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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 InputIcon 7.png 8 InputIcon 8.png 9 InputIcon 9.png
4 InputIcon 4.png 5 InputIcon 5.png 6 InputIcon 6.png
1 InputIcon 1.png 2 InputIcon 2.png 3 InputIcon 3.png
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example InputIcon 236.png+GGST P Prompt.png becomes 236P.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
= Proceed to the next action after landing.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j = Jump
hj/sj = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
WS = Wall Splat / Wall Stick
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input
(move) = Move is optional.
[sequence]xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Attack must deal N amount of hits.
[X] or [Y] = Perform X or Y.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
BRC = Blue Roman Cancel
RRC = Red Roman Cancel
PRC = Purple Roman Cancel
YRC = Yellow Roman Cancel
YYXRC = Dash Input X Roman Cancel in Y direction i.e: 22PRC
XRC~Q = Cancel the X Roman Cancel into Q i.e: RRC~5K
AN = GGST Anji Mito Icon.png Anji
AX = GGST Axl Low Icon.png Axl
CH = GGST Chipp Zanuff Icon.png Chipp
FA = GGST Faust Icon.png Faust
GI = GGST Giovanna Icon.png Giovanna
IN = GGST I-No Icon.png I-No
KY = GGST Ky Kiske Icon.png Ky
LE = GGST Leo Whitefang Icon.png Leo
MA = GGST May Icon.png May
MI = GGST Millia Rage Icon.png Millia
NA = GGST Nagoriyuki Icon.png Nagoriyuki
PO = GGST Potemkin Icon.png Potemkin
RA = GGST Ramlethal Valentine Icon.png Ramlethal
SO = GGST Sol Badguy Icon.png Sol
ZT = GGST Zato-1 Icon.png Zato-1

Combo List

  • Currently, every damage value here has only been dealt to Sol.
  • When breaking the wall, optimal ground hit is 6H, optimal air hit is j.D
  • Temporary notation:
    • (ws) = Wall Stick,
    • ! = wallbreak (i.e. j.D! = break wall with j.D)
5P/2P/5K/2K Starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
(5/2)K>2D>236S>236S Universal 69 All (I-No 236Sx1 only) [1] Very Easy Universal K starter into knockdown
(5/2)K>2D>236H Universal All (I-No 236Sx1 only) [1] Very Easy Leaves the opponent further away
(5/2)K>2D>236P Universal All (I-No 236Sx1 only) [1] Very Easy Universal K starter into knockdown, crosses through the opponent when not in the corner
(5P>5P>)5P>6P>236S>236S Universal 61 All [2] Easy Omit P based on spacing, can be 2P also (but not 2Px3)
(AA) 5P>6H>2S>2H>236K(ws)>j.D! Corner 145 All [3] Medium Anti-Air. Guaranteed wall stick on 236K
(AA) 5K>6H>2S>2H>236K(ws)>66j.D! Corner 149 All [3] Medium Anti-Air. Guaranteed wall stick on 236K
(AA) 5K>jc j.K>66j.K>jc dj.KD Universal 73 All except Ram [3] Medium Basic anti-air route, small adjustments in hit number can be applied.
(AA) 6K>c.S>2H>236S>236K>f.S>236S(ws)>6H! Corner TBD [4] Hard Anti-Air route from 6K. Impractical but looks cool.
[5] Very Hard
c.S/f.S/2S Starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
2S>2H>236H Universal 73 All [1] Very Easy Very simple 2S confirm
2S > 2H > 236K > j.K > ADC > j.H > j.623S > 66RRC > 2H > 236K > j.S > djc > j.S Wallbreak Back to Wall 158 [2] Easy A dash at the start is not necessary but makes this significantly easier
AA c.S>j.S>66j.H>623S Universal Anti-air 109 All [2] Easy Anti air route. Some characters get 2 j.H hits
c.S>2S>2H>236K>(j.K>66)j.D Not close to corner (236K doesn't change direction) 125 All but Millia/I-No [2] Easy Omit j.K>66 on: Leo, Pot, Faust
2S>2H>236K>j.K>66j.H(2)|>c.S>2S>2H(ws)>6H! mid to corner 171 may may, millia, gio, ram [3] Medium 2S route near to corner (just past P2 roundstart distance).
2S>2H>236K>j.K>66j.SH(1)|>c.S>2H(ws)>6H! mid to corner 153 sol sol, I-no [3] Medium Route is character specific
2S>2H>236K>j.S>66j.H(2)|>c.S>2H(ws)>6H! mid to corner 164 leo Axl, Zato [3] Medium Best damage route listed for each char
2S>2H>236K>j.K|>2S>2H>236K(ws)! mid to corner 159 faust Faust [3] Medium
2S>2H>236K>j.S|>2S>2H>236S(ws)>6H! mid to corner 164 leo Leo, Pot, Anji, Chipp, Ky, Nago [3] Medium
c.s>2S>2H>236K>j.S>2S>2H(ws)>6H! Near corner 176 sol All [3] Medium range such that 236K pushes opponent to wall
2S>2H>236K>j.S>f.S>236S>236S(ws)>6H! Near corner 158 sol All [3] Medium Alternative route that starts with 2S
c.S>2S>2H>236S>236K>f.S>236S(ws)>6H! Corner 180 sol All [3] Medium Rekka loop! Also works from c.S AA starter
2S>2H>236S>236K>2S>2H(ws)>236K! Corner 158 sol All [3] Medium 2S Rekka loop
[4] Hard
[5] Very Hard
5H/2H Combos
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
(5/6)H>236S>236S Universal 89/97 All [1] Very Easy Basic H conversion, no knockdown
[2] Easy
AA (5/6)H>2S>2H>236S>236K>5S(ws)>6H! Corner Anti-Air 177 All [3] Medium Universal corner anti-air route from H starter.
AA 2H>236S>236K>2S>2H>236S(ws)>236K! Corner Anti-Air 167 All [3] Medium Universal corner anti-air route from 2H - Doesn't work deep in the corner.
2H>236K>j.(K/S)>66j.H(2)>j.623S Universal 115 All [3] Medium 2H route, j.S for: Leo, Pot, Faust, Axl, Chipp, Nago, Zato
[4] Hard
[5] Very Hard
Jump-in Starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
[1] Very Easy
Wall run cancel j.S>c.S>2D>236S>236S Corner 102 All [2] Easy Low wall run cancel j.S mixup after 236[P] - 1 rekka only on Leo, Pot, Faust, Nago
j.H>2S>2H>236S>236K>2S>2H>6H Corner 141 Not Faust, Gio, I-No [3] Medium Corner j.H jump in route into rekka loops
j.D>2K>2D>236S>236S Universal 96 All [3] Medium Relatively lenient on timing, universal j.D jump in
j.D>2S>2H>236K>j.K>66j.D(ws)>j.D! Near corner 154 Not Leo, Faust [4] Hard j.D has to hit very deep
[5] Very Hard
Dust Combos
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
2D>236S>236S Universal 71 All [1] Very Easy Basic sweep conversion. 1 Rekka only on: Faust, Anji, Giovanna, I-No, Nagoriyuki, Ramlethal
5[D]>j.SK>j.SKSDD Universal 166 Not May, Pot, Chipp [2] Easy Basic Dust homing jump combo
5[D]>j.SK>dj.H(2)DD Universal 174 may May, Pot [2] Easy Alternative homing jump combo 1
5[D]>j.KS>dj.KSDD Universal 200 Chipp Chipp [2] Easy Alternative homing jump combo 2 for Chipp
[3] Medium
[4] Hard
[5] Very Hard
These combos need a total DMG value on them
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
[1] Very Easy
[2] Easy
[3] Medium
[4] Hard
[5] Very Hard

Reference 1


(ws) = wallsplat, normal ender is 6H, otherwise super.

(wr) = Wall run start, hold 6 into the wall to begin

r.[X] = wallrun button

(Near Corner) 2S>2H>236K>j.K>66j.SH|>c.S>5H(ws)>6H

(Corner) 2S>2H>236K>66j.SH|>c.S>5H(ws)>6H

(B2C, full carry, 50 meter) 662S>2H>236K>j.K>66j.H>j.623S>66RC|>2H>236K>j.S>j.623S

(midscreen, 50 meter) c.S>6H>236S>236S>66RC delay c.S>6H>236S->236S(ws)>236236K

(corner, 50 meter) c.S>2S>2H>623S>66RC>236P (whiff)>66(WR)>r.S>r.S>r.S>r.H>r.6H>4>623S

(corner, 100 meter) c.S>2H>623S>66RC>236P (whiff)>66(WR)>r.SS>r.6H>4>j.236K|>c.S>6H>632146H