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General Tactics

Ravens main goal is to use his good far reaching normals to score a knockdown in the neutral game. After scoring a knockdown raven should become very aggressive utilizing his multiple okizeme and setplay tools to lock the opponent down and keep them guessing. As his excitement level increases you will have better pressure and more damaging combos to utilize.


Glide IAD Strings

Raven's Glide strings are generally very free-flowing. You have a variety of ways to mix-up your opponent and make them guess on how to defend.

  • j.S, j.H(2): One of the more damaging strings
  • j.S, j.P, j.S: Easy to confirm after
  • j.S, j.P, j.H: Lots of blockstun (but also pushback). You can also delay the H long enough to have it whiff and get a grab/2K, and if you make the j.H hit, it'll hit people mashing too early.
  • j.K, j.S, j.H: H doesn't hit so you can grab or go low with 2K. Use carefully, because you can be grabbed when canceling.
  • j.K, j.S, j.P: Fake 2 hits into grab w/ late overhead.
  • j.K. j.S, j.D: Leaves you close to the opponent. Knockdowns if the second hit of j.D connects, but it can be canceled into his grounded normals when timed properly.
  • Glide, delay j.K, anything will beat people mashing 6P or grab (cuz some people still do this lol)

Once they're afraid to hit grab/6P after glide then you can do:

  • Glide, nothing, Grab

It's good to run through each of these strings at least once to see how the opponent will react to them in terms of IB/FD/Grabbing/Mashing. After landing, you can connect many of Raven's normals, the most common being c.S and 2K.

Tips and Tricks

How to control the airdash

Raven's airdash is unique in that it follows a curve, rather than going straight. This means that he is constantly changing directions for the duration of the airdash until he is parallel to the ground. However, like most other character's airdashes, even if cancelled into an attack, Raven will keep the momentum of the airdash. (Unless you use j.2K or a special move, which alter his momentum)

Once the airdash is cancelled into an attack, Raven is locked into the direction and momentum of the airdash and will not stop until he runs out of momentum or hits the ground. Therefore, in order to go in a downwards direction, the airdash must be cancelled before Raven travels parallel to the ground.

The trajectory of Raven's airdash is generally the same J shaped curve no matter where you do it, except for when he reaches a certain minimum height where the trajectory will flatten and go parallel to the ground. This means that the lower the airdash is executed, the shorter distance you have to cancel before Raven travels parallel to the ground.

Frame Data

A list of Raven's hitboxes can be found in the following Imgur album. Consult them when considering how to poke/counterpoke with or against him.

Fighting Raven

Give it to me HERE

While Raven is in his super armored stance, similarly to Potemkin's Hammer Fall, you can YRC when he absorbs an attack and you can even throw him if he's absorbing a projectile!