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Finding content on Twitter[edit]

With the ease of posting videos and discussion to twitter, it can be helpful to know how to track this information down. Each character in the game has a specific hashtag which people should aim to use when posting tweets for ease of searching. The current list of these hashtags is as follows:

Sol Badguy #GGST_SO
Ky Kiske #GGST_KY
Axl Low #GGST_AX
Chipp Zanuff #GGST_CH
Potemkin #GGST_PO
Faust #GGST_FA
Millia Rage #GGST_MI
Zato-1 #GGST_ZA
Ramlethal #GGST_RA
Nagoriyuki #GGST_NA
Giovanna #GGST_GI

Input Shortcuts[edit]

Certain specials and overdrives allow you skip directional inputs for their commands and still execute the attack. Below are the known valid input shortcuts for their usual directional commands (additional directional inputs within the given shortcuts will also work, as long as the minimum inputs as shown in the shortcut are met, e.g. 62146 is valid because 6246 is valid).

Sol performing Heavy Mob Cemetery (214214H) with the input shortcut 2421H
Command Shortcuts
41236 (63214)
  • 4236
  • 4126
  • 4136
236236 (214214)
  • 2626
  • 2623
  • 2636
  • 6246
  • 63146