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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 InputIcon 7.png 8 InputIcon 8.png 9 InputIcon 9.png
4 InputIcon 4.png 5 InputIcon 5.png 6 InputIcon 6.png
1 InputIcon 1.png 2 InputIcon 2.png 3 InputIcon 3.png
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example InputIcon 236.png+GGST P Prompt.png becomes 236P.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
land = Indicate that the player must land at a point in the sequence.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j = Jump
hj/sj = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
WS = Wall Stick/Wall Splat
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input
(move) = Move is optional.
[sequence]xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Attack must deal N amount of hits.
[X] or [Y] = Perform X or Y.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
BRC = Blue Roman Cancel
RRC = Red Roman Cancel
PRC = Purple Roman Cancel
YRC = Yellow Roman Cancel
YYXRC = Dash Input X Roman Cancel in Y direction i.e: 22PRC
XRC~Q = Cancel the X Roman Cancel into Q i.e: RRC~5K
AN = GGST Anji Mito Icon.png Anji
AX = GGST Axl Low Icon.png Axl
CH = GGST Chipp Zanuff Icon.png Chipp
FA = GGST Faust Icon.png Faust
GI = GGST Giovanna Icon.png Giovanna
GO = GGST Goldlewis Dickinson Icon.png Goldlewis
IN = GGST I-No Icon.png I-No
JC = GGST Jack-O' Icon.png Jack-O'
KY = GGST Ky Kiske Icon.png Ky
LE = GGST Leo Whitefang Icon.png Leo
MA = GGST May Icon.png May
MI = GGST Millia Rage Icon.png Millia
NA = GGST Nagoriyuki Icon.png Nagoriyuki
PO = GGST Potemkin Icon.png Potemkin
RA = GGST Ramlethal Valentine Icon.png Ramlethal
SO = GGST Sol Badguy Icon.png Sol
ZT = GGST Zato-1 Icon.png Zato-1

External Resources

Beginner Combo List

  • All damage values are damage dealt to Ky.
  • Damage values listed for combos with interchangeable combo parts assume the highest damage variation unless otherwise stated.
  • Damage is listed as follows: Dmg (50%T Dmg) [100%T Dmg] based on Giovanna's Tension at the start of the combo.

Beginner Combos

These routes are basic bread and butter combos for players looking to get started with Giovanna. They prioritize simplicity over damage, tension gain, or corner carry so feel free to modify them. A full list of optimal routes can be found below this list once your understanding of Giovanna's combo theory and execution improves.

Note: Most combos listed here that end in 214K can optionally be instead ended in 632146H, granting extra corner carry and much higher damage at the cost of oki.

Beginner Combos
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Video Notes
5P > 6P Anywhere 46 (48) [50] ~7 Everyone [1] Very Easy - 5P or 2P confirm. Does not work at max range, so whilst dash momentum and spacing can allow more 5Ps to be done for higher damage, it is not recommended to do so for beginners. 2P will deal marginally less damage, but can be pressed whilst holding down-back. Can be ended with 632146H for 50 Tension to increase the damage to 135 (137) [146]
5P > 6P > 214K Midscreen/Corner 70 (73) [76] ~14 Everyone [1] Very Easy - Whilst possible midscreen, 214K is not guaranteed off of 6P outside of the corner.
AA 6P > 214K Anywhere 67 (69) [73] ~11 Everyone [1] Very Easy - 6P Anti-air combo
5K > 214K Anywhere 65 (67) [71] ~11 Everyone [1] Very Easy - 5K/ 2K combo. 2K will deal marginally less damage.
c.S > delay f.S / 2S > 5H > 214K Anywhere 131/130 (136/135) [142/140] ~22 Everyone [2] Easy - You must delay f.S/ 2S otherwise Giovanna will get an airborne hit, causing the 5H to launch the opponent away and prevent the 214K from connecting.
c.S > 2H > 214K, 5K > 214K Anywhere 142 (147) [154] ~29 Everyone [2] Easy - Combo only for guaranteed punishes e.g. blocked burst. Optionally, Giovanna can dash up and OTG c.S to end the combo. Jump cancelling the c.S and instantly airdashing with j.H (Which would be annotated as jc iad j.H) will grant a safejump, giving Giovanna guaranteed plus frames.
c.S > 2H > 236K, c.S > 5H > 214K WS 5[D] Corner 204 (211) [220] ~37 Eeveryone [2] Easy - Corner punish combo. Replace 5[D] with 632146H if you want more damage and to have oki after the wallbreak.
f.S / 2S > 5H > 214K Anywhere 97 (99) [105/104] ~16 Everyone [1] Very Easy -
5H > 214K Anywhere 84 (88) [91] ~13 Everyone [1] Very Easy -
CH 5H, 5H > 214K Anywhere 121 (127) [131] ~21 Everyone [2] Easy - Counterhit confirm from 5H. Harder, but more optimal combos can be found below.
5[D jc j.H > j.S jc j.H > j.S > j.H > j.S > j.S Anywhere 195 (199) [205] ~29 Everyone [2] Easy - Charged Dust combo.

Roman Cancels

These routes are designed to be similarly simple for players a little more familiar with Giovanna who want to start using Tension in combos for Roman Cancels. As before, more optimal but difficult uses of Tension are provided below.

Beginner RC Combos
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Video Notes
2K/ 5K > 214K > 66RRC, dash, 66 c.S > 2H > 236K Anywhere 92/113 (94/115) [98/121] -38 Everyone [2] Easy - Converting 2K/ 5K into more damage and corner carry. From roundstart, has enough corner carry to get to the corner and break the wall.
5D > 66RRC, c.S jc j.H > j.D land 5H > 214K WS 5[D] Corner 145 (147) [151] -43 Everyone [3] Medium - Using RRC to convert a non-charged 5D into a full combo with wallbreak
4/6D > 66RRC, delay 5[D], delay 5K > 214K Anywhere 110 (114) [120] -39 Everyone [3] Medium - Using RRC to convert a throw into a full combo. Can OTG with c.S

Combo List

  • All damage values are damage dealt to Ky.
  • Damage values listed for combos with interchangeable combo parts assume the highest damage variation unless otherwise stated.
  • Damage is listed as follows: Dmg (50%T Dmg) [100%T Dmg] based on Giovanna's Tension at the start of the combo.
  • Note: Almost any combo that has 5K > 6HHH can convert into 632146H, assuming you have 50 tension. 6H > 632146H will be more damage and an easier link while 6HH > 632146H will be a harder link with slightly less damage, but greater carry
5P/ 2P/ 6P/ 5K/ 2K/ j.K Starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Video Notes
5P/ 2P > 5P > 623S Anywhere 62 (65) [68] ~10 [1] Very Easy Youtube Very close poke confirm. Can RRC (tight window) to start a longer combo.
5P/ 2P > 5P/ 2P > 623S, RRC > dash under, walk back c.S > 2H > 236K, c.S > 5H WS, 5[D] Back to corner (147) [152] ~12-13 Everyone [2] Easy Youtube Damage values shown use 5P. If you're too close to the corner after 236K, walk back more. If you get f.S after 236K instead of c.S, walk back less.
2P > 5P > 6P Anywhere 54 (56) [59] ~10 [1] Very Easy Confirm on crouching hit
6P > 623S Anywhere 63 (65) [69] ~10 [1] Very Easy Youtube
AA 6P > 214K Anywhere 67 (69) [73] ~10 [1] Very Easy Youtube Only against airborne opponents.
CH 6P > 214K > c.S Anywhere 88 (90) [95] ~18 [1] Very Easy Youtube c.S hits OTG, jc IAD into any normal for a safe jump. If you want to give up oki to try and finish the round, end with 214K or 5H for 90 (92) [97] damage instead.
5K > 214K Anywhere 65 (67) [71] ~15 [1] Very Easy Youtube RRC after 214K makes for a good combo starter
5K > 6P > 623S Corner 81 (84) [89] ~12 [1] Very Easy Youtube
66. 5K/ 2K > 6P Anywhere 55 (56) [60] ~7 [1] Very Easy Youtube
66. 5K/ 2K > 623S Anywhere 61 (63) [67] ~7 [1] Very Easy Youtube
j.K > 214S 214K Anywhere but Corner 79 (82) [88] ~22 [2] Easy Youtube Flashy crossup combo, j.K has to hit behind them so that the first hit of 214S instantly connects.
5P/ 2P/ 5K/ 2K > 623S 66PRC (> walk forward) > c.S > 5K > 6HHH Anywhere 141 (143) [150] -50% [4] Hard Streamable Requires minimum of 41 tension, damage taken from starting the combo with 5K. All other starters reduce the damage by a fair amount(20-25 on Ky). c.S > 5K is very difficult if you don't get the correct PRC timing, so if you think you can't get c.S to reach replace it with a second 5K. This version works at pretty much any range that 5K would be able to hit normally and doesn't lose you much damage. You can also replace the end with 6H > 214K for less damage but a better knockdown. Combo Demonstration
5P/ 2P/ 5K/ 2K > 623S 66PRC > c.S > 5[D] > 5K > 6HHH Anywhere 154 (156) [164] -50% [5] Very Hard Streamable Extremely tight timing on c.S > 5[D]. If it looks like Giovanna is off the ground at all when you PRC you will not be able to connect a full charge dust and 5D will end the combo, so do the above combo instead. 2K > 6H > 214K is a more difficult ender for slightly less damage and a closer knockdown. Combo Demonstration
c.S/ f.S/ 2S Starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Video Notes
c.S > f.S(3)/ 2S/ 5H > 214K Anywhere 103 (107) [112] ~15 [1] Very Easy Allows for a c.S OTG after. 5H version is more damage, but also tighter OTG.
c.S > dl. f.S(3) > 5H > 214K Anywhere 131 (136) [142] ~22 Everyone [1] Very Easy Cancel too soon and you hit them still floating from c.S and the combo doesn't work. Worse oki than the above combo, but still good enough to dash up and meaty. c.S
c.S > 2H > 214K > 5K > 214K/ 5D Anywhere 142 (147) [154] ~ 30 [2] Easy
c.S > 2H > 214K > 5K > 6HHH Anywhere 155 (162) [171] ~33 [3] Medium Youtube BnB off of c.S. Works anywhere if you delay the two last Hs. Will wallbreak if started close enough to the corner. Not the BnB for corner.
c.S > 2H > 214K > 5K > 6HH > 214K Anywhere 157 (163) [172] ~35 [4] Hard Max damage alternative to the above. Need to heavily delay both hits of 6HH.
66. c.S > 2H > 214K > microwalk > c.S > 2H > 214K > 66 OTG c.S Anywhere 163 (171) [179] ~35 [5] Very Hard Max damage meterless c.S but requires you to start from a dash, and has very tight timings. Can also do c.S > 2H > 6HHH for better wall carry and worst Oki or c.S > 2H > 236K for easier execution and more knockback to wallsplat.
c.S > 2H > 236K > c.S > 5H > 214K > 5D Corner 204 (211) [220] ~37 [3] Medium Meterless BnB off of c.S in the corner. Can finish with 632146H for better oki and damage.
c.S > ( 2S(2)) > 5H > 632146HH Anywhere (205) [212] [3] Medium You need to land both hits of 2S for it to work, otherwise just skip it for 5 less damage.
66. f.S(3)/ 2S(2) > 5H > 214K Anywhere 97 (99) [104] ~20 [1] Very Easy Basic combo off f.S/2S. 5H can cancel the second hit of 2S. Avoid this in order to get maximum damage.
c.S > 2S > ( 5H or 2H) > 214K > 88RRC > j.D > AD > j.D > 5H > 214K WS Midscreen 200 [3] Medium Midscreen, the second j.D will wallbounce them for the rest of the combo to hit. c.S > 2H > 214K > 66.PRC walk forward > c.S > 5K > 5K > 214K WS > dash.5D Back to the wall 204 [3] Medium Needs some timing down for it, but a useful combo for when your back is to the wall.
CH c.S > 5[D] > microwalk > c.S > 214K > 5K > 6HHH Anywhere 184 (190) [198] ~45 [4] Hard Counter hit c.S combo.
cS > 2H > 214K > 2H > 214K Anywhere 142 (148) [156] ~30 [3] Medium There is a timing gap for the 2nd 2H in order to connect. In the corner, it's more lenient. Causes wall break setup in the corner.
cS > dc BRC > 623S > dash > 5K > j.C > j.K > j.D > adc > j.D > 5HS > 214K Midscreen (214) [222] [3] Medium Sometimes wall-splats on 214K instead of wallbreak, in that case do 5[D]
c.S > 5H > 214K PRC > c.S > 2H > 236K > 5K > 214K WS Midscreen to Corner 176 (182) [189] [3] Medium If done starting in the corner, 1. the 236K will give you the wallbreak so omit the 5K and end with 5[D] or 5H( 5[D] is more damage but you won't always have time to get a full charge dust), and 2. as such it'll deal a bit less damage (~13 less give or take).
5H/ 2H/ 6H Combos
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
6HH > j.236236H Anywhere (161) [170] ~10 [1] Very Easy Easy super buffer from this move. You can add this to any combo ending with 6H. If done near half screen can wall break for (196) [203] damage.
6HH, RRC > c.S > 2H > 236K Anywhere (126) [133] ~12 [2] Easy
6HH 623S, RRC > Delay 5[D] > Delay c.S WS > 6HHH WB Corner (196) [202] ~15 [3] Medium Guaranteed Wall Break in the corner, you'll have to watch for them falling down for the delays. It's rather hard to pull off anywhere else without being close and delaying, and you'll likely need to rework the end 6Hs.
5H > 214K, 66.RRC > dash > 66. c.S > 2H > 236K, c.S > 5H WS, 5[D] Midscreen to Corner (188) [164] ~15-16 Everyone [1] Very Easy Poke confirm. Can punish some moves intended to be safe when spaced e.g. Millia 214P
5H > 214K, RRC > dash > (walk back) > c.S > 2H > 236K, 66. 5K, c.S > 5H > 214K WS, 5[D] Back to corner (192) [198] ~17 Everyone [2] Easy Works when you're in the corner and they're at the furthest range of 5H.
5H > 632146H Anywhere (192) [202] ~6 Everyone [1] Very Easy Better damage than any RRC combo, but worse oki. On wallbreak, does (226) [238] and grants oki.
5H > 214K, 66.RRC > dash > 66. c.S, c.S > 2H > 214K Anywhere (146) [150] ~15-16 Everyone [2] Easy Less damage than 5H > 63214H but much better oki.
CH 5H > 236K > f.S > 5H > 214K Anywhere 154 (158) [164] Everyone [4] Very Hard Very harsh window on the 236 > fS connect. Only do this if you're certain you can hit it, else you'll be missing out on the damage opportunity CH 5H gave you (this move is a wonderful roundstart that'll even beat Ram's fS).
CH 5H > 236K > 5K > 214K Anywhere 137 Everyone [1] Very Easy The easy version. You can mash 5K and it'll work-- and 214K will eject them towards the wall, so you're still getting carry out of this.
6HHH RRC ▷ j.D > j.H > j.236236H (Wall Break) Corner (202) [207] -100 Everyone [3] Medium Requires at least 86 Tension, does more damage if starting at 100. Walk or delay before jumping so that you have the right height to land the super, so if you're having trouble you can omit or freestyle the j.X attacks. A very expensive combo, but you can move under your opponent during the RRC to swap sides for the Wall Break. Break-less is at least 163 damage, so it's best to use if you know you can break.
6HH > 623S 66PRC > c.S > 6HHH WS > 5D Wallbreak Midscreen to Corner 201 (202) [210] -50 [4] Hard Requires ~35 Tension. Has comparable damage to the combo above, works from about round start & anywhere closer to the corner, and only costs 50 tension but is harder to execute as the trade off. If done late the PRC will leave you too high to connect c.S, replace with 5K to continue the combo at the cost of ~7 damage across all tension levels. Combo done normally Substituting 5K for c.S
6H > 623S 66PRC > c.S > 2H > 236K > c.S > 214K WS > 5[D] Wallbreak Midscreen to Corner 210 (212) [218] -50 [4] Hard

Another combo that you can land off of 6H, assuming you have ~40 tension. Works from the same distance as the above combo and does a bit more damage. Some notes are that doing 236K too quickly or with the opponent too high off the ground can cause them to bounce off the wall and over your head, so delay parts of the sequence after 66PRC as needed. Additionally, doing this combo in the corner or if the opponent hits the wall before 236K, c.S will cause the wallsplat instead of 214K, in which case just go straight to 5[D]. Combo done as normal, combo adjustment when too close to the corner

Dust Combos
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
5[D], [8/9], j.H > jc > j.S > j.HH Anywhere 164 (165) [172] ~19 Everyone [1] Very Easy Simple beginner combo.
5[D], [8/9], j.H > j.S jc > j.H > j.S > j.HH Anywhere 187 (191) [198] ~20 Everyone [2] Easy A good in-between combo for learning the rhythm of the next dust combo.
5[D], [8/9], j.H > j.S > jc > j.H > j.S > j.H > j.S > jc > j.HH Anywhere 202 (204) [212] ~23 Everyone [3] Medium Bread and butter universal dust combo. Timing during the combo is slightly strict, but there is a bit of leeway as to when you can start the combo.
[4] Hard
[5] Very Hard
Jump-in Starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
CH j.H, 5P, 5K > 214K Anywhere 92 (94) [100] ~16 [2] Easy Experimental combo, meant to show the effects of a mid-level counterhit giving extra hitstun to even non-counterhit attacks after it, allowing the link of 5P into 5K. Not optimal.
j.H, c.S > dl 5H > 214K Anywhere 110 (115) [121] ~20 [1] Very Easy On a high connect after an air dash, add f.S(3) between the c.S and 5H for more damage, will whiff on deeper connect j.H even with airdash momentum.
[4] Hard
[5] Very Hard
2D/ 6D/ j.6D Starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
2D > 623S Anywhere 71 (74) [78] ~10 [1] Very Easy
(close) 2D > 214K > 5K > 214K Anywhere 112 (117) [122] ~22 [1] Very Easy Normal hit combo. Gotta be close though.
(close) 2D > 214K > 5K > 6HHH Anywhere* 130 (135) [141] ~26% [3] Medium Combo works anywhere on screen but if they aren't going to hit the corner by the end you'll need to delay each 6H by a fair bit to make them all connect. Alternatively do 2D > 214K > 5K > 6H 214K for a knockdown at the cost of a little bit of damage and a negligible amount of meter gain. Combo done when outside the corner, 214K ender
(far) 2D > 214K > otg. 2D Anywhere 93 (96) [101] ~15 [1] Very Easy Normal hit combo from any range. The second 2D will hit on the ground and make them tech away.
CH 2D > 214K > 66. 5K > c.S > 2H > 236K Anywhere 142 Everyone [2] Easy Don't forget to 66. 5K, it's quite easy once you get used to it and it's an important part of her kit.
6D > RRC > j.D > AD > j.D > 5H > 214K WS Midscreen 121 Everyone [4] Hard This is a midscreen wallbreak from a throw. Walking forward after RRC and landing the first hit of j.D just before the opponent begins to fall makes the combo more consistent. The 5H must wallbounce them for 214K to connect.
[5] Very Hard
These combos need a total DMG value on them
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
c.S > 2H > 214K, micro walk c.S > 2H > 236K
(Corner: 236K wall bounce, 5K > 236K (wall stick), 214S (wall break) )
[4] Hard Micro walking after 214K is necessary for the proximity to work.
[2] Easy
j.S > j.H 214K ~10 [2] Easy
j.D > j.D 5H > 214K ~15 [3] Medium
[5D] > hjc > j.SH > j.c > j.H > j.c > j.HH [3] Medium Meterless, high damage. Omit buttons if the opponent is slipping away from you. It may be simple but lots of factors can drop this sequence like size, your jump, delay, and so on - the last loop can slip easily against characters. Experiment with this skeleton per matchup - even if you just end up with two loops, you can rack up 160+ damage.
[5] Very Hard
[1] Very Easy
[2] Easy
[3] Medium
[4] Hard
[5] Very Hard