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Press A/B/C/D to perform normal attacks. In Battle Fantasia, A and C are typically light and heavy punches, whereas B and D are light and heavy kicks. For some characters, the heavy punch and/or kick might be in the form of a weapon attack. Standing, crouching, and jumping will change the attack button pressed.

Attack Sets[edit]

Some normal attacks can be pressed in a sequence to form a combination attack. These attack sets usually come in two to three button sequences that might or might not combo. Depending on the character, some attack sets put the opponent into special air or ground states (juggle or knockdown), while others can cancel into specials and supers. Some characters can unlock new attack sets when they enter a special state called Heat Up.

Command Normals[edit]

Every character (except Freed) can utilize a special set of normal attacks simply by pressing a direction and A/B/C/D. These command normals have special properties such as overhead, anti-air, or can force hard knockdowns. Several characters possess command normals that if charged can become unblockable.

Heat Up[edit]

Heat Up (also known as Heat Mode) is a special state that gives each character a special trait that caters to their overall play style. These traits vary from free cancelling normals, to doppelganger attacks. To Heat Up, simply press A+C or B+D when a character has at least 1 stock of meter. While in Heat Up, characters cannot build meter. Damage is slightly decreased, but the ability to combo is increased. Some characters get new special moves, or gain an extra set altogether. Others, such as Deathbringer, can unlock a super move under specific conditions. Heat Up ends after a set time has elapsed, or if a character is hit too many times. Not teching a regular knockdown, or getting forced into a knockdown will also take a character out of Heat Up.

Every character's unique Heat Up is thoroughly explained in their respective character page.


Special attacks are performed by performing a special directional input + any button. These attacks are more powerful, and tend to have more priority than normal attacks. Some specials give characters certain properties like armor and invincibility. Others, like Donvalve's InputIcon 41236.png+B~A can allow him to travel across the stage as opposed to using his not-so-speedy walk.

More detail on every character's special attacks can be found in their character pages.

Super Moves[edit]

Super Moves, or Super Attacks, cost 1 stock of meter and are stronger than Special attacks. These super moves generally deal a great amount of damage and require a bit of extra input to execute. Every character (except Watson) has two super moves. Deathrbinger and Watson are two characters who have to Heat Up to activate one of their super moves.

Each character's special attacks are unique and are explained in more detail in each character's page.


Throws are unblockable attacks with some restrictions in place.

  • Ground Throws can not hit airborne opponents or opponents who are in jump startup
  • There are no air throws
  • Donvalve is the only character with an anti-air throw, and it's a super

Normal Throws[edit]

To perform a normal throw, press A+B when near the opponent. There are 2 different types of normal throws: forward throw, and a back throw.

  • To perform a forward throw, press neutral or forward + A+B while standing on the ground.
  • To perform a back throw, press back + A+B while standing on the ground. The animation does not differ from a forward throw.
  • To throw escape, simply press A+B the moment an opponent attempts to throw you. There is a throw escape glitch that allows the player to press A rather than A+B.

Command Throws[edit]

Command throws are usually inescapable unless you use a command throw while an opponent is in hitstun or blockstun, in which case the throw will whiff. Some command throws grant special character boosts, or allow the character to combo afterwards.

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