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General Tactics



Tips and Tricks

  • Drill Cancel: Drill cancel is a unique mechanic Faust possesses which allows Faust to break his air momentum at any point and begin falling towards the ground. This is incredibly useful technique that allows Faust to stall in the air, remain unpredictable and avoid anti-airs when jumping, and even do an low-to-the-ground overhead attack by drill cancelling just after leaving the ground and using j.K. In order to drill cancel, one must use faultless defense immediately after j.2K. This can be done by holding down back in the air, and inputting K~S (S can be replaced with P or H if it's more comfortable). By inputting Kick a hair sooner than Slash, you start the j.2K normal and immediately kara-cancel it with faultless defense, changing your air trajectory.

Drill Cancel Tutorial by Zissou

  • Items: The items dictate the pace of the match. You'll want to throw them out after knockdowns or from a safe distance away. The items will force the opponent to react and modify their game plan as long as the item is out.

Item Guide by Zissou Jackpot Item Guide by Zissou

Fighting Faust