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Ground Movement

Walking (Hold InputIcon 6.png or InputIcon 4.png)

Walking is the most basic movement option in your arsenal.

All characters has it. Because of the existence of dashing, this movement option isn't seen much use. There are several situations where walking shines, though; such as to walk out of a move's range for an immediate counterattack.

Forward Dashing (InputIcon 6.png InputIcon 6.png or InputIcon 6.png + Dash)

This only covers traditional dashes; command dashes belong to the Special category.
Forward dashing moves your character faster and is more effective compared to walking.

However, not all characters has it. Most characters can run, Leo and Giovanna can only step, Nagoriyuki and Potemkin have no forward dash at all.

Backdash (InputIcon 4.png InputIcon 4.png or InputIcon 4.png + Dash)

Backdashing makes your character step away from the opponent.

It has some invulnerability, which can help you evade opponent's attacks. Be careful using it, though, as moves still having active frames when your character's backdash's invulnerability frames end can still hit you.

Air Movement

Most characters only have 1 air option: you can either double jump or air dash, but you cannot do both. There are exceptions, however:

  • Nagoriyuki has no air option whatsoever.
  • Potemkin can only double jump; he cannot air dash.
  • Millia and Chipp have 2 air options, but with their own restrictions: Millia can only air dash twice or air dash after a double jump; Chipp can only triple jump or jump after an air dash.

Jumping (any upward direction)

Jumping is the primary air movement of all characters.

Any character but Nagoriyuki can jump again in the air by inputing any upward direction in the air. Its horizontal velocity increases depending on the forward dash momentum on the ground. Some normals and/or specials can be jump cancelled.

High Jump (Super Jump) (any downward direction then any upward direction)

High jumping behaves the same as a regular jump, but with increased velocities.

After a High Jump, you can airdash, but not double jump.

Air Dashing

Your mean of approaching or avoiding the opponent faster in the air.
  • Backward Air Dash is instaneous, and that's about it.
  • Forward Air Dash will propel the character forward after a short lag, and depending on where you hit a button, the character will fall in different places on the screen.

Instant Air Dash

Regaining Air Options


Landing Recovery

Ground and Air Recovery





Gatling Combination

Gatling is done by pressing a normal move after

Special Cancel

Executing a special move's command after a special-cancellable move makes contact with the opponent will result in a Special Cancel.

Most normals can be special cancelled. Nagoriyuki can also cancel a special into another as well, although it will raise his Blood Gauge.

Jump Cancel

Inputting the jumping input after a jump-cancellable move contacts the opponent will result in a Jump Cancel.

On the ground, all characters' 5K and c.S can be jump-cancelled. In the air, all characters' j.K and most characters' j.D can.

Dash Cancel

When you input the dashing input after a dash-cancellable move contacts the opponent, you will get a Dash Cancel.

On the ground, there are very few moves have this property. So far, there are May and Giovanna's c.S (Is all c.S dash-cancellable? Need clarifying) and the first hit of Ramlethal's Erarlumo (214P). In the air, all j.K and j.S and some j.H and j.D are.

Roman Cancel


Advanced Techniques