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Ramlethal Valentine



Advantage : Anji generally doesn't really have low-commitment options to respond to ram's options in neutral, and his offense and defense aren't particularly scary for her to deal with. While he does do an obscene amount of damage off the right hits, and while he can call her out in neutral, ram generally has the upper hand. As ram, you might have to rely on faster normals to avoid his spin, but 2K is an amazing normal, and your P normals also have really good reward on hit thanks to 214P giving you a hard knockdown.


Advantage : Thanks to her high movement speed and large buttons, ram is generally difficult to zone. Axl just doesn't get as much leeway in neutral because the range she can start threatening him is much larger than most other characters. Though 2K helps him somewhat defend against ram's stuff, he's still going to struggle against a competent ram.


Ram Advantages
  • Big damage for high reward off of a hit
  • Fast mash option via 5P which can help against things like Chipp's Genrou Zan (command grab).
  • Big buttons to contest Chipp's both in the air and on the ground
Ram Disadvantages
  • "He's just too damn fast."
  • Due to her linear moves, it can be hard for her to get a clean hit on an agile Chipp.
  • Chipp doesn't have to hold shit Ram does to him in the corner due to his ability to just safely jump out with his three jumps.
Chipp Advantages
  • Can DP out of Ram's rekka strings.
  • Great movement to evade Ram's attacks
  • A deceptively fat 6P to invalidate Ram's normals and air approaches.
Chipp Disadvantages
  • The lyric, "fly like an eagle, soar through the sky" in Chipp's theme "Play The Hero" is actually a reference to how easily he flies through broken walls after being touched once.
  • Can struggle to mix up mash happy Ram's due to her mortobato and 5P mash being effective answers to his Alphra Brade (Alpha Blade) and command grab.
  • Somewhat stubby normals that can have a hard time dealing with Ram.

General tips for Ram vs Chipp

  • Chipp's speed allows him to maneuver around Ram's big scary moves in neutral, keeping her "honest" to a certain extent.
  • His fast normals and DP can give Ram some trouble even when she does get him to block, and Chipp himself can have some really scary mixups in the right situations.
  • Try to preemptively hit where you think Chipp will be so you can try keeping him locked down.
  • Reactively 6P. Since Chipp can vary his air movement more than the average character, it's best to only 6P when you 100% know he's gonna land into it. Hard but possible after practicing.
  • Overall much harder than your usual Ram matchup, but not unwinnable by any means. Thanks Daisuke.


Advantage : Faust zones. Ram doesn't get zoned. Here too, her speed and range just make it very difficult for faust to ever get the space he wants to set up for items. He also really doesn't do enough damage to punish ram when he does actually win neutral. Painful matchup for him.

Despite all this, there is something Faust can do on defense, to deal with ram pressure : he can crawl under 236H on reaction. Krackatoa breaks down this tech here :


Matchup Rating

Slight Disadvantage

Ram Advantages
  • Bigger Normals (Swords equipped)
  • Better overall space control
  • Oppressive Corner Okizeme and pressure
Ram Disadvantages
  • Struggles to prevent screen control against Gio midscreen when either of her swords are gone
  • Without meter, Ram struggles to deal with Gio corner pressure
  • Ram's fastest button is 5 Frames whereas Gio's is 4 frames
Giovanna Advantages
  • Has better Ground movement
  • Strong strike-throw game
  • Gio is short and stands under S sword throw (236S) and can run under it
  • 623S (Sol Nascente) is a great anti-air and is good at stuffing Ram's 214K (Sildo Detruo) and can lead to big damage
Giovanna Disadvantages
  • Gio has small poke options compared to Ram
  • Gio struggles on defense against ram corner pressure without meter
  • Gio has a hard time challenging ram from Full&Midscreen
  • Gio does not have a meterless reversal to escape corner pressure
  • Gio has extended hurtboxes on most of her normals

General tips for Ram vs Gio

  • Pre-emptively filling space to stop dashes is something Ram will have to do quite frequently but has to be done with low recovery moves or else ram will be whiff punished
  • Saving your swords in neutral will make it easier for Ram to catch Gio's movement
  • Ram should try to not whiff her long range normals as it makes it easier for Gio to close the gap
  • Learn to 6P Gio's 236K (Trovão), as it's plus on block and will allow her to continue her pressure if you don't interrupt it.


Advantage : 6:4
Ram Advantages
  • Longer Range Normals than Ky's
  • Scarier Win condition than Ky's
  • High and consistent Damage Output
Ram Disadvantages
  • Struggles a lot to contest Neutral vs Ky in this matchup without swords
Ky Advantages
  • Stun Edge is a really good fireball for him
  • Stun Dipper is a great too for him to whiff punish Ram
  • Has a meterless reversal(Vapor Thrust) to escape Ram's corner pressure
Ky Disadvantages
  • Worse Range vs Ram when she has access to both swords
  • Lower Damage output
  • Less consistent Combo conversions
General Tips for Ram vs Ky
  • Ram plays in about the same ranges and spaces Ky plays, but she does it better.
  • Ram's f.S is faster, larger than his, and disjointed to boot, and her 5H more or less outranges all his normals, and with even more disjoints.
  • To challenge these normals, Ky pretty much has to commit to 236K or 6P, they are still fairly risky especially without meter, and ram herself has strong options to beat those, such as 2S or 2K.
  • As for pressure, Ky's DP (Vapor Thrust), though it exists, is not amazing, and not particularly difficult for Ram to deal with, and Ky's pressure is not too scary, especially if Ram has meter.


Slight Advantage : Though Ram has really good, rewarding buttons, good lows, good antiairs, and strong reward all around, with pressure that can be very difficult to beat for I-No, Ram can't cover hoverdash j.S and 236S/236H at the same time, meaning I-No still has a good chance to simply guess right and get in. And once she's in, she can mix.


Matchup Rating

Rating: 6.5 : 3.5, Heavily Ram Favoured

Ram Advantages
  • Oppressive Corner Pressure
  • Long Range Normals
  • Good corner Carry
Ram Disadvantages
  • No meterless reversal
  • Weak without swords equipped
Jack-O Advantages
  • Strong Corner Pressure with minions
  • Decent zoning game with minion meter
  • High chip damage with Offensive Minion super
  • Good Mixup potential with minion(s) summoned
Jack-O Disadvantages
  • Low defense and guts
  • Weak defensive options
  • Reliant on minions and minion meter for screen
  • Shorter range normals compared to Ram (except her 6H)

General tips for Ram vs Jack-O

  • The Ram player should not give the Jack-O space to summon minions with f.S, j.S, 5H and both sword throws(236S/H)
  • Pay attention to Jack-O's minion Gauge, it limits what she can do
  • Ram can always special cancel or gatling after clearing a minion
  • Ram's Best minion clear options
  1. Close range - 5P, 5K,6P
  2. Mid-long range - f.S, j.S, 5H
  • Don't let the Jack-O player throw a minion behind you, you can't clear it if it is, run or jump at her after
  • Ram can always use her reversal super (236236S) between Jack-O's 2D and 236K
  • When FDing Jack-O, FD her normals, not her minions to space her out
  • If the Jack-O player is using j.D a lot, S sword throw (236S) can snipe her out and j.214S.
  • Ram easily out ranges Jack-O, push her to the corner and kill her, she can't easily escape.


Slight Disadvantage

General Tips For Ram vs Leo

  • Your neutral is better than his but like other MUs, it's a tough ride when he finally gets in with backturn.
  • Your f.S is 1 frame faster then Leo's, and your 5H is 3 frames faster, giving you almost complete control of neutral when on the ground. By that logic Leo's will tend to jump to avoid having to lose said neutral or may start to shoot projectiles from range; be aware of the game plan they go with.
  • Leo's Kaltes Gestöber Zweit(The cross up) can usually be thrown during a block string, there is however 1 frame where you will throw in the wrong direction, so make sure to not mistime the throw.
  • You can actually beat Leo's guard point stance with a grab or low (the low will cause a counterhit).


Advantage : May plays neutral thanks to her amazing buttons that let her bully a lot of character, but Ram simply has better buttons for that. On top of that, Ram has a much easier time dealing with dolphin RPS, meaning May has to work harder to actually get her hits.


5.5:4.5, Millia explodes but she's too fast for f.S


5:5, almost a first hit wins situation
  • Nago starts to out range even your normals once he starts getting into higher blood levels. They are still quite awful on whiff however, and proper baiting of moves like nagos 2H will make him wide open if he dosent have meter to make himself safe.
  • Nago's 6P cleanly beats Ram's f.5S from various distances, use 2S to circumvent this.
  • 214H will very quickly become the bane of your existence. You can snuff it with pre-emptive pokes but blocking it or (heaven forbid) getting counterhit by it is very bad. Your 5P is smaller than his and 2P is prone to losing.


5.5:4.5, At max range, Pot can play at the mid range effectively due to his big buttons like f.S and 5h. Corner pressure is especially effective because of his poor mobility and lack of forward/air dashes to get out of sword pressure.


Matchup Rating: 5:5 Even

Basic Mirror Match counterplay

  • The Ram with more swords equipped in neutral is favoured
  • Ram can easily challenge her own neutral
  • Ram struggles to deal with her own corner pressure without meter
  • This is a very momentum based matchup, first to break the wall usually wins
  • Ram has access to a few safe jumps making her Mortobato super easier to bait
  • Ram can always use her Mortobato super between rekka (214P) 1st, 2nd and 3rd hits
  • Ram can easily punish her 214K with 5P, 6P, 5K,and airthrow

Mirror Match Midrange R.P.S

f.S>2.S>6P>f.S and so on...

  • Jumping in Neutral can heavily change the R.P.S (Rock, Paper, Scissors)
  • Delaying and slightly changing your buttons and timing can throw off the other ram and can lead to whiff punishes.
  • If either ram whiffs 5H, it can be punished with 214H
  • f.S checks itself and she has a hard time dealing with her own pressure


5.5:4.5, you out neutral him but he heavily out damages you
  • Night Raid Vortex can be annoying for Ram to deal with, because of its low profile qualities. Ram gets strong punishes on both block and startup due to its generally risky nature, being -17 on block.
  • S Volcanic Viper is -22 on block, allowing for violent punishes.
  • 6S > Gunflame can be punished on reaction with a forward airdash.


Heavy Advantage
Ram Advantages
  • Amazing corner carry that can decide rounds off of one hit.
  • Large disjoints that can make it hard for Zato to contest her.
  • A very easy to throw out 6P that can cancel into rekka to help her start expressing herself.
Ram Disadvantages
  • Without meter she can struggle to get out of Zato's offense due to her lacking defensive options.
  • Zato can reflect Ram's sword explosions if the player isn't being mindful of how they're using it.
  • Zato dislikes women.
Zato Advantages
  • Zato can mixup his air movement with flight, calling out bad anti airs.
  • Strong mix game! (Like every other MU when he gets someone to block)
  • His combos sure do hurt a lot in this very high damage game.
Zato Disadvantages
  • Has wack health so when Ram touches him, he's really gonna feel it.
  • No reversal so when Ram gets going, he is fully at her mercy.
  • Has to rely on YRC as his only consistent way to get Ram off of him.

General tips for Ram vs Zato

  • Ram feasts on Zato once she gets in but this also goes both ways. Make sure you keep Zato at bay with your strong pokes and go for the throat after you take out Edwin.
  • 236S has a use in this matchup. It can clip him which puts him into a stagger state, allowing Ram to get in. It's risky but can work.
  • Due to Zato's unconventional aerial movement, you'll need to do 6P on reaction rather than expectation.
  • You can hit Edward with Motorboat to extend it's active frames which can catch unsuspecting Zato's by surprise when they try to get in after seeing the effect fade. Do not rely on this. This is moreso a quirk of the matchup than something you should actually try applying.
  • Be ready to jump! Zato players like to sneak in his command throw but learn to recognize the situations they do it and be ready to beat him up for 90%.



Ram Advantages

  • Amazing corner carry.
  • Goated offense in the corner.
  • Amazing 6P to say "cry about it" to a large chunk of Testament's buttons.
  • A better reversal than Testament's.

Ram Disadvantages

  • Has to watch out for Testament's incredible 6P anti air and H Reaper.
  • Has to stay alert of more aggressive pokes with 2H (to catch with its high active time) and 6H (bigger range), riskier but do threaten the neutral.

Testament Advantages

  • Very strong conversion ability and corner carry from stain state.
  • Pressure has been significantly buffed which gives Testament a much more threatening corner presence that's almost comparable to Ram.
  • Sword toss can be 6P'd and since Testament's 6p has a decent horizontal range the threat of that can be more evident for Test than for most other characters in Ram pressure.
  • Testament has two strong ways to stop Ram from jumping out of the corner with j.D and H Reaper. H Reaper leads to a strike throw mix when Ram lands and j.D leads to another mixup.
  • Crow can beat out 236H/S.

Testament Disadvantages

  • Works hard as hell just to be ignored because Ram has normals that completely eclipse theirs due in part to large hurtboxes Ram can exploit.
  • Their reversal is nowhere near as strong as Motorboat, not to mention it has considerable start up not making it the best for getting out of the corner.
  • Low damage relative to Ram which makes winning neutral vital which can be difficult because it's Ramlethal. However, Testament can get positive bonus easier in theory due to high conversion ability with stain state.
  • Low-ish health and guts so getting hit by Ram is comparable to being hit in the face with a dozen shotgun bullets in real life.

General Tips For Ram vs Test

  • Test 6P is juiced so if Ram gets 6P happy just slap them.
  • Crow beats Sword Toss but this is more of a general inconvenience than a game changer.
  • Testie has a deceptively good j.H jump in that Ram needs to keep an eye out for.
  • Testament pressure is now something to worry about in this new patch, do not let that fella lock you down.
  • Do try to be careful when going for the third hit of 214P though as if Testament has 50 meter, they will be able to reversal you with their Kroger Motorboat.


Slight Advantage

Ram Advantages

  • Locks down Gold easily once she gets her pressure started.
  • Can be much more trigger happy with her long ranged normals due to Gold not having a 6P that's able to handle it easily.
  • Easier time navigating neutral due to fast normals that can easily beat out Gold's. Due to a more consistent neutral, she can obtain her win condition easier than Goldlewis.
  • Strong corner carry like usual.

Ram Disadvantages

  • Decent health and guts which would be fine normally anywhere else but when it's versus Mr. Give Me Your Health it's a worry.
  • Without Mortobato, she is absolutely boned when cornered by a solid Goldlewis.
  • Doesn't have many good answers to Drone.
  • Even with a strong 6P she can have a hard time dealing with Gold j.D.

Goldlewis Advantages

  • God damage. One bad mistake in neutral can give him the entire round.
  • Drone works as a great tool to strike fear into the heart of any Ram player. It gives him a HKD at any level and slows down in the corner which makes your corner pressure and neutral much scarier.
  • Lots of health and guts which means that he can afford to lose a few neutral exchanges and take some wall breaks. Doesn't matter if he only needs to be right twice to kill Ram.
  • Corner pressure that arguably rivals Rams. While Ram has pressure that cranks your risc with forced chip damage, Gold also has this. While his pressure can be challenged easier it can end up being much more rewarding for Gold if he gets a counter hit. Due to the meter changes, he can get positive bonus and force you to take unavoidable chip damage which in theory makes his reward for getting the opponent in the corner better than Ram.

Goldlewis Disadvantages

  • Has a hard time navigating neutral due to his low committal and fast to throw out pokes not being as fast or as rewarding as Ram and a lack of a strong 6P to negate her stronger tools.
  • While his pressure is stronger than Ram's in theory, it's easier to mash out of due to Ram's fast pokes. His pressure is very respect based so if a Ram is in a Gold's head, she will have an easier time getting out than he will getting out of her pressure.
  • Gets hit by 236S due to his tall height which makes Ram pressure even better.

General Tips For Ram vs Gold

  • Very close to being an even matchup but it's spoiled by Ram simply being more consistent and having an easier time getting her win condition.
  • Ram has to respect Gold a lot because with just one HKD she's in danger of losing the entire round. While Gold can start enforcing chip pressure off a HKD, he's not going to be able to push you to the corner as easily as Ram can meaning that his midscreen reward is slightly less favorable than Ram's.
  • While Gold 6P is wack, if he hits it and cancels it into a Behemoth Typhoon, the Ram is really gonna feel that pain.
  • Overall, Gold has to work a lot harder than Ram does but Ram still needs to know that he's not THAT far off from being able to take her down. All it takes is one bad neutral exchange and that can decide the entire match.
  • Goldlewis j.D is busted dawg that shit is actually so cracked lmao


Ramlethal Valentine