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JP Wiki Armaments Glossary

JP Wiki common shorthands


Below is a list of some commonly used terminology on the JP wiki, particularly ones that have irregular or unclear translations.

General Terms

  • N: "neutral" (5B). May also be seen in situations like N特格, which means [5BC]
  • 前: 8B
  • 横: 4/6B
  • 後: 2B
  • BD格: BD melee attack
  • サブ射撃:Subweapon[AB]
  • 特格/(特): Shorthand for 特殊格闘, which means [BC]
  • 特射: Shorthand for 特殊射撃, which means [AC]
  • 射: Represents an ~A followup derivation for MS that have these attacks.
  • 連打/(連): Means mash the melee button for extra damage
  • 覚醒技: EX Attack
  • 機械: "Machine" - MS
  • 機体: "Airframe" - also MS
  • 地上: "Above ground" - rather than meaning being in the air "above ground", in the JP wiki it really means standing on the ground, primarily pertaining to Mobile Fighter type suits that are strongly anchored to the ground.
  • 覚醒/覚: Awakening (EX Burst)
  • SA: Super Armor
  • 連ザシリーズ: Gundam SEED Federation vs Zaft series (PS2 game)
  • ガンガン: Gundam vs Gundam series (PSP game)


  • 発生: Startup properties of an attack
  • 補正: Proration of damage
  • 銃口補正: Muzzle correction. Note that the kanji for "correction" here is the same as "proration" above, so you must be vigilant in noting this distinction.
  • 範囲: Range, of both ranged and melee attacks
  • 伸び: This is used for both the reach and the followup performance of a melee attack - which, is admittedly a little confusing - but used mostly for describing the ability of a melee hit to connect after having knocked away the enemy with a prior melee attack.
  • 判定: Priority (win determination) of an attack compared to an opponent's attack. There is a lot of things that factor in to this blanket term, 発生 being one of them.
  • 単発ヒット: Single hit
  • 多段ヒット: Multi-hit. Though it may be a single stab strike it may have like 5 mini-hits that make up its damage, each having their own amount of Down and proration.
  • 追撃: Pursuit/followup attack



  • バル豆: Head vulcan
  • ミサ/味噌: Missile
  • 砲撃ビーム: Bombardment beam (Launcher Strike/Gunner Zaku/etc main). Vernier, slow-startup, but thick, strong, and high guidance beam with high Down value.
  • 高出力ビーム: High-output beam (Nu/hi-Nu/etc CS beam). Enhanced single shot that does a forced Down.
  • 拡散ビーム: Scatter beam (Sazabi CSa, etc). Wide range but weak.
  • 収束ビーム: Convergence beam (???). Opposite of Scatter beam.
  • ブメ: Boomerang shorthand.
  • アシ: Assist shorthand.
  • 核: Nuclear bomb/nuke attack
  • NT撃ち: Newtype (NT) shooting (RX-78, Hyaku Shiki). Shooting with back turned without doing turn-around firing.
  • 背面メイン射撃: Back-shooting (Kshatriya, Reborns). Similar to NT Shooting.
  • 地上撃ち: "Above-ground" shooting.
  • 曲げ撃ち: Bending shooting. 1) Shooting style seen mainly from suits in MA mode. 2) There are some gerobis and MGs that can have their direction of fire slightly shifted by using the control stick.
  • セカイン: "Second impact" shorthand. Use CS soon after shoot attack
  • ヴェスバー: VSBR (Variable Speed Beam Rifle) armament
  • メペ/メイプ: F91's MEPE
  • FF: Fin Funnel (Nu/Hi-Nu)
  • FN: Funnel abbreviation
  • オールレンジ攻撃: All-range shooting.
  • 接射: Firing from point blank range.

Attack Attributes

  • 足が止まる: Vernier, boost-consuming
  • 足が止まらない: Non-vernier
  • 常時リロード: Normal reload - weapon constantly reloads 1 shot per X seconds
  • 撃ち切りリロード: Used-up reload - weapon only reloads after all ammo has been consumed, then reloads the entire ammo stock after X seconds.
  • 手動リロード: Manual reload - similar to Used-up reload but uses cartridge (instant) reload instead of a reload timer.
  • 特殊リロード: Special reload - this usually involves some kind of gauge/timer.
  • ビーム: Beam attribute - even if it hits it will pierce the enemy; does not offset other beams if both hit. Is extinguished if it hits terrain or player barriers.
  • 弱ビーム: Weak Beam attribute - will be extingushed upon hitting physical ammo shots or enemies, but not beams or explosions.
  • 実弾: Physical Ammo attribute - extinguished upon hitting players or other shooting attacks (though there are some stronger physical ammo armaments that will not be extinguished upon hitting some other attacks). The destruction value seems to be set in the bullets.
  • 照射: "Exposure" (gerobi) - thick, channeled, multi-hit beams with front priority
  • 爆風: Explosion
  • 移動撃ち: Shoot while moving


Attack Types

  • ピョン格: Another way of writing "Jump attack" (Exia's 8/2BC, FAZZ's 2B, etc)
  • 接地技: "Ground technique".
  • バスケ: Abbreviation for "basketball". Refers to attacks which bounce the opponent such that if you hit an enemy with it multiple times you will dribble them like a basketball.
  • ドリブル: Dribble. Another way you might see Bounce attacks referred to, like above.
  • デスコン: Death combo
  • ネタコン: Joke combo. Not a particularly effective or good combo but funny to use against an enemy.

Attack Attributes

  • 巻き込み:
  • 回り込み: Wrap-around
  • よろけ: Stagger
  • 膝付きよろけ: "Knee-grab" stagger - rather than simply recoil the target will drop to one knee.
  • のけぞりよろけ: "Head-reel" stagger - recoil lasts longer than a normal stagger, but not as long as the knee-grab stagger.
  • 強制ダウン: Forced Down
  • 非強制ダウン: Unforced Down
  • 錐揉みダウン: Tailspin Down - Another name for a forced Down.
  • 受身不可ダウン: Non-umeki Down - enemy isn't forced down and remains red-lock, but is put in a Downed state they cannot ukemi recover from while falling.
  • 砂埃ダウン: "Dust cloud" Down - a Down that puts the enemy in a float state. They can ukemi from it, but it takes a little while and their falling rate is slow, making it easy to followup attack.
  • 半回転ダウン: Half-spin Down - enemy is incapacitated for a moment, doing a slow midair half-spin after which they are able to ukemi recover from.
  • バウンドダウン: Bounced Down - a non-ukemi down that bounces the target off of the ground back into the air
  • 炎上スタン: "Flare-up" stun - no different effect than a strong stun, but the animation is of the enemy being covered in flames instead of electricity.
  • 地上スタン: "Above ground" stun - slightly changes the post-stun behavior of strong and weak stuns. Post-strong stun the enemy will fall to the ground; post-weak stun the enemy will drop to one knee (like the knee-grab stagger)
  • バウンド: Bounce (not bound, as it's read)
  • 打ち消し:


  • オバヒ/OH: Overheat
  • 内部硬直: Internal stiffness
  • 地上BD: "Above ground" boost dash. Describes the movement of Mobile Fighters and other MS that run on the ground instead of boost.
  • 地走/地走型: "Ground run (type)". Another name for above-ground BD, and the MS that do it.
  • ズサ: Braking
  • ズサキャン: Brake cancel
  • 跳びキャン: Jump cancel. Similar to Brake cancel, involves doing a step cancel right at the start of the boost run jump.
  • バッタ飛び: "Grasshopper jump" ???
  • 着地を取れない: Unable to punish a landing
  • ステキャン: Shorthand for step cancel
  • フワステ: Shorthand for Fuwastep
  • 虹ステ: Shorthand for rainbow step
  • 虹キャン(RC): Rainbow cancel
  • ステ厨: "Step kitchen" - refers to the act of staying on the ground and just side stepping over and over waiting for your enemy to grow impatient and react.
  • 青ステ: Blue step. Refers to step canceling done by utilizing Blast Burst.
  • リロキャン: Reload Cancel. This refers to an ability some suits that have manual reload mains can do, which causes a fastfall state when using a reload instead of firing the weapon. It's slightly different from a standard Amekyan in that if you are not facing your target at the time, you can do the fastfall without causing turn-around shooting.
  • ガン「逃げ/攻め」: This basically means doing something all-out, being it fleeing, attacking, whatever.
  • 着地盾: "Landing shield" - literally shielding as you land, particularly often used after moves that plummet you into the ground (like Heavyarms' 8B). It may rarely sometimes be used in the context of landing cancel as well though.

Special Ability-Related

  • 復活: Revival - refers to the "last stand" ability of Zeong/Hyaku Shiki/Exia where instead of dying at the end of a match they revive in a damaged state with 100 hp and diminished performance.
  • 換装: Equipment Swap
  • 時限換装: "Timed Equipment Swap (TES)" - efers to equipment changes that have a time limit, such as Unicorn, 00, V2, etc
  • 時限強化: "Timed Power-Up" - slightly different from TES in that equipment isn't necessarily changed but stats and possibly armaments are raised for a brief period of time. Xi's Minovsky Craft and Hi-Nu's Psychoframe activation are examples of this.
  • 変形: Transform - switching into MA mode.
  • クロス: "Cloth" - refers to the ABC mantle (or "cloths") that Crossbone Gundams wear. This may also though be used to mean crossfire, so pay attention to what is around it.
  • マントル: "Mantle" - another way of referring to ABC mantles
  • 明鏡止水: Clear and serene ("I see it! A single drop of water!") - refers to the hyper mode a number of G Gundam suits can enter during EX Burst.
  • 種割れ: "Seed break" - refers to the special attributes that a number of Gundam SEED pilots get during their S.E.E.D. EX Burst.
  • 極限詐欺: "Utmost Limit fraud" - refers to the technique of CS-canceling the max evolution of Extreme Gundam units such that you get the shockwave stun from the transformation, but don't actually transform.


  • 相手: Enemy and their partner
  • 相方: Your partner
  • 足回り: Neutral game
  • 片追い: Single chase - refers to an event in which you are in double lock (locked on by both enemies).
  • 放置: "Leave it be" - choosing to let an enemy that is on the verge of death and fleeing wildly do so, and instead double lock focus his partner.
  • 耐久調整: Refers to management of health/death order between partners
  • 擬似タイマン/擬似タイ: "Pseudo-tai" - this basically means to 1v1/duel an opponent, but more specifically than that, it refers more to the concept of creating 1v1 matchups, like by splitting an enemy teams' formation, to allow you or your partner to utilize their 1v1 advantage if they have one.
  • 起き攻め: Okizeme (Oki)- When enemy recovered from down position, attack enemy soon.
  • 闇討ち: Sneak attack
  • 攻め継続: Attack continuation - the act of setting up a combo that won't Down the target (by exceeding the Down value threshold), mostly by using combos that stagger or weak stun. By doing this kind of non-Down combo a successive number of times it allows you to rack up a high amount of damage in a short amount of time, but also leaves you open to counterattack since you are not Downing the enemy. High risk, high reward.

Gundam Extreme VS. Full Booste

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