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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core + R (GGACPR) is the final revision of Guilty Gear XX. Released six years after the previous installment: Accent Core, +R contains a large amount of balance changes. Some characters have had minor tweaks while other characters have been completely reworked.

Additionally, there have been other minor aesthetic changes and improvements such as: the Beat counter now showing you which hit(s) are invalid, the changed Life Gauge color when a player's life is is full, and new art for the Burst Gauge.
Beginner's Guide
If you're new to the game and have no idea where to start, we've drafted up a short Starter's Guide.
GGACR/EddieGGACR/VenomGGACR/BaikenGGACR/PotemkinGGACR/FaustGGACR/I-NoGGACR/DizzyGGACR/ZappaGGACR/Chipp ZanuffGGACR/Anji MitoGGACR/JohnnyGGACR/Millia RageGGACR/SlayerGGACR/Axl LowGGACR/Kliff UndersnGGACR/Jam KuradoberiGGACR/A.B.AGGACR/JusticeGGACR/BridgetGGACR/TestamentGGACR/MayGGACR/Order-SolGGACR/Sol BadguyGGACR/Ky KiskeGGACR/Robo-KyGGACR Roster.png
New Characters
GGACR Kliff Undersn Icon.png Kliff Undersn and GGACR Justice Icon.png Justice have been formally added to the cast of playable characters. Although these characters existed in previous releases of the XX series, this is the first time that the characters are unlocked and playable from the beginning in a tournament legal fashion. They are substantially different from previous versions and both fill very different archetypes.
EX Characters
EX Characters are unlockable versions of characters which are not tournament legal. These characters have move sets which differ significantly from their base character. In order to select an EX character, highlight the character you wish to play on the Character Select Screen and press the Start button. For detailed information on how to unlock these characters, and the differences between them and standard characters, refer to this guide.
Selecting +R Mode on Console

By default, the game will not be set to AC+R. To change it to AC+R, navigate to Help & Options > Game Settings > Version and select AC+R

Afterwards, you should see ver R on the bottom right of the main menu. The title screen will also show the AC+R logo if you go back to the Title Screen, but strangely will show the regular AC logo when you first start up the game.

Saving the game afterwards should keep the game on AC+R by default.

Tier List
Tier lists are a way of communicating how strong the community thinks characters are relative to the rest of the roster. Lists can be used to understand the current metagame and how strong characters are assuming two players of exactly the same skill level. Tier lists do not decide the strength of the character, and do not decide who can or will win a given match. Opinions vary on exact placement of characters, and only reflect what is currently known about the characters.
While the +R tier list is generally still up for contention, the following list is commonly accepted.
Characters are not ordered within tiers
Characters in the lowest tier have more glaring weaknesses than mid or upper tier characters, but +R is both complex and balanced enough that characters considered weaker are still plenty strong and can and have won majors.
~ DQRF on The State of +R Balance
About Plus R
GGACR logo.png
Arc System Works Japan.png
Aksys Games USA.png
Release Dates:
Arcade Japan.png: September 20th, 2012
Vita Japan.png: March 19th, 2013
PS3/X360 Japan.png: August 7th, 2013
Vita USA.png: April 23rd, 2013
PS3/X360 USA.png: March 3, 2014
Steam Steam.png: May 26, 2015
Nintendo Switch International.png: May 16, 2019
Guilty Gear Series
Preceded By:Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Followed By:Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
Game Version Date Notes
Ver 1.1 January, 2013 [1] Adjusted balance.
Ver 1.0 September 20th, 2012 Launch version.


  1. JP Ringedge Press Conference