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What is an Option Select?

Option Select is a term for doing one or a group of commands that will do different actions depending on what the opponent chooses to do. These can take on many forms, can be simple or complex to execute, can be universal or character specific, etc.


Throw Option Select

XRD and +R Sol inputs 6GGK.pngGGH.png
If the opponent is throwable
Then throw takes priority and the opponent is thrown
If the opponent is not throwable
Then 6GGK.png takes priority and since Sol does not have a 6GGK.png, 5GGK.png comes out instead.

A simple example is the throw option select in Guilty Gear XRD. A throw in XRD is done by pressing 6GGH.png. Button priority in XRD goes (Throw and GGD.png > GGP.png > GGK.png > GGS.png > GGH.png), which means doing a command like 6GGK.pngGGH.png means your character will do Throw if the opponent is in range (and not throw invincible) or 6GGK.png if the opponent can not be thrown. The game is selecting which option to do for you depending on the situation!

Sol players often use this because Sol will do 5K (since he has no 6K command) instead of throw, which is a very fast move that can also hit opponents attempting to jump out! For characters that do have a slow 6GGK.png, then can instead use different buttons instead, for example 6GGS.pngGGH.png, which will give you close GGS.png instead if they aren't throwable.

Hitstop Option Select

BBCF Ragna inputs 1~A.png
If opponent performs an attack at or before the expected time
The jab will not come out as you are unable to attack while in blockstun
If the opponent acts after the expected time
The jab will come out

This simple OS is used to mash out of situations where it is unclear if an opponent will go into a faster move or will attempt something slower like an overhead or some unusual setup. 2A.png should be replaced with another move if the character in question has a faster normal that will hit crouching opponents.

Reverse DP Input

BBCF Ragna inputs 421A.pngB.pngC.png
If the opponent crosses you up
Your input gets reversed and 623C.png (the input for Inferno Divider) takes priority
If the opponent does not cross you up
You input gets interpreted as a Barrier Input 1A.pngB.png

A slightly more complex example is a reverse dp input to deal with crossups: Ragna's invincible reversal is Inferno Divider. However, this input is reversed when the opponent crosses you up. If you suspect the opponent may cross you up and you want to Inferno Divider if he does, you can do the input 421A.pngB.pngC.png. This is useful since you will be able to either hit the opponent if they cross you up or block if they do not. Again, you do different actions depending on what the opponent does!

Also while the example ends with you crouch blocking, you can easily switch to stand barrier blocking (4A.pngB.png) afterwards.

Whiff Option Select

XRD and +R Sol jumps towards an airborne opponent and presses GGP.png~GGS.png
If opponent gets hit/blocks j.GGP.png
then Sol will do j.GGP.png > j.GGS.png
If opponent avoids j.GGP.png
then Sol will not do j.GGS.png

This takes advantage of the fact that you can input the next hit even before the first hit touches the opponent. Since two attacks will come out on hit/block, you have much more time to Hit Confirm the situation and do different this on hit versus block.

Whiff Option Select 2

BBCF Jin does a meaty 2A.png~2B.png~3C.png versus Azrael
If Azrael blocks the 2A.png
Jin will cancel 2A.png into 2B.png and Jin can continue his block string. 3C.png does not come out since it was inputed before 2B.png hits the opponent and is ignored by the game.
If Azrael attempts a reversal Panzer Strike
Jin will whiff his 2A.png and do 3C.png, which will go under Azrael's Panzer Strike. Since 2A.png whiffed, 2B.png does not come out since it is inputted during 2A.png's recovery.
If Azrael attempts a reversal backdash
Just like above, Jin will whiff his 2A.png and do 3C.png, which will hit Azrael during the recovery of his backdash

This is a fairly complex example that is specific to a knockdown situation of Jin versus Azrael. Azrael's Panzer Strike is slow for a reversal and misses versus low profile moves like Jin's 3C.png. Jin has enough time to whiff 2A.png and go into 3C.png, which will beat both Panzer Strike and backdash. While this option select will work against characters with slow backdashes like Azrael, this example is unique in that it beats both Azrael's backdash and his Panzer Strike.

The timing for this is a bit more difficult to do since you will need to time the 3C.png to start immediately after 2A.png if it whiffs.


Option selects can take on many forms and are a powerful tool since they can deal with multiple options at once. There are far more option selects than what has been shown here, and can be a very useful tool your arsenal. Next time you notice the opponent "guessing" right all the time, consider that they may not be guessing at all!

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