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Combo Notation GuideCharacter Name Abbreviations
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example, 236+P becomes 236P.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
/land = Indicate that the player must land at that point in the sequence.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
->/~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
dl./delay = Delay the following move.
whiff/(whiff) = The move must whiff (not hit).
c. = Close
f. = Far
j. = Jump
hj./sj. = High Jump/Super Jump
jc = Jump Cancel
hjc/sjc = High Jump Cancel/Super Jump Cancel
dc/adc = Dash Cancel/Air Dash Cancel
CH = Counter Hit
AA = Anti-Air
WS = Wall Stick/Wall Splat
[X] = Hold input.
]X[ = Release input.
(move) = Move is optional.
[X] or [Y] = Perform sequence X or Y.
[sequence] xN = Repeat sequence N amount of times.
(N) = Hit N of a move or move must deal N amount of hits.
IAD = Instant Air Dash
BRC = Blue Roman Cancel
RRC = Red Roman Cancel
PRC = Purple Roman Cancel
YRC = Yellow Roman Cancel
YYXRC = Dash Input X Roman Cancel in Y direction i.e: 22PRC
XRC~Q = Cancel the X Roman Cancel into Q i.e: RRC~5K
AN = Anji Mito
AX = Axl Low
BA = Baiken
CH = Chipp Zanuff
FA = Faust
GI = Giovanna
GO = Goldlewis
HA = Happy Chaos
IN = I-No
JC = Jack-O'
KY = Ky Kiske
LE = Leo Whitefang
MA = May
MI = Millia Rage
NA = Nagoriyuki
PO = Potemkin
RA = Ramlethal
SO = Sol Badguy
TE = Testament
ZA = Zato-1

Combo List

  • All damage values were tested against Ky at full life with the R.I.S.C Level at 0.

Beginner Combos

  • THESE ARE YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER, AND THE MOST IMPORTANT COMBOS TO LEARN. If the size and scope of this page intimidates you, you can probably do fine with just these four combos. While the combo page was in an unreadable state I just told people to learn these to get started.
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
(j.S/j.H) > 5K/2K/c.S > 2D > (delay) 214P (setup) Anywhere 67 (c.S starter) ~10% Everyone [1] Very Easy Unimpressive damage and route, but critically sets up I-No's note oki and is less dependent on range than the 6H confirm. Depending on range, an immediate cancel into 214P might cause the projectile to whiff. Gauge the distance between you and your opponent after you hit your 2D and try to delay it appropriately so your projectile hits meaty.
2K/c.S/j.S/j.H > 6H(2) > 236H > 214P (setup) Anywhere 126 (c.S starter) ~20% Everyone [1] Very Easy Your go-to combo from the I-No's high/low mixup, with 2K being your low option and j.S being your high option. Also your best non-CH grounded punish from c.S if you happen to be close enough to hit it. Good corner carry and oki.
CH 2H/6H(1) > 236H > 6H(2) > 236H > 214P (setup) Anywhere 153 (2H starter) ~28% Everyone [1] Very Easy Essential punish for DPs that works anywhere on screen. Okay damage, but huge corner carry and also leads to note oki. 6H(1) starter is burst safe on the first hit and comes out faster, while 2H starter is damage-optimal.
2K/c.S/j.S/j.H > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 6H(1) > 236H > 214P (setup) Corner 173 (c.S starter) ~25% Everyone [2] Easy Version of the 6H confirm modified to give more damage and meter in the corner. Requires a delay to hit 214K as they are falling, but the window to hit and still combo into 6H(1) is very lenient. Note: the first hit of the second 6H whiffing is intentional.

Basic Midscreen

P/K starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
5P > (5P) > 6H(2) > 236H > 214P (setup) Anywhere 85 ~13% Everyone [1] Very Easy The first hit of 6H might whiff based on spacing and character, but this is the go-to combo for close-range 5P hits. Also works with 2P instead of 5P but 2P's usage as a starter is more limited.
AA 5P > 6H(1) > 236H > 214P (setup) Anywhere 73 ~12% Everyone [1] Very Easy Anti-Air 5P confirm. 236H has a tendency to whiff at further confirm ranges.
5P > (5P) > 6P > 236S/214K Anywhere 66 ~13% Everyone [1] Very Easy If 6H will whiff this is what you want to use instead. 214K has more frame advantage and damage but will blow them back fullscreen and whiff on crouching opponents, while 236S gives less advantage but leaves them closer to I-No.
5K/2K > 214K Anywhere 66/50 ~10% Everyone [1] Very Easy Baby combo. Low damage, no oki, doesn't work on crouching opponents. Still necessary to get any reward from max range 5K/2K unless you go for resets.
S/H starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
f.S/2S/2H > 236S/214K Anywhere 66/59 (f.S starter) ~10% Everyone [1] Very Easy Baby combo with no damage or oki, but you're likely not getting much better from them without CH. Same caveats as stated above, 214K whiffs on crouchers and resets to neutral midscreen, 236S always works but doesn't knock down, only leaving I-No roughly +5.
f.S/2S > 5H > 236H > 214P (setup) Anywhere 91 (f.S starter) ~16% Everyone [1] Very Easy Tragically due to pushback and the expanding nature of 5H's hitbox this will not work from further hits of f.S or 2S. Still useful if you catch them running towards you or crouching.
5H > 236H > 214P (setup) Anywhere 77 ~15% Everyone [1] Very Easy Quit complaining, it's oki.
6H combos
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
6H(2) > 236H > 214P (setup) Midscreen 101 ~13% Everyone [1] Very Easy It's universal! It's boring.
6H(2) > 236H > 6H(2) > 236H Midscreen to Corner 172 ~24% Everyone except PO/LE/RA/NA/AN/IN/GO/HA/BA [2] Easy Corner carry route. The distance from corner at which this works depends on your opponent's character's hurtbox.
6H(2) > 236H > 5K > 236S/214K Midscreen 143/149 ~20% Everyone except PO/LE/NA/GO [2] Easy 236S ender leads to a manually timed and weak safejump midscreen. 214K ender does a little more damage but leads to worse oki unless you're close to corner, in which case it's just better.
6H(2) > 236H > 2K > 6H(1) > 236H Midscreen 165 ~22% KY/AX/CH [2] Easy The better version of the above combo. No note oki but gives a good safejump. Good damage, good oki, and good corner carry, but not universal. Some boys are just wider in the air than others. Works as a midscreen to corner route against RA/AN/HA.
6H(2) > 236H > c.S > 2S > delay 5H > 236H Midscreen 193(AX) ~30% AX/CH [3] Medium Some boys are WAY wider in the air than others. This combo only works on TWO characters in the game and both of them already take more damage than the average joe. It is, however, very optimal.
6H(2) > 236H > 5P > 6H(1) > 236S Anywhere 137(GO) ~20% GO [2] Easy ONLY WORKS ON GOLDLEWIS. ARGUABLY NOT EVEN OPTIMAL.
5[D] Combos
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes Video
5[D]~8 > (Delay) > j.S > j.H > JC > j.P > j.S > j.H > Finishing Blow Anywhere 182 ~18 Anyone [2] Easy
5[D]~8 > (Delay) > j.H > j.S > JC > j.H > 66 > j.H > Finishing Blow Anywhere 186 ~18 Anyone [3] Medium
5[D]~8 > (small delay) > j.H > j.P > j.D > JC > j.S > j.H > j.S > Finishing Blow Anywhere 194 ~19 Everyone [3] Medium Get j.S as early as possible after JC to make sure this can get a finishing blow
5[D]~8 > (delay) > j.H > j.S > JC > j.H > j.S > j.H > JC > j.S > Finishing Blow Anywhere 203 ~19? Everyone [3] Medium Video
5[D]~8 > (delay) > j.H > j.S > JC > j.H > j.S > j.H > JC > j.H > Finishing Blow Back to corner on Everyone, Anywhere on PO/LE/NA 204 ~19? Everyone [3] Hard Back to corner Dust combo; may work on some characters midscreen Video
5[D]~8 > (slight delay) > j.H > JC > j.H > j.S > j.H > j.S > JC > j.H > Finishing Blow Anywhere 207 ~19? Everyone [3] Hard The second j.S will drop against roughly half the cast unless you add a slight delay before the first j.H. Too large of a delay however and the Finishing Blow will drop.
CH starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
CH c.S/2S/f.S > 236H > 6H(2) > 236H > 214P (setup) Midscreen 151 (c.S starter) ~27% Everyone [1] Very Easy THE basic CH route.
CH 236H > j.H > 6H(2) > 236H Midscreen 144 ~24% Everyone [1] Very Easy A little additional damage to your 236H confirm.
CH 236S > 6H(2) > 236H Midscreen 117 ~20% Everyone [1] Very Easy Doesn't work at max range CH.
CH j.S/j.H > j.D > 6H(2) > 236H Midscreen 127 (j.H) ~17% Everyone [1] Very Easy On CH you can link a second normal after j.S/j.H. c.S does the most damage, j.D is the most consistent independent of distance, and sometimes you'll autopilot into 2K.
CH j.S/j.H > 5H > 236H Midscreen 97 (j.H) ~14% Everyone [1] Very Easy Confirm for if you're too low to combo into j.D, but too far away to get anything else.
CH j.D > (microwalk) c.S > 6H(2) > 236H Midscreen 123 ~16% Everyone [1] Very Easy j.D CH leaves them in the air for a while, and if you hit it low enough, they'll still be airborne when you land and press c.S. Microwalk to ensure the grounded hit.
CH 6P > 236H > 2D Midscreen 88 ~13% Everyone [1] Very Easy Counterpoke 6P confirm. Essential.

Basic Corner

  • Note: Every corner combo listed will wallbreak if possible. It is your job as the I-No player to determine if you actually want to break the wall and cut your combo short where possible.
Basic starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
j.S/j.H/2K > 6H(2) > delay 214K > TK 236H(3)~H > j.S > j.236S > WS > 5[D] Corner 191 (j.S starter) ~29/~29/~29 Everyone [3] Medium Try to time 214K so it hits meaty as they are falling down. The combos in this section work from any single-hit starter that gatlings or links into 6H(2).
j.S/j.H/2K > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 66 j.H > j.236H(3)~H > j.S > WS > 5[D] Corner 191 (j.S starter) ~26 Everyone [3] Medium More optimised version of the above combo. Swapping dash j.H for dash j.S is easier if you're willing to sacrifice a little damage.
j.S/j.H/2K > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 66 j.H > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 214K > WS > 214K Corner 210/220/190 ~32 Everyone except ZA [4] Hard Corner optimal from basically all starters. 214K needs to hit very meaty for this to work. j.H must be hit very close to the wall for 6H to connect after. You can replace the second-to-last 214K with 236S against certain characters to squeeze out slightly more damage with 5[D] wallbreak. This is the only way for the combo to work on Chipp.
6H starter
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
6H(2) > 236H > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 6H(1) > 236H > WS > 5[D] Corner 257 ~37% Everyone except PO/LE/NA/GO [2] Easy Easiest corner 6H combo. Not optimal but if you want to break the wall it does a LOT.
6H(2) > 236H > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 6H(1) > 214K > 214K> WS > 214K Corner 264 ~40% Everyone except PO/LE/NA/GO [4] Hard Technically the optimal. Really hard.
6H(2) > delay 214K > 66 j.H > microwalk c.S > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 214K > WS > 214K Corner 254 (LE) ~40% Probably everyone but definitely PO/LE/NA/GO [4] Hard Route for heavyweights. Not quite damage-optimal but really close and builds a ton of meter if c.S is added. Excluding c.S makes the combo significantly easier and won't require a microwalk, but it loses you 4 damage and about 10% meter.
6H(2) > delay 214K > Hoverdash FDC (664P+K) > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 6H(1) > 236H > WS > 5[D] Corner 257 (LE) ~28% Probably everyone but definitely PO/LE/NA/GO [4] Hard Maybe damage-optimal on heavyweights. Definitely not meter-optimal, though.
236H starter
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
236H > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 66 j.H > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 214K > WS > 214K Corner 241 ~35% Everyone except CH/ZA/HA [4] Hard Optimal. Hard. Can substitute the j.236H routing instead of j.H > 6H to make it easier at a heavy loss in damage. Also works from CH 236S
CH starters
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
CH 2H > 236H > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 66 j.H > 2H > 236S > WS > 5[D] Corner 244 ~40% Everyone except ZA [3] Medium 2H CH corner route. Also works on 2S/f.S CH but requires a microwalk after 236H. Bro I hate zato why does he just pancake when he gets hit by HCL??
CH 6H(2) > delay 214K > 66 j.H > microwalk 6H(2) > delay 214K > 6H(1) > 236H > WS > 5[D] Corner 264 ~35% Everyone [3] Medium Unlike the usual 214K pickups the first 214K must hit as your opponent is rising rather than falling. Not the optimal but pretty close and pretty good.
CH 6H(2) > 236S (whiff) > delay 6H(2) > 236H > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 214K > WS > 214K Corner 270 ~40% Everyone except ZA [5] Very Hard THE 6H CH optimal and likely I-No's max meterless damage. Also probably her hardest combo, period.
CH 5H > j.S > j.236H~H > j.S > 6H(2) > 236H > WS > 5[D] Corner 215 ~32% Everyone [3] Medium CH 5H is an inherently inconsistent starter but this should work no matter the distance you hit it at. Pretty meh reward, but if you hit this starter and need to kill it's there.
2D (CH) > 236S > 5K > TK j.236H~H > j.S > 6H(2) > 236H/214K > WS > 5[D]/214K Corner 199/198 ~40 Everyone [4] Hard Need to use 214K for wall splat against PO/LE/NA.

Mixup Conversion

j.D basic conversions
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
j.D > j.236H(3)~H > j.S Anywhere 77 ~11% Everyone except women. [2] Easy Misogynistic combo, hoverdash j.H after landing from j.S for an okay safejump. Universal if close enough to corner.
j.D > j.236K/j.236S Anywhere 59 ~9% Everyone [1] Very Easy Universal, leads to manually timed safejump.
j.D > j.632146S > 214P (setup) Anywhere 130 ~-48% Everyone [1] Very Easy Super confirm that does not need to be confirmed. Leaves you +37 even if j.D is blocked and gives a hard knockdown on hit from which you can set up note oki.
j.D > j.236H(3)~H > j.Px3 > 6H(2) > WS > 5[D] Corner 159 ~22% Everyone [2] Easy Universal route.
j.D > j.236H(3)~H > j.Px2 > 6H(2) > 236H > WS > 5[D] Corner 169 ~22% Everyone except PO/LE/NA [3] Medium Alternate that does more damage. The closer j.D is performed to the ground, the easier this combo is.
j.D jc j.S conversions
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
j.D > jc > j.S > j.D > delay j.236S Anywhere 92 (FA) ~10% Everyone except SO/KY/MA/PO/LE/NA/AN/GO [4] Hard Leads to a safejump. The combos in this section all require a j.D hit as low to the ground as possible and are much more difficult than the ordinary j.D conversions due to this.
j.D > jc > j.S > j.H Anywhere 79 (LE) ~6% Everyone except SO/KY/MA/AN [4] Hard Safejump route for heavyweights. Exists but you probably won't use it because it's not worth the reward.
j.D > jc > j.S > j.H > j.214K > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 236S > 5[D] Corner 195 ~22% Everyone except SO/KY/MA/AN [4] Hard Difficult conversion but pretty great damage for a high mixup.
F-Shiki/"Fuzzy overhead" conversions
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
j.S (blocked) > jc > j.K > j.236H~H > j.S > j.H > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 214K > WS > 214K Corner 181 ~27% Everyone except GI/MA/CH/JC/BA [2] Easy Easy F-Shiki conversion after blocked j.S. You can replace j.K with j.S for a little more damage against certain characters. Also, works on Chipp where j.K doesn't!
j.S (blocked) > jc > j.S > j.236S > 66RRC~j.H whiff > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 66 > j.H > 6H (2) > 236H > WS > 5[D] Corner 202 -47% Everyone except SO/ZA [2] Hard F-Shiki conversion using quick RC, delay the blocked j.S on Giovanna. Opting to wall stick with 214K instead of 236H and breaking the wall with 214K deals the same damage; at least on Ky.
j.S > jc > j.S > j.236K/S Anywhere 69 ~10% Everyone except GI [2] Easy Whiffs on crouching opponents. Also acts as an F-Shiki setup if first j.S is blocked.
j.D (blocked) > jc > j.K > j.236H > j.S > j.H > 6H(2) > delay 214K > 236S > WS > 5[D] Corner 205 ~26% PO/FA/GO [4] Hard Possibly the cruelest mixup in the game. If your delay j.D is blocked you have the ability to add a THIRD unreactable, uninterruptible overhead to your string against Potemkin, Faust or Goldlewis. Won't be used often but will make your opponents very unhappy.

Roman Cancel Stuff

Common RC extensions
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
... > 236H (air hit) > 66PRC > c.S > jc > j.D > (jc > j.D) > c.S > 5H > 236H Anywhere - -50% Everyone [2] Easy Most basic extension
... > 236H (air hit) > 66PRC > c.S > jc > j.D > jc > j.D > delay j.236H(3)~H > j.S > etc etc Midscreen to corner - -50% Everyone [2] Easy Corner carry RC extension. Can extend into a basic air combo to wallbreak, or end at j.S to keep them in the corner.
... > 236S > 66PRC > (c.S) > jc > 6H(2) > 236H Anywhere - -50% Everyone [2] Easy Converts 236S into a hard knockdown. Depending on the number of hits before 236S and your opponent's character, you might need to exclude c.S.
... > j.236H(3)~H~66PRC~j.H > j.D > j.236S Midscreen/corner to corner - -50% Everyone [4] Hard Momentum cancel j.236H into huge corner carry and safejump. The air combo you can do after the PRC varies on character.
Full RC combos
Combo Position Damage Tension Gain Works on: Difficulty Notes
j.236K~K > j.K > j.236H(3)~H~66PRC~j.S > j.H > 6H(2) > 236H > WS > 5[D] Midscreen to Wall Break 196 -39% ? [4] Hard Midscreen to wall break from j.236K~K. Using 66PRC after hopping out of j.236H (by pressing H again) and cancelling the 66PRC with a button (such as j.S) allows you to maintain a lot of horizontal momentum; useful for corner carry.
Forward Throw > RRC > j.s > j.H > 236H(3)~H > j.S > j.H > WS > 5[D] Corner 149 -50% Everyone Medium Not super useful, since the damage isn't great and it'd probably be better to just take the hard knockdown and oki setup rather then go for damage and wallbreak at the cost of meter.
236S > 88~RRC > j.66 > land c.S > JC > j.S > JC > j.S > j.H > 236H~H (3) > j.H > WS > 214K Back to corner 169 ~-48% Anyone [3] Medium May need a small delay to initial j.66 to side switch properly. First attack can be pretty much anything that doesn't push away from the corner. Easier to land before doing 214K or use j.S to do WS.

Combo Theory

Starting Combos

Combo Starters
Button Use
2K Low starter, close-range poke. Confirms into 2D for knockdown into note oki, 6H for a launch into a full combo or 214K if they're too far for either of the former to work.
5P Fast anti-air or abare button. 6H if you're close, 6P if you're far.
6P Good poke, good AA button. On CH confirms into 236H, on normal hit 236S or 214K.
c.S Best starter midscreen and air combo filler. On the ground, combo into 6H and in the air, 5H.
2S Probably your best normal poke but low reward on normal hit. 236S or 214K depending on screen position and whether they are standing or not.
f.S or 2H Huge disjoints that you'll hit CHs with more often than not. Hitstop OS 236S and 236H and you won't need to confirm the CH.
5H Big fat disjoint that groundbounces, leading straight into 236H at long ranges. Whiff punish tool.
6H Launcher for 90% of your combos and weird poke in neutral. Combo into 236H if used in the former context, no combo if used in the latter. However, it has big reward on CH AA, where you whiff 236H and pick up with c.S or 5K.
2D HKD tool. Press for oki, delaying 214P if necessary. Extensions are ill-advised, but combos into super if you need the extra damage.
j.S/j.H High starter from hoverdash. Combos into 6H and 2K.

Extending combos

Move Use
2K/5P Generic combo filler, which you use is dependent on your opponent's current juggle state.
5K/c.S Combo filler with a jump cancel. 5K has more effective range but juggles at a worse angle and does less damage. c.S is useful for comboing into 5H, j.D or 6H and has a better launch angle for midscreen juggles.
6P Chains from P and K buttons and keeps them grounded if you want to set up a wallslump.
5H Groundbounce makes it useful to end juggles into 236H.
6H Very fast tool to continue juggles and your highest damage normal. Launches very far from I-No so best used to extend corner combos.
j.S/j.H Air combo filler. j.S launches lower but closer, while j.H flings them higher but further.
j.D Good midscreen combo filler as it launches straight up and stalls I-No's air momentum to keep her close to the ground.
236H Staggers on ground hit, useful for confirming CHs midscreen. Roughly +12 on hit.
214K Leaves them tumbling on the ground in a comboable state. Mostly used for corner combos due to how far it sends people from I-No.
j.236H Travels far, fast to come out, third hit launches very high. Decent for picking up weird combos near corner but does a lot of wall damage.

Ending combos

Strive's juggle system and I-No's hoverdash allow her to end combos in almost anything and still get okizeme. The onus is on the I-No player to gauge when the distance between them and their opponent is good enough for a hoverdash safejump, or when to cut a combo short for the oki. Here are some common enders:

Combo Enders
Ender Explanation and Okizeme
2D Hard knockdown on ground hit. Sets up note oki or a safejump.
236H Hard knockdown on air hit. Also sets up note oki/safejumps.
j.236K/j.236S Ends juggles with I-No on the ground. Sets up a manually timed safejump if close to the ground.
214K Sends them tumbling in a soft knockdown animation for a long time, but no oki unless close to the corner.
236S Leaves them close to you, but only ~+5. Sets up an RPS situation where you can use 2H to frametrap or go for a high/low reset.
j.632146S Your only way to get a hard knockdown from an air combo. Sets up note oki or a safejump.