R 14 1 22 -

Potemkin snatches his opponent out of the air and burns them for a while. Has good reach horizontally and vertically, but no invincibility, so its use as an anti-air is somewhat limited.

Floats opponent on hit (untechable for 45F). On hit, 50F onwards, can cancel into Heat Extend. In #Reload, there's rarely any benefit for not doing Heat Extend, so Heat Extend should always be used.

Heat Extend
63214H during Heat Knuckle
GGAC Potemkin 63214H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 - R - - - -

If input during the first 50 frames of Heat Knuckle, Heat Extend causes Potemkin's gauntlet to open up and focus energy, then detonate the opponent and launch them skyward. Does great damage and builds a ton of Tension, but sacrifices oki at midscreen.

If no other moves were used in the combo other than Heat Knuckle and Heat Extend, it will knock the opponent down. Otherwise the opponent can almost always tech before landing.


GGAC Potemkin 632146H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
45 All - 9+8 48 Total 41 +9

Potemkin throws out a wall of shimmering energy (usually referred to as "the mirror") that slowly travels in front of him. The mirror will always come out once the input is done, even if Potemkin is hit out of it. The mirror absorbs most projectiles, and will continue traveling forward even if it doesn't. If the opponent is hit while grounded, they'll be staggered for a maximum of 77 frames, and on air hit it causes a fully untechable float. In addition to all that, it has a 3x dizzy modifier. Can be canceled into Gigantic Bullet from frame 16 onwards.

1~9F Full invul. 10~15F Strike invul. Dizzy modifier x3. Staggers opponent on hit (max 70F). Knocks down opponent on air hit. 16F onwards can cancel into followup (Gigantic Bullet).

Gigantic Bullet
4123641236P during Giganter
GGAC Potemkin 4123641236P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
126 Mid R 51 24 14 -19

Potemkin channels energy into both hands, then combines them into a wave of energy while sliding forward. Wall bounces on hit, allowing for interesting followups. x0 dizzy modifier, meaning its damage is not factored into dizzy at all.

Wall bounces opponent on hit (untechable for 60F). Knocks down on hit. Dizzy modifier x0.

Heavenly Potemkin Buster
GGAC Potemkin 236236S.png

GGXXACPR Potemkin-236236S-1-Hitbox.png

Frame 12

GGXXACPR Potemkin-236236S-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 13-26

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
170 - - 12+1 15 10 -

Potemkin launches upward at a ~40 degree angle, grabbing his opponent out of the air and bringing them crashing back down to earth. Potemkin is invincible until he leaves the ground, at which point he has upper body invincibility for 15 frames, allowing HPB to be used as an anti-air in most instances. Keep in mind that it's not completely safe, though - many moves can beat it outright, and sometimes it will whiff completely, seemingly for no reason. Heavenly Potemkin Buster will always connect after a 2H, but you have to cancel into it as soon as the 2H connects.

1~12F Full invul. Potemkin is in CH state during recovery. Knocks down opponent on hit. Dizzy modifier x0.5.

Instant Kill

Magnum Opera
GGAC Potemkin IK1.png
GGAC Potemkin IK2.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
DESTROY All - 11+6 12 16 -9

Kiss the Fist.


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