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Frame data for the newer games is stored on a separate page under ${Game Abbreviation}/${Character}/Data ex DBFZ/Trunks/Data. This is so all the values are in one place and is meant to solve the issue of people updating the frame data on a character page, but not the frame data page. We use a plugin called Labeled Section Transclusion to achieve this.

Each move generally has a section with 2 subsections. Ex ${X} Data with subsections ${X} and ${X} Full. For example, Trunk's data page has a section called 5A Data with subsections 5A and 5A Full. The former is used on his character page and the later is used on his frame data page.

You can find links to these Data pages at the bottom of each character's page. Be sure to edit both subsections so they stay in sync with each other!

A few moves have multiple subsections due to a bug in the plugin that only allows one set of values to be displayed once. Examples of this include Ramlethal's Combination Attack section, and Ruby's j.AA and j.BB subsections . To work around this limitation, copies of the data that gets displayed on character pages were made.