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Chipp's okizeme is an all- in, one-and-done, deceptive approach. He creates his offense by using his great speed and by playing on the opponent's expectations to open up their defense. He has various options for meaties, a command throw (unblockable), a semi-invisible buff move, and teleports to guarantee oki from any situation or to play mind games with his opponent. At midscreen, his mixups are somewhat average in potency, and reward on hit is somewhat below average, and his corner okizeme is some of the best in the game in terms of number of setups and mixup options, but highly variable in terms of reward and vulnerability to defensive options.

Overview of Setups (VIDEO DEMOS AT THE BOTTOM)

Chipp's okizeme is often dependent on what knockdown he takes, and what knockdown he takes is often determined by the combo starter. His main knockdowns are 2D, j.d., alpha plus, air alpha blade, Wall Alpha Blade, and grabs. He can also get a good knockdown with Ryu Yanagi (though this isn't often used for the purpose of a knockdown, since the attack grants the enemy so much tension and burst meter), and of course his other overdrives are also knockdowns. Other possible but highly situational (usually unintentional) knockdowns are Blitz Attack, air hit jk(2), Ground Beta Blade (1), air hit Kunai, air hit J.HS(1), and other CH launchers. We will categorize his oki setups into Universal, Midscreen 2D, Midscreen Alpha Plus/Close Range Air Alpha, Corner Air Alpha Blade/Alpha plus, J.D., Corner 2D, Corner Air Alpha > cling > uncling > Air alpha, High Wall Alpha Blade, and Miscellaneous. Okizeme that are considered essential are marked ***

1. Universal

Simple Okizeme that will work off of virtually any knockdown.

***H Teleport > Meaty Falling J.HS

+ Easy execution, is a safejump, can do J.S. /2K mixup instead (if teleported soon enough), can jump install the teleport with 228H to perform an airdash and hit 2 highs instead of one, can teleport early and perform meaty j.s. for opponents that recognize you won't have time to meaty the j.hs and therefore expect you to perform an empty low. With knockdowns that are not too far away, 22S teleport works too.
- Small reward, not safe from blitz, empty low option highly vulnerable to throw, any varations of high besides falling j.hs are not reversal or backdash safe, extremely telegraphed and predictable if not mixing in the empty low, which is high risk and low reward.

***Meaty Gamma Blade

+ Gives good reward on hit, easy to perform, and if spaced right, is safe from blitz and reversal moves. If YRC'D, gives significant frame advantage on block.
- It is not a mixup, is reactable, and without YRC, leaves you with poor options to continue pressure unless it was done from extremely close range. Slightly disadvantageous if it is backdashed.

***Dash in Meaty 2K

+ Is a low, easy to perform, can be done out of throw range, potentially safe versus slower reversals, safe versus blitz
- Very telegraphed, not safe vs fast reversals, poor reward (especially when performed out of throw range or after knockdowns where dashing in is not possible).

*Meaty 6K

+ Chipp's only standing high besides his very slow dust, unthrowable (airborne), if the last active frames of 6K hit meaty, he can link c.s.
- Timing the meaty such that you can link c.s. is extremely hard to do consistently and thus this oki is used rarely by even the best Chipp players.

*Meaty Fast Shuriken

A gimmick that is mostly only useful to bait opponents into thinking you won't meaty. From closer(ish) ranges (really doesn't have to be too close, works off of air alpha knockdown midscreen) with a jump (7, 8 or 9 jump depending on distance) > shuriken > land 2D, you are safe from many reversals, and with an airdash J.HS, can catch many backdashes. In both cases, you are safe from reversal blitz. From the IAD version, safejumps only if you delay the low input by a few frames, is blitzable, and is throwable, and is thus entirely useless besides ensuring a meaty quickly from a distance.

2. Midscreen 2D

***FDC Left/Right > Meaty Falling J.HS

Setting this up requires the 2d at a long but not very long range. The mixup is this; dash in and perform a neutral jump. This is important to get the spacing right and negate crossup protection. Non crossup side uses FDC, which is done by cancelling the startup of j2k into faultless defense, then do falling jhs. The crossup is simply a 668 jump in into falling jhs.
+ An unreactable high left/right that will safejump both sides. Can do an empty low instead. Can loop the situation, and though the reward is not impressive on hit, many opponents will burst/start spamming blitz predictably to deal with this mixup.
- Unimpressive reward, obvious temptation for enemy to blitz which can work for or against you (but the risk/reward is skewed in their favor most of the time), utilizing the crossup version can negate any corner carry you had achieved.

*** H tele / forwar jump FDC > High/low j.S/2K

+ Standard high low, j.S can safejump some characters.
- Low is throwable and reversable, reward is low.

3. Midscreen Alpha Plus / Close Range Air Alpha

***IAD/ Dash Forward Jump/ H Teleport > Meaty J.S. or Land 2K

+ Practically unreactable high/low. The IAD can be very deceptive to many opponents, and is faster than dash jump, but dash jump is truly impossible to react to. J.s. can be safejumped with a strict timing.
- Usually unimpressive reward, empty low is throwable (though can be done out of throw range vs characters with very short throw range)

*** Forward Dash > 22S > Crossup j.H or FDC j.H (sameside)

+ Tricky left/right.
- Often hard to safejump with, somewhat mechanically intensive, and easy to blitz. Low reward.

Dash IAD j.2K left/right

+ Somewhat ambiguous left/right. Safejumps.
- Manual timing is very hard and there's no good way to framekill, so this is an advanced setup. Other than being a safejump, has the same weaknesses as the above, and might be a bit easier to block.

4. Corner Air Alpha / Alpha Plus (Wallcling Oki)

These are the famed wallcling okizeme. From alpha plus, you must use 228H tele > wallcling. From air alpha knockdown, you can choose to cling and divedown > h tele cling, or you can fall after the kd alpha, then jump and cling. No cling > Jump > cling gives lots of frame advantage and makes timing oki much easier, and is thus the go-to setup, but you can meaty with dashdown > tele cling > oki vs Baiken, Jam, Dizzy and Elphelt, or if you used the jk(1) jd alpha ender on fast wakeup middleweights.

***Cling > Uncling > falling J.hs

The crossup option that can be safejumped. If only one hit lands at the correct height, can do j.hs > 5h > alpha > alpha plus to retain the corner. Otherwise, must take a high wall alpha route and lose corner. Fortunately, post high wall alpha okizeme is very good and the damage of the high wall alpha combo is above average.

***Dashdown > air backdash > j.hs

The midscreen side option. Can safejump vs. Sol (and everyone else), but requires j.K(1) j.D alpha ender vs. him to get more frame advantage. Virtually unreactable.

***Dashdown > 2D

The low option, safe versus Ky's Vapor Thrust. Good vs blitz spam. Possibly reactable but still very fast.

*Cling > Uncling > 2k

FOR CORNER SIDE, AIR ALPHA BLADE KD ONLY Obviously low reward, but useful since it is so rarely defended against. It is the last thing opponents will be looking for, and will beat the conventional FD/DP OS. Not reactable, since J.S. can be hit with the same timing, but the opponent may react to the fact that you are falling on the corner side rather than midscreen side, and can thus narrow down their defensive options. Weak to throw, but in the corner vs Chipp, most people will not be looking to throw you.

***Crossup Alpha Blade

The most common way to perform is alpha kd > cling > dashdown> microdash forward (touch the opponent's body but do not push them all the way against the wall, this is important) > 5p (for frame kill and bait) > TK/Ground Alpha Blade. If executed correctly, will crossup. TK Alpha will then combo into c.s. > 2H. Can link from Ground Alpha > Alpha plus > link c.s. pickup > 5H > IAD > j.d. > Alpha vs all characters except Potemkin. This ground alpha combo is somewhat unstable, requiring that the meaty ground alpha blade is timed correctly, and requires some delay for the link. Most Chipp players opt for a TK Alpha. Obviously weak to high Blitz, and unsafe on block.


-AIR ALPHA KD ONLY- A set of mixup options that are defined by alpha kd > cling > dash down > jump (before landing) > J.S. to hover (where it gets its name from) or Ryu Yanagi, into one of the following:
  1. Timed J.S. (to hover), fall, meaty J.S.
  2. Timed J.S., fall, meaty 2k or 2D (2D reccomended)
  3. Timed J.S., fall, meaty crossup Alpha Blade
  4. Timed Ryu Yanagi ( at or just after the apex of the jump), falling meaty J.P. > mixup 6K or 2k. The Ryu Yanagi hits enable you to combo out of the 6K
The jump, J.S., Ryu Yanagi, and meaties are all highly sensitive to timing and simply require experience to determine.


High reward from the ground but reactable and obviously not meaty. Can be a good answer to blitz happy opponents (but then, so is 2D). Can be set up any way you choose, but recommended is dash down > 22P > Genrouzan, or dash down > microdash > 5p > Genrouzan. Only combos meterlessly if done from the ground rather than the wall so that you can use the wall cling > dash down combos. Doing it from the wall, however, is a lot less telegraphed and also lands a bit faster, and is therefore the safer of the two by a decent margin. Will land fastest if you climb down the wall a bit before inputting it.

*Forward Jump TK Ryu Yanagi

AIR ALPHA KD ONLY Chipp's setplay option. A powerful okizeme that shuts down blitz, makes using reversals difficult, beats backdashes, and has multiple layers of nuance for the opponent to deal with such as left/right, timing of highs and lows, reset/no reset, blockable/unblockable. The mixup can be air backdash > cling > Genrouzan, air backdash 2D, air backdash 5D, delay air backdash > j2k,land Genrouzan, land 2D, land 5D, and even more. Get creative. Requires 50 meter and mechanical skill. Though not a staple, highly recommended that you learn this one eventually despite the difficulty.

*Dash down > dash > IAD > JHS

AIR ALPHA KD ONLY Crosses up and safejumps. Telegraphed but nice to throw in every so often just for the sake of variation in your visual offensive cues.

*Dash down > dash > Kire (IAD) Fast Shuriken > 2k

AIR ALPHA KD ONLY The shuriken's purpose is to cause you to land more quickly. It can of course be done without the shuriken if initiated earlier. Very tricky as it seems obvious that you will hit high, and of course the crossup side low is almost never defended well. A good idea to have your opponent respect that the above option is a safejump before you attempt. Low reward and requires that your fast shuriken is equipped, and so is a bit of a gimmick.

5. J.D.

The oki following this knockdown is somewhat variable since you can land the attack in many different relative positions. Aside from basic meaties, you can also sometimes use FDC left/right mixup, wall cling oki, or just restand with 2k. Very rarely, you can get legitimate forward TK Ryu Yanagi mixups that utilizes airdashes, j2k, jhs, 2k, and reset options like 5D and Genrouzan, or drop the Ryu Yanagi before you land and then teleport to crossup, such as after the grounded combo f.s. > 5H > IAD j.d.

6. Corner 2D

These two oki both assume that the 2D leaves the opponent right up against the wall; if it does not, these won't work. Besides these, if the spacing is right, you can use wallcling okizeme from a teleport.

***H Tele > Cling > Falling J.hs (also works from other knockdowns that leave the enemy right against the wall) CHAR SPECIFIC

This one is an unreactable left/right, even though it looks like Chipp should always hit in the front. This is because when he wall clings, he has crossed the opponent up. If you want to hit from the midscreen side, drop and time your meaty lower to the ground. If you want to hit from the corner side, perform it just a moment after you've let go of the wall. You will hit roughly the top of their head, and hit twice, landing in front of the opponent and being able to combo into your wall cling setup. You can also add an airdash, and vary its and jH's timing to crossup/ not crossup. Be careful; there is a timing between these two where crossup protection will be triggered. This mixup only works on about half of the cast and is difficult vs some (crossup protection, thanks)
Can of course also uncling faster, and then the mixup becomes J.S. or 2k.

*(From point blank 2D, such as after a corner 5D combo)

The above mixup works here as well, but this kd is special in that you can cancel the 2D immediately into Genrouzan > cling > left/right/high/low mixup. Timing is tricky and requires some experience, but the basic options are these:
  1. Early uncling J.S (hits high and in front) > link c.s.
  2. Late uncling J.HS (hits high and behind)
  3. Dashdown > 2D (hits low and in front)
  4. Climb a tiny bit down the wall > dashdown > 2D (hits low and behind)
Each of these mixups is visually deceptive, especially because of the invisible buff from the prior 5D combo, and rarely reactable but only one is a safe jump, but can be a good option since opponents may not predict or react to the setup appropriately. Low and behind option requires tight meaty timing vs some chars.

7. Corner Alpha > Cling > Uncling > Alpha

***Using H Teleport > Meaty

This knockdown can affect your meaty H teleport in weird and somewhat unpredictable ways, since H teleport has momentum towards the opponent and this can cause Chipp to double crossup when it is not desired, but with practice you will have good enough control over the situation. Your options are these:
  1. H teleport > falling meaty JHS: Will hit in front without delay, except for lightweights, in which case you usually will hit behind. Avoiding the issue with lightweights requires that you delay the second alpha blade longer. In doing so, you will hit in front. Safejump.
  2. H teleport > FDC > falling JHS: A difficult oki that requires the FDC to be done several frames after Chipp appears, or else your momentum will not be halted. Hits corner side. Safejump.
  3. Empty lows: you have time to meaty them with most if not all of the cast, but dependent on setup from combo and teleport time.
Other ways to teleport corner side with H teleport vs middle and heavyweights include using uncling delay j.H > alpha ender (can only be done off certain starters, such as 2D, Gamma or CH j.D), adding filler to the combo (such as jp or jk(1) before the J.D. > alpha > alpha, but this telegraphs the mixup since you can no longer appear on the midscreen side), or to execute the combo as fast as it can possibly be done. These methods are not as ideal as the first; adding filler to the combo may telegraph your mixup and is sometimes impossible, and performing the combo flawlessly is unrealistic.
You can also perform H tele > meaty j2k for a corner side option, but it is more telegraphed and prorates your combo heavily.
You can walk forward after the alpha kd and then teleport to guarantee the crossup side, but this is not meaty and is telegraphed.

***22K Tele YRC > Alpha crossup

Requires that you delay the YRC or else you'll get an RRC. Opponents tend to struggle with this one a lot, often being tempted to throw or mash DP.

*IAD > Meaty Fast Shuriken > 2D

Telegraphed for familiar opponents. Doesn't really create a mixup situation. Blitzable. Throwable. Is however a safejump vs the two fastest dragon punches in the game (Volcanic Viper and Beta Blade), but no others due to the very small window between the shuriken hitting and Chipp landing > inputting 2D. You could just delay the 2D input a few frames to block the reversals, which would also create a frame trap, but that will make it impossible to combo from the shuriken. Theoretically, can bait opponents to mash who forget about fast shuriken being an option. Not much reason to use, but it's there.

7.2 From uncling > J.HS > Alpha Ender

IAD J.S. / 2K oki is possible from this setup as well as teleport oki, but crossup alpha blade is not because the opponent is not close enough to the wall.

8. High Wall Alpha Blade

Important*** The enders discussed in the COMBOS section determine what the followup oki will be, but typically, you can do your FDC left / right oki, or if you are spaced too far away (such as after high wall alpha > Invisible Buff > oki), can use different teleports with / without dash momentum, as well as using the invisible buff to make 22P teleport feints more potent. For example, you could do dash in > 22S tele with momentum > crossup JHS, or you could do dash in > FD Brake > 22S to hit on the non crossup side, or you could do dash in > 22P > meaty 2D.

9. Miscellaneous

Gimmicks / unique setups from unconventional situations.

*2K Restand

Sometimes a good choice off of knockdowns that would net you simple and predictable okizeme, such as random adlib j.d.'s that are not ideal, ground throw, or against opponents who you suspect will not be prepared for the immediate pressure. Higher commitment followup options like teleporting or gamma blade are at the mercy of delayed techs, but dash ins are somewhat safe. This is a highly subjective form of offense so use your imagination and analyse your opponent.

*OTG Gamma Blade

You can H tele > fall > airthrow their tech. If they do not tech, you have time for a meaty low or movement. You can use the very long trap effect of the Gamma Blade to cover your 214K Invisible Buff, or even follow up the gamma with more OTG hits, use them to jump install, and then teleport into a scramble situation.

*Zansei Rouga

Universal options as well as 22K or 22H FD to bait a reversal (somewhat safe), and other simple meaties or mindgame oriented oki, since the ZR knockdown is so weak. Or meaty ground Alpha Blade as a gimmick. The move is throw invulnerable and will pass through/ clash with dragon punches. Not truly safe on block, but is somewhat safe in some matchups or versus timid opponents. Obviously weak to blitz/backdash. Has some validity as an option since a lot of players like to mash after Zansei Rouga. Can YRC the Alpha Blade and punish a dragon punch should it whiff.

*Ground Throw

You can use universal options and even safejump with an early FDC or H tele, or 9 jump over > air backdash > jd for a fake mixup, but unfortunately ground throw does not give access to a real mixup besides TK Ryu Yanagi. Can forward TK Ryu Yanagi for some left/ right/ high/ low action utilizing airdash.

***Air Throw

Grants FDC left / right, high / low, or OTG options.

***2D > Resshou Resets

Attempt to reset a tech with either dash in 6H / 2H / 6P if they like to mash after teching or dash in airthrow (preferred since it is safe, having no real counterplay, + Chipp's airthrow is ok.) Air CH 6H has very high reward.

Choosing an Oki Route

Explain the thought process that goes into picking an oki route.

This should cover topics such as: Identifying when you can do an oki route, what you get out of an oki route, how do the resources you and the enemy have change your choice of oki route, and when do you go for damage/mixup/safe pressure.

Video Examples


Basic FDC and corner oki timings (note the corner combos are outdated, wall alpha no longer has the vacuum effect)
Some of the wallcling basics:
Video containing most of the setups discussed (has a few mistakes/misinformation, but everything written here is correct):
Meaty Shuriken:
More wallcling oki examples:
Cling > uncling alpha ender oki + midscreen FDC oki following high wall alpha:
Left / Right using dash in 22S:
Beyblade Oki:
Forward TK Ryu Yanagi off of throw:
Air backdash left/ right jhs in corner:
Three way mixup from close range TK alpha and some mid height wall alpha KD's:
How to safejump your corner mixup versus Volcanic Viper: