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General Gameplan

Chipp is the fastest character in the game blessed with both insane dash speed and fast buttons. This comes at a cost of his health which is the lowest in the game. His primary gameplan is to utilize his speed to pressure his opponent and overwhelm them before they have a chance to catch him. Despite his advantages, Chipp will very quickly lose a game if his opponent manages to lock him down and get one or two good hits in.

Your primary focus is to play around your opponent safely in neutral until you can manage a knockdown. Chipp has strong pokes such as f.S and resshou which he can use to attack his opponent from safe ranges. He can also use his insane dash speed to creep up close and start pressure if your opponent is hesitating to approach or counterpoke. With his speed and frame data, Chipp manages a solid pressure game. 5K works as an excellent lockdown and stagger tool. With how fast his dash is, he can tick throw from further ranges than most characters can with a quick micro dash throw. Combined with his specials that are each designed to open an opponent, Chipp is a major threat once he manages to get in his opponent’s face. 6K functions the same as it has in other GG titles as a fast and harassing overhead option. It’s cancellable from most normal attacks and converts nicely with RC. 6H is a high reward frame trap option that also chains from most normal attacks. Use this when you suspect your opponent is attempting to mash or jump out.

Once your opponent is convinced they can’t mash or DP, you can use his cross up specials (alpha blade) and command grab (genrou zan) to break open an opponent’s defense. When you earn your knockdown, you can then transition into his frightening okizeme game which includes a wide arrange of safejumps, cross ups, and high/low mixups.


Gamma Blade Usage

Gamma blade is Chipp’s most risky option to continue pressure because his clone can be hit and damaged by attacks. Reversal supers are very strong for punishing Gamma blade if they can manage to hit both the clone and Chipp at the same time (ex. Ram Mortobato can almost instantly kill Chipp at near full life if it counter hits Gamma blade). Despite the risk, it provides excellent frame advantage to continue pressure at +6. If your opponent is typically expecting a cancel into resshou, you can instead cancel into gamma blade to play with your opponent’s unwillingness to mash back. Gamma blade shows it’s true strength when PRC’d at which point in functions similarly to Stun Edge or Gunflame PRC. The opponent gets locked into PRC slowdown which limits their options to escaping from having to block gamma blade. This allows you to go for extending pressure options at relatively low risk since you can react to and bait the startup of pretty much any move. Furthermore. the clone now acts as an independent projectile from Chipp and he no longer takes the damage if it gets hit.

Rekka Pressure

The rekka sequence (236S~236S~236K) is Chipp’s primary poking and pressure tool. Frame data wise you may be underwhelmed that these moves are slightly negative on hit and block. But that is to help balance the incredibly large cancel window for each part of the rekka. The initial hit is always a mid poke with good range and is safe on block. You can then input the overhead or low option for a basic high/low mixup. Experienced players will be able to block the overhead on reaction and it also incredibly unsafe. This means you should avoid using it too much if you do not have meter. The true part of the rekka mixup is using it to threaten a throw or pressure reset. Most players after blocking the initial mid hit will be expecting the low or high follow up and will be preparing themselves for another hit. It’s during this time that you will be able to run back in and restart pressure with a fast normal. Mix this in with fast and delayed followups to throw off your opponents defensive timing. If your opponent gets counter hit by delayed low follow up, you can confirm immediately into the overhead for a combo.

Your pressure can be planned out like these examples:

  • 236S > Run up 5K/Throw
  • 236S > immediate 236S for tight low. RC to confirm.
  • 236S > delay 236S to frame trap low. Cancel into overhead to confirm if counter hit.

You can also introduce another layer by using RRC to give guaranteed extensions to your pressure. Using upwards RC drift (88RRC) from the grounded hits will put you airborne allowing for additional high/low options.

Alpha Blade Usage

The moves 236P and 236K are both high speed movement options and easy cross up options for Chipp to utilize. When used at a wall, they can also immediately transition into a wall run by holding 6. They should be used carefully as Chipp is not invincible when he disappears during the movement. He can be thrown or hit by any hitbox while he is phasing through his opponent. They are very safe on block however as long as you end up outside of thrown range at the end of the attack.

Horizontal alpha blade (236P) will only cross up grounded opponents. It’s the easiest option to use from a grounded normal but also very easy to escape by simply jumping or hitting him as he does it. Outside of the corner or RC this option doesn’t offer much reward in most cases.

Diagonal alpha blade (236K) will cross up standing opponents and will put him immediately airborne with his air options still available. Although he has many options from this position, some characters have anti air options that can cover escapes or additional pressure. Continue pressure at your own risk. The corner version can also work as a DP bait because of how quickly he moves out of DP range ( ).

Air Horizontal Alpha Blade (j.236P) is nearly identical to the grounded version but when performed instantly from a jump (2369P) you get much better reward because he will land and recover faster. Allowing for the opportunities for bigger combos. It’s also very easy to get an aerial cross up if you hit someone with a jump in and cancel directly into this as you’re falling. You can also use this move as a pseudo air dash to gain additional distance to escape a corner.

Air Diagonal Alpha Blade (j.236K) is a downward diagonal version that will cause a small ground bounce on hit. It can be difficult to land this as a cross up because of the unusual hitbox of this move. It should be avoided for mixups because it has a surprising habit of whiffing. This can also be mixed in with horizontal alpha blade for corner escape options.

Alpha blade PRC is a very useful movement option. The initial momentum carried by alpha blade will be retained after the PRC exex2ex3. Because of how fast Chipp moves while being able to perform any airborne action, you can think of this as a superdash of sorts. Using Shuriken during Alpha blade PRC will also retain it’s momentum (Using Shuriken during Alpha blade PRC will also retain it’s momentum).

Fuzzy Setups

Chipp’s jump arc is very high which prevents him from landing rising attacks even on standing opponents. The only exception is Faust who is a very tall character. You can attack him with rising j.P or j.D and then you can confirm with RRC

Blue RC Pressure

Like most characters, Chipp can use his jump cancellable normals (5K, c.S) to immediately jump cancel and activate Blue RC to lock your opponent into slowdown and initiate mixups. Examples:

  • 5K/c.S j.66BRC j.S IADC j.S j.D ref.
  • 5K/c.S sj.22BRC j.P/land 2K ref.

This same concept is also applicable for after IADs thanks to his triple jump.

Frame Traps

While Chipp may have many mix-up options, most of these options rely on the opponent respecting his pressure. Effective use of frame traps are essential to keep the enemy afraid and blocking to enable Chipp's mix-up game. Chipp has two natural frame traps which will catch any attempt to mash, throw, or jump out of block stun:

  • c.S > 6H
  • 5K/2K > 2D

These cancels will leave a larger gap and will only frame trap slower options. Good when fishing for counter hits:

  • 5K/2K > 6H
  • 5P/2P > 6H

Outside of these natural frame traps, Chipp must make use of the large cancel windows on his gatlings and specials to frame trap. These require manual timing so practice is essential to avoid getting hit by moves with fast start up such as ground throw (4/6D) or GGST Sol Badguy Icon.png Sol's 5K. Any delay cancel can be a frame trap but this list shows some of the most useful ones.

  • c.S > dl 2S > dl 2H
  • 5K > dl 5K
  • 236S~ dl 236S
  • Any Normal > dl 236S



The most consistent knockdowns for a safejump are typically grounded 2D enders. Wallbreak 236236K is another common choice for safejump setups.

vs 6F DPs (ex. Sol 623S)

  • 2D > OTG c.S jump cancel IAD j.H
  • 236236K wall break > IAD j.D
  • 2H > 236H > IAD j.H
  • 2H delay 236K > delay IAD j.H
  • Throw (corner) > neutral jump IAD j.H

vs slower reversals (ex. Sol 623H)

  • 2D > 236H > IAD j.H

ref: ex1 ex2 ex3 ex4 ex5

Wall Run Oki

After a 2D ender or 5HS tumble you can setup meaty wall run okizeme.

ref: ex1 ex2 ex3

Gamma Blade Oki

When used as a meaty, gamma blade can easily and safely bait out DPs and mash attempts. It's important to note that gamma blade won't damage Chipp if it's attacked in it's last few active frames making these setups very safe. On block, Chipp is very plus on block allowing for continued pressure.

  • 2K 2D > OTG 6H/2D > 236H
  • Throw (midscreen) > 236H
  • Throw (corner) > 5P whiff > 236H
  • Throw (corner) > Dash OTG 2D > 236H
  • Air Throw (corner) > 2K OTG > 236H

ref: ex1 ex2 ex3 ex4 ex5 ex6

Vertical Alpha Blade Oki

From a sweep (2D), a slightly delayed cancel into a whiffed 236K into falling j.H is a simple, yet effective option that loops into itself very nicely. Normally, you don't have control over which side you land on. However, by using different combos and gatling timings into a sweep (2D), you can adjust your spacing and make the falling j.H somewhat ambiguous.

5K > 2K > 2D > dl 236K > j.H

  • Spaces you for a cross-up j.H that is also a safejump

If you cancel the sweep (2D) early into 236K, you can land an empty jump low while still being safe to wake-up throw or mash. Since the different timing can give it away, you may want to just cancel with the delayed timing and risk losing to throw/mash. Good to use when the falling j.H isn't particularly ambiguous due to spacing.

5K > 2K > 2D > 236K > whiff j.H > 2K

  • Spaces you for a cross-up 2K that hits meaty. This version is not safe to reversals.

ref: Punpunch's sweep the leg album

Shuriken Oki

Shuriken can function as an alterative okizeme option from certain positions. They are not typically the safest setups because most DPs can nullify the Shuriken and hit Chipp anyways.

  • j.D ender > j.214P
  • 2H 236K j.K (1) ADC j.D j.214P
  • 2H 236K IAD j.214P
  • Jump in > j.214P

ref: ex1 ex2 ex3


Chipp can also play very defensively because of his range of anti-air options (5P/6P/623S/2H) and evasive movements (triple jumps, fast backdash, alpha blade PRC). He also has access to one of the fastest normals in the game (3f 5P) which allows him to punish many moves that most characters can't and also mash out of many strings.

Universal defensive options and option selects such as fuzzy jumping are just as useful for Chipp as any other character.

Backdash BRC: A universal option that is useful for getting out of gaps in blockstrings by backdashing out of them and using BRC to put your opponent in slowdown. This opens some punish opportunities.

ref: ex1 ex2 ex3


GGST Sol Badguy Icon.png Sol Badguy

Punishing Bandit Bringer (214K):

Generally, 6P is an ideal punish as you have the most time to react. A point Blank Bandit Bringer (214K) will whiff behind Chipp's 6P in corner. Air-throw, air-to-air, and run-under punishes are possible but may not be practical since you need to react very quickly.

ref: 214K punishes

Punishing Night Raid Vortex (214S):

Night Raid Vortex is a gap-closing move that lowers Sol's hurtbox allowing him to low profile many moves. Night Raid Vortex can be held to change its travel distance and leads to good damage on hit. The main weakness of the move is that its hitbox only becomes active at the end of travel, and it is very negative on block leaving Sol open to a punish. Expect Sol to use this move when he has meter to Roman Cancel. The safest way to punish Night Raid Vortex is to simply block it and confirm with 2S/c.S.

Due to the delayed hitbox, Chipp can also try to react to Night Raid Vortex and counter hit with 2S, 2D, or 2K. A ground throw (4/6D), c.S, and 6H punish are also possible but require very tight timing. Counter hitting is quite risky due to the move's variable timing and big damage on hit.

GGST Ky Kiske Icon.png Ky Kiske

Punishing Dire Eclat (214S):

Dire Eclat (214S) is mostly used to end strings and apply Shock State to the opponent on hit or block. Dire Eclat is negative on block (which means it is no longer Ky's turn after the move), but it has significant push back making Ky difficult to punish. If you can Instant Block, Ky will be positioned close enough for a full meterless punish.

  • 236236K (An easy way to punish if you have meter)
  • IB > 2S >... (Challenging but rewarding, confirm into BnB)
  • Dash > 5P > 5P > 6P > 236S~236S (A simple low damage combo from 5P, less strict timing when Dire Eclat is used up close)
  • 66~BRC > 5k >... (standard BRC punish, useful if Dire Eclat is spaced from farther away)

ref: 214S Punishes

Interrupting Foudre Arc (214K):

Foudre Arc (214K) is used to catch jumps and to reset pressure on block. This move is quite safe on block (especially with Shock State), so it is ideal to interrupt the startup of the move, instead of trying to punish its recovery. Here are some combos that can be used after interrupting the startup:

  • 5P/2P > 6H (basic, universal confirm)
  • 5P/2P > 6H > 236S (another easy confirm)
  • 5P/2P > 6H > 236H (easy confirm, pushes the opponent away further)
  • 5P/2P > 6H > 236P (easy confirm, side switches)
  • 5P/2P > 2S > 2H > 236K (leaves Chipp in the air with all his air actions)
  • 5P/2P > 2S > 2H > 236H (pushes the opponent further away the most)
  • 5P/2P > 2S > 2H > 236P (side switches)
  • 5P > dash 2K > 2S > 2H (relatively difficult link, but higher damage.)
  • 623S
  • 6P > 236H (not recommended due to slower startup)

Punishing Stun Edge (236S):

Stun Edge (236S) is Ky's main projectile that applies Shock State on hit and on block. This move is extremely negative on block (-17), and also extremely negative on hit (-14). Furthermore, the move has counterhit recovery, which means if you punish its recovery, you will get a counterhit punish. If Ky uses it at closer ranges (even if it hits), you may be able to punish them with f.S/2S. If spaced right, this can be difficult to punish as Chipp, but it is no longer Ky's turn after this move.

Punishing Charged Stun Edge (236H):

Charged Stun Edge (236H) is Ky's slow projectile that applies Shock State on hit and on block. Usually, Ky will use this meaty, however, they may also occasionally use it in neutral. To punish this, Chipp can simply instant air-dash over the projectile into a counterhit j.D punish (j.d > 2S > 2H, for example). If timed correctly, Chipp's 236236K will also work as a punish due to the projectile invincibility on startup. Note that meaty Charged Stun Edge (236H) will beat reversal 236236K.

Punishing Aerial Stun Edge (j.236S/H):

Aerial Stun Edge (j.236S/H) is Ky's air projectile that applies Shock State on hit or block. Ky will want to use this keep Chipp out, or to stuff anti-air attempts on his approach. Chipp can abuse his mobility to simply dodge the projectile, or to run under Ky for a punish due to the move's long recovery (until landing +14). If Ky is jumping from outside of air dash range, be prepared for him to use Aerial Stun Edge.

Remember: It is usually preferable to dodge all versions of Stun Edge since the move applies Shock State on hit or block.

Fighting Stun Dipper (236K):

Stun Dipper (236K) is a fast advancing low that is followed up by a second mid attack, giving a soft knock down on hit. Stun Dipper lowers Ky's hurtbox allowing him to low profile moves like Chipp's f.S. While this may appear to be an extremely powerful low poke, it has two major weaknesses: it has a significant gap between the two hits at close ranges and it is unsafe on block leaving Ky open to a punish. You can expect Ky to use Stun Dipper when he has meter to RC and make it safe on block. If Ky tries to use stun dipper up close, there is enough time between both hits that you can block the second hit even if the first hit isn't blocked. Additionally, the fixed time between hits makes attempting an Instant Block (IB) a viable option. Be aware that Stun Dipper is less negative when blocked in Shock State or if Ky is in Dragon Install, giving you less time to punish.

  • 2S >... (Easy confirm into BnB for wallbreak or damage, works from block at close range)
  • 2D (Simple sweep for oki, works from block at close range)
  • IB > c.S >... (Rewarding option for damaging punishes, only possible if the second hit is Instant Blocked up close)
  • 236236K (Works from even the farthest distances but must be input very quickly, good for wall breaks near the corner)
  • 66~BRC >... (Standard BRC punish, useful for when other options won't reach)

GGST May Icon.png May

Dealing with Mr. Dolphin Horizontal ([4]6S/H) pressure:

H-Dolphin ([4]6H) is +5 on block but slow to start up. Recognizing and interrupting H-Dolphin with a fast button like 5P leads to a better situation than blocking it.

S-Dolphin ([4]6S) is -5 on block and -2 on hit. This means that even on hit you can act first. Chipp's 2S and 2k can cover many options on hit or block. Remember that May is not limited to these strings and if Dolphin counter-hits, it will leave you in a stagger and you will not have access to these options.

Chipp's Options for Dolphin RPS
String On Block On Hit
S-Dolphin > S-Dolphin 2K confirm 2K confirm
2S confirm 2S counter hit
Jump back > BRC punish 2D counter hit
- Jump back > BRC punish
S-Dolphin > Backdash > S-Dolphin (whiff) 2S > 2H counter hit -
S-Dolphin > 3K Early 2K is safe Jump back > BRC punish
Delay 2K counter hit -
Jump back > BRC punish -
S-Dolphin > 2K 2S counter hit 2S counter hit

Ref: S-Dolphin Punishes

External resources: Tempest's May doc gives good general info for fighting May

GGST Axl Low Icon.png Axl Low

GGST Chipp Zanuff Icon.png Chipp Zanuff

GGST Potemkin Icon.png Potemkin

214P Punishes:

GGST Faust Icon.png Faust

GGST Millia Rage Icon.png Millia Rage

GGST Zato-1 Icon.png Zato-1

GGST Ramlethal Valentine Icon.png Ramlethal Valentine

GGST Leo Whitefang Icon.png Leo Whitefang

GGST Nagoriyuki Icon.png Nagoriyuki

GGST Giovanna Icon.png Giovanna

Faultless Defense (FD) is extremely important in this matchup. Giovanna is an aggressive, rushdown character that specializes at close range. Knowing when to FD is very vital to the matchup, as it pushes her away enough for her to have to dash in to continue her pressure. If utilized correctly, this this will leave some room for you to take back your turn. If you are unable to interrupt some of her plus on block moves in time (e.g. Trovão 236K), FD can also be utilized to push her away further, stopping her from being able to use some of her blockstrings to continue her pressure.

When fighting against Giovanna, you (regardless of which character you are playing as) want to

This section will go through the different ways Chipp can approach these moves.

Interrupting Trovão (236K):

Trovão (236K) is used by Giovanna to reset her pressure, or can also be used to approach the opponent as the range is quite far, and it is good at catching extended hurtboxes. When Giovanna uses this on block, she is slightly plus, allowing her to continue her pressure. It is entirely possible to catch her throwing out slower buttons afterwards with Chipp's faster buttons (5K, 2K, 5P), but it is generally better to try to interrupt the move on startup:

  • 6P > 236H (6P is recommended)
  • 5P > 6H (5P is also a viable option, but it is easy to press the button too early and fail to interrupt her)

Interrupting Sol Poente (214S):

Sol Poente (214S) is used by Giovanna to reset her pressure, and also crosses up at close range. This move can also be used as an Oki option. Although this move is quite slow (30 frames startup), it is a very versatile tool that low crushes. She is able to cancel into it from any of her plus on block grounded and aerial normals, allowing her to be creative and somewhat unpredictable with it. With meter, she is also able to Roman Cancel any part of the move's animation, allowing her to utilize PRC, as well as RRC to get in. Much like Trovão (236K), this move is slightly plus on block, making it difficult to punish her after. It is recommended to interrupt the startup of this move when possible, as Chipp can be heavily rewarded if he is able to interrupt it correctly. After interrupting her with a grounded normal, most anti-air combo routes are possible as a punish. Here are some combos that may be of use:

  • 5P > 2S > 2H > 236K (standard punish that works anywhere)
  • 5P > 6H > 236K > j.D (go-to route near the corner)
  • 6P > 236H
  • 623S
  • j.K(1) > 66j.H > c.S > 2H > 236K > j.D (difficult, you have to react with a neutral jump)

It may be difficult to tell ahead of time if her flipkick will cross up or not. This can mess up your inputs if you are attempting to interrupt with committal buttons that require a directional input. A useful tech that can be utilized in this situation is the "4PK" OS (also known as the 6P/FD OS), which will let you Faultless Defense (FD) if the move does not cross up, and 6P if it does cross up.

Punishing Sepultura (214K):

Sepultura (214K) is a versatile move that can be used to frametrap, end her blockstrings, and just a generally good move to use in combo strings. This move always gives a hard knockdown on hit as well. However, unlike some of her other specials, it is slightly negative on block, which means that after she uses it as her blockstring, it is no longer her turn. Since it is only slightly negative, it is unlikely to be able to get an actual punish after blocking it, but you will be able to hit her during the startup of her subsequent attacks. 5K, 2K, 2D are good buttons to use in this situation.

It is very important to be able to distinguish between these three moves and learn how to deal with them correspondingly in this matchup. Without knowing these counterplays, Giovanna's pressure will feel infinite, not leaving any gaps for you to take your turn.

Dealing with Giovanna's sweep (2D):

Giovanna's sweep (2D) has an insanely deceptive range. It is also a disjoint that hits low, allowing her to poke very effectively. This move can also be used to outrange many reversals, although it will clash with Chipp's Beta Blade (623S). It is very difficult to contest this move, however, the startup is relatively slow, so you may be able to punish her with an IAD jump-in attack. Keeping an eye out for this move during neutral is important in this matchup.

GGST Anji Mito Icon.png Anji Mito

GGST I-No Icon.png I-No

Punishing Ultimate Fortissimo (632146S (Air OK)):

Ultimate Fortissimo is I-No's only Reversal. The air version consists of an airborne projectile, and the grounded version has two hits: An invincible rising attack and an airborne projectile. The projectile hit causes a guard crush on block giving I-No significant advantage and enabling a mix-up. You can expect I-No to use this move to continue her pressure after an unsafe move or to escape Chipp's pressure on wake up. Despite being invincible during its start up, I-No is vulnerable just before the active frames of the projectile leaving her open to a punish. By blocking the first hit of the ground version, Chipp go for a punish.

  • 5P (Simple jab to interrupt I-No.)
  • 5[D] (Charged Dust punish. Works anywhere on the screen but requires tight timing.)
  • 6H > 236K > j.S > 66 > j.H(2)2K > 6H > WS (A damaging mid-to corner punish.)
  • j.K(1) > 66 > j.H(2)c.S/2S >... (Example air-to-air confirm. Combo will depend on your position.)

The air version of Ultimate Fortissimo is not invincible before the active frames but has extremely fast start up and cannot be punished on reaction. Chipp can whiff punish the air version of Ultimate Fortissimo by buffering Zansei Rouga (632146H) during the super flash.


GGST Goldlewis Dickinson Icon.png Goldlewis Dickinson

Punishing Skyfish (236S):

Skyfish (236S) is a full-screen projectile that deals significant chip damage if blocked, and consumes a large amount of meter when blocked with Faultless Defense. Skyfish is very slow to start up and has a long total duration, so Goldlewis will try to use it when Chipp is full screen or if he has meter to roman cancel. Chipp can abuse his mobility to punish Skyfish by dash-jumping at Goldlewis on reaction and hitting him with an overhead attack. Air Diagonal Alpha Blade (j.236K) can also be used, letting Chipp land behind Goldlewis and interrupting Skyfish. This can be risky though, since incorrect spacing/timing will land Chipp in the path of the projectile or allow Goldlewis to punish Air Diagonal Alpha Blade's slow recovery. Simply using Chipp's triple-jump to avoid Skyfish is also a good option since Goldlewis will still drain his security level resource if the move is whiffed.

GGST Jack-O' Icon.png Jack-O

Fighting Chipp