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P4U2 Margaret Portrait.png

Health: 9500

Combo Rate: 60%

Persona Cards: 8

Backdash Time: ??

Backdash Invincibility: 1-6

Movement Options: 1 Double Jump/Airdash, Dash type: Run

  • All Jumps have 3F prejump, can not input any commands for the first 2 airborne frames, and have blocking disabled for the first 5 airborne frames
  • All air backdashes are invincible 1-5F


P-1 Climax Nickname: "The Sadistic Stud-Keeping Secretary!"
Persona: Cu Chulainn, Yoshitsune, Ardha, Helel (Instant Kill)
Arcana: Empress
Margaret is a resident of the Velvet Room, and another being "who resides over power". As Igor's assistant, Margaret helped Yu by providing him access to the Persona Compendium, and occasionally offering him advice on certain matters. Quiet and professional, Margaret usually employs a hands-off approach when it comes to Yu's affairs, though she seems to have a keen interest in the P-1 Grand Prix...


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Incredibly versatile, with the ability to play keep away and go in for tricky mix-ups.
  • Exceptional neutral game. She can control various angles even from fullscreen.
  • Has a variety of ranged and fairly safe options for mix-up, pressure and zoning.
  • High damage off almost every confirm, anywhere on screen, with exceptional meterless damage.
  • Excellent mobility.
  • Has 8 Persona cards, the most out of all characters.
  • Has access to several burst safe combos.
  • Limited defensive options without meter.
  • Difficulty in challenging opponents directly above her.
  • Attacks are slow and some moves have lengthy recovery, leaving her incredibly vulnerable on whiff.
  • Cannot jump cancel any attack on block.
  • One of the tallest characters in the game, making her susceptible to fuzzy guard mixups.

Margaret Selection

  • Margaret can use each one of the three persona she uses in combat (Yoshitsune, Cu Cuchulain and Ardha) after any move she desires to use, allowing to cancel her persona moves into each other similar to "rekkas" in many fighting games. However, only one persona is permitted to be on screen at any time. Certain Persona attacks always begin from Margaret's position, while others allow Margaret to displace one Persona and then have another attack from range.

External References

Normal Attacks


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
5A 200 Any 9 3 23 -10 Projectile
5AA 300 Any 4 3 23 -10 Projectile
5AAA 400 Any 4 3 23 -10 Projectile
5AAAA 400 Any 4 3 23 -10 Projectile
5AAAAA 400 Any 4 3 27 -13 Projectile

Margaret places an array of five cards. Projectile attribute. Hits crouchers. Dash-cancellable on hit or block, jump-cancellable only on hit. Due to the height at which the cards are placed, 5A can be used as a situational anti-air, as it carries less risk than 2B. Common pressure tool and combo starter.

  • 5A dash cancel is -7 on block

After placing the cards, Margaret flicks them, turning them into beams of light. Projectile attribute. Unlike 5A, 5AA and the subsequent follow-ups can whiff on crouching opponents. The beams have significant horizontal range, making them an excellent pressure tool when spaced well. 5AAAAA builds ~13 SP and 1/8th of the Burst gauge on hit.

5AAAAA is suspected to be a higher attack level than prior moves in the autocombo, with more hitstun/blockstun than the preceding attacks.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
500 Any 10 10-19 17 -7~-3 Body

Margaret summons a torrent of cards in front of her as she surges forward. Despite the animation, 5B is not a projectile. Frame advantage depends on Margaret's distance from the opponent. Unlike the rest of the cast, Margaret can cancel 5B into 5A once per string. Can anti-air at certain spacings. If used predictably at neutral, it can be rolled on reaction; however, 5B catches backdashes, making it a very strong tool in pressure or when beginning an offensive.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
180 Low 8 11 16 -12 Foot

Margaret slides low to the ground to kick the opponent. Does not cancel into itself. Despite the animation, 2A does not low-profile well, though it can situationally evade moves such as Minazuki's knives. Unlike most characters, Margaret cannot cancel 2A into itself and is committed for the entire duration of the move. Cancels into 2B and 5B, as well as all Persona ground normals and specials to allow a wide variety of mixup and pressure options.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
200, 100, 100, 100 Any 7 3(2) 2,2,2 36 - Body

  • AUB on first hit only.
  • Has Head invuln frames during first hit.
  • Forces standing state on hit

Margaret rushes forward attacking with her elbow, then surges upwards with a torrent of cards around her. Leaves Margaret airborne if not canceled from the first hit. As an reactive anti-air, it's fast but it has limited head invuln, making it difficult to use against many jump normals and skills, and if baited, Margaret is left vulnerable to a huge punish.

Due to 2B being Margaret's fastest ground normal, it serves as both an anti-air and as a way to poke out of pressure. However, the recovery is lengthy and on whiff, Margaret will be left airborne with few cancel options, so it should be used with caution. On counter-hit, 2B coverts into significant meterless damage and is a very strong starter.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
200 High 7 3 15 - Head

Margaret swipes a card in front of herself. Overhead. j.A has low hitstun, so it doesn't see much use outside of certain situations or in combos where a fast air normal is needed as fodder. In pressure, it can also be used for fuzzy guards, such as by One More! Cancelling after a blocked God's Hand. Margaret's fastest air attack. Covers a respectable horizontal range, making it a decent air-to-air when on the same vertical plane as an opponent.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300 Any 12 12 Until landing - Head

Aerial version of 5B. Not an overhead. Can be done very low to the ground to fake her overheads and go for a low/throw mixup. Gatlings to j.2B and j.C, making it useful for fuzzy guard strings or to sneak in a delayed overhead to punish an opponent for not blocking high. Margaret cannot perform another action on whiff, leaving her vulnerable to a punish. Can convert into huge damage with resources and Awakening. j.B is slower than j.A but has a much better hitbox around Margaret, giving it utility as an air-to-air, as well as having more blockstun/hitstun than j.A. j.B>j.C is gapless even on Instant Block.


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
800 High 13 - 13 +3~+7 Head

  • Fatal Counter.
  • Forces crouch on hit.
  • Frame advantage is dependent on Margaret's and opponent's height when performing the attack. (± 0 as an instant overhead)

A pseudo-divekick that quickly brings Margaret straight down to the ground, sometimes referred to as her "footstomp." Useful in mixups and throw baits by doing the fastest possible j.2B off the ground or following j.C in the corner. It also sees use in fuzzy guard strings. Has little to no landing recovery. If performed at the lowest possible height, frame advantage will be +7, though even when done at max height, Margaret will always be at advantage.

All Out Attack


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
- High 41 2 - -25 -

Universal overhead. Margaret disappears from the stage, then reemerges next to the opponent. Considered airborne during her reappearance. When teleporting to the opponent, the attack can cross-up, though it will never cross-up when the opponent is hugging the corner. While Margaret's AoA does cover huge range and has guardpoint during the latter half of the move, it is also the slowest AoA in the game and has a highly telegraphed animation. Additionally, the guard frames are not invulnerable to throws or supers, allowing opponents to easily punish Margaret when she reappears on screen. Extremely negative on block.



Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
700 Low 23 2 22 -9 -

Full screen low. Projectile attribute, so opponents looking for the move can roll it on reaction. Has a period of Chest invuln, as with most other sweeps. Limited hitstun/blockstun, but a very useful tool for disruptions, baiting opponents, and halting an opponent's ground advance.

Persona Attacks

5C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
700 All 12 3 32 -18 Chest

Margaret summons Cu Chulainn to perform a spear thrust. Very good tool for combos and pressure, with good range for its speed. Has a slight vertical hitbox. There is a small deadzone directly in front of Margaret that some characters can reversal through to CH Margaret. Dash-cancellable on hit or block. The dash-cancel is always negative, but when 5C is displaced, dash-cancelling the attack allows Margaret to quickly and safely close in on opponents from fullscreen. 5C has very low proration values, making it extremely rewarding on counter-hit.

  • 5C dash cancel is -6

5D Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
1400 Throw 35 4 50 total - Throw

  • Ardha has guard point during startup until the 1st active frame.
  • Causes wall bounce on counterhit, regardless of position.

Margaret summons Ardha, who slowly advances to the opponent and extends a hand in an attempt to grab the opponent. Ardha's guardpoint lasts until the hand is fully extended to grab the opponent. Ardha cannot grab opponents that are in the air or delay teching from the ground; however, a well spaced 5D can counterhit those attempting to use Evasive Action, as well as to catch mash during Margaret's pressure.

An useful tactic is using the move unexpectedly during blockstrings after conditioning opponents to anticipate mixups and remain respectful. It can also be used in fullscreen setups after using moves such as j.214B and j.2D to mask its location while distracting opponents. However, the move is still considerably slow and should be used sparingly to maintain its surprise value if at all. In addition, Margaret remains perfectly still for the entirety of the move and should not be used when the opponent has a fullscreen option at play.

2C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
900 All 25 3 26 total -8 Head

  • Fatal Counter

Yoshitsune appears above Margaret before lunging at the opponent with both swords. 2C should primarily be used to confirm after Margaret's excellent counterhit starters. At neutral or during pressure, the move leaves a noticeable gap for opponents to use Evasive Action or mash unless it's spaced away from Margaret or in safe okizeme strings.

2D Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
1400 Throw 23 3 52 total - Throw

Ardha extends a hand in the air, attempting to grab the opponent. On contact, the attack freezes; however, the grab will only catch at the first active frame. For this reason, 2D is primarily used as a combo extender immediately after 2C or 236236C in the corner. Additionally, 2D hits three times, making it a useful tool for manipulating combos for Hassou Tobi.

While 2D is not meant to be utilized for anti-air, it can be used for occasional mind games where opponents have a habit of jumping away in the corner to avoid mixups or 5D.

j.C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
700 High 12 3 36 - Head

Yoshitsune attacks with both swords for an amazing vertical and horizontal hitbox. Overhead. j.C is commonly used as a jump-in, air to air, and as a safejump after knockdowns.

In mix-up, delaying j.C allows for tricky strings in which Margaret "feints" the overhead; by delaying j.C, the move will whiff close to the ground as Margaret lands. When combined with j.2B, it allows multi-layered mixups by whiffing the j.C into a different overhead, low, or throw to remain unpredictable.

j.C will always appears next to Margaret, this property can also be used to quickly "retrieve" ranged attacks from an attempted Persona break.

j.D Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
700 All 17 - Until landing+12 - Projectile, Head

  • Margaret cannot perform another action until landing.
  • j.D always appears at Margaret's location.

Ardha shoots a fireball at downwards 45 degree angle, does not affect Margaret's momentum. The fireball travels relatively fast and is useful for disrupting your opponent's approach while retreating from the air.

j.D is very useful in pressure strings involving low j.C as the frame advantage should allow Margaret to land safely and position herself into further pressure.

As with j.C, the fact that the move starts at Margaret's location is useful for resetting the Persona at neutral.

j.2C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
700 All 10 3 32 - Head

  • Halts Margaret's air momentum

An air version of Margaret's 5C that is slightly faster with the same horizontal reach.

Very useful combo tool by allowing jump cancels into itself for safe fullscreen confirms. j.2C commonly follows anti-air confirms starting with 2B as it will autocorrect to the opponent regardless of Margaret's position.

Its use in pressure is more specific to preventing jumps in the corner and can also be used to hover over counter-based moves such as Rise/Chie's B+D

An important property of this move is that Margaret will remain in a "hovering" state on hit or block and that property can transfer over another gatling. For example, using j.D after j.2C on block will cause the fireball to spawn while Margaret remains floating (and unable to do anything until landing). For a beneficial example, combos that involve j.2C into j.214B allows Margaret time to use air actions for oki options and safejumps.

j.22C Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
900 All 25 3 Until landing - Head

  • Fatal Counter
  • Holding 4 will narrow the trajectory
  • Margaret cannot perform another action until landing.

An air version of Margaret's 2C. Yoshitsune appears behind Margaret and moves on a downward arc, attacking with both swords when reaching the ground. Very important tool in safe okizeme following j.214B.

j.2D Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
600 All 22 - 42 - Projectile, Head

  • Margaret maintains air actions following recovery.
  • Pauses Margaret's air momentum.
  • Ardha can appear at the location of the last persona attack.
  • The height of j.2D can be altered based on the timing of Margaret's jump.

Ardha appears behind Margaret launching a block of ice slowly at a downward 45 degree angle. Freezes on hit. Unlike j.D, this can be used more than once while in the air. Useful for creating projectiles to disrupt her opponent at different locations while maintaining air mobility.

j.22D Persona Required

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
1400 Throw 23 3 27 - Throw

  • Pauses Margaret's air momentum.

An air version of Margaret's 2D. Ardha appears on the ground below Margaret for an air grab that freezes if successful. Situational use as an extender for specific combos.

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
1100 Throw 5 - - - Throw

Margaret grabs the opponent before slapping them far away from her. Midscreen, Margaret has enough time to approach with an airdash to start pressure. Near the corner, it will always wallbounce to allow Margaret to extend the throw into a small combo for knockdown or substantial damage with meter.

Air Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
1000 Throw 5 - - - Throw

Margaret grabs the opponent before smacking them to the ground with her compendium. Afterwards, it can be followed with falling j.C to convert into a combo.

Ultra Suplex

B+D (air OK)

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
1128 Throw 14 2 32 - Throw

  • Fatal Recovery.
  • The throw is techable unless it lands counter-hit, as with a normal throw.

Margaret grabs her opponent and jumps as she performs a German Suplex in the air. On counter-hit, it can be converted into a combo with j.2C. Not a strong reversal due to the fact that it's a throw, has significant start-up, and leaves Margaret free to a Fatal punish. However, it can be used to enter Awakening safely at the appropriate distance by first using Margaret's sweep, as the opponent will be forced to block or jump the sweep attack and consequently unable to punish Margaret for the whiffed DP.

Guard Cancel Attack

6A+B while blocking

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute

Shares the same animation as Margaret's 2A and also hits low. As with other Guard Cancel Assaults, it's slow, does zero damage, has autoguard for the duration, blasts the opponent away on hit, and can be One More! Cancelled or One More! Bursted on hit or block. Margaret's Guard Cancel attack shares the same weaknesses inherent to Guard Cancel Assaults in addition to hitting low, making it especially easy for opponents to avoid, then punish the lengthy recovery. As a defensive option, it's quite poor, so use it sparingly, if at all.

Skill Attacks

Divine VacuumPersona Required

236C/D (air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 800 All 16 2x3 55 total -19~-10 Projectile, Chest
D 1455 All 19 3x12 (6) 2x3 86 total -5 Projectile, Projectile/Chest (2)
SB 1650 All 17 3x13 (6) 2x3 82 total -3 Projectile, Projectile/Chest (2)

C version is a very good zoning tool for its speed but shouldn't used carelessly as opponents can easily jump or roll through it, Air version is fast but only has Cu Chulainn attacking with his spear, without throwing his spear.

D version can combo after 5AAAAA, can also be used as a feint if people are expecting the C version and try to roll, Air version is like the C Air version but slower and does more damage.

SB version has the best damage out of all versions of Divine Wind, wall sticks in the corner and has vacuum effect, Air Version is fast and vacuums as well.

Gale Slash Persona Required

214A/B (air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 800 Low 12 6 22 -11~-6 Foot
A Air 800 All 13 8 32 - -
B 800, 400 Low, All 17 8(9)6 69 -14 Foot(1), Head(2)
B Air 600, 300 All (2) 15 6 (15) 7 53 total - -
SB 700, 350(2) Low, All (2) 13 8(9)6(12)4 68 total - Foot(1), Head (2)
SB Air 600, 300(2) All (3) 13 7(9)6(12)4 65 total - -

  • Margaret is considered crouching during all ground versions.

An advancing move that serves multiple purposes depending on the version. The first hit of all grounded versions will hit low.

A Version: A single-hitting slide attack that travels a third of the screen, hits low, and gives hard knockdown. A common use of 214A is to give knockdown from small confirms and perform a safejump afterwards (usually with j.C). For the momentum that these knockdowns deliver, 214A is a very important ender for ground confirm.

214A is also a useful mixup tool after conditioning opponents with her other high/low options. 214A is generally unsafe on block and punishing will often give opponents a crouching confirm. However, the move can be made relatively safe by spacing the move well and/or using One More! Cancels and Panta Rhei to extend Margaret's pressure at the cost of meter.

At neutral, its chest invulnerability can be used to quickly low profile and punish moves with slow recovery such as Mitsuru's 5A.

A Version (air): A single horizontal attack that extends certain confirms. At neutral, j.214A can serve as a surprise deterrent from directly approaching Margaret in the air.

B Version: The B version can also be used to provide safejumps with more corner carry; however, it is far more prorated so it will only work for very shortened combos. The most common use of 214B in combo is launching opponents near the corner to finish with an air combo ender.

B Version (air): Another very important combo ender as it allows Margaret to convert many stray air hits into long range knockdowns. In addition, Yoshitsune hovers high in the air for a considerable period and allows other persona attacks such as 5C and 5D to attack under that location while Margaret is far away.

SB Version: Quickly travels fullscreen while hitting 3 times. It can be situationally used at neutral to disrupt a slow-starting fullscreen move such as Yu's Ziodyne.

SB Version (air): Used to provide a better knockdown when j.214B cannot due to proration. Due to its superb recovery, it can also be used to extend small air confirms afterwards into fullscreen combos. In addition, the 3 hits allow Margaret to easily manipulate combos into Hassou Tobi afterwards.

God's HandPersona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 1600 High 25 3 32 -4 Body
D 1800 High 28 3 43 -9 Body
SB 2000 High 24 3 31 -4 Body

Ardha appears before summoning a giant golden fist to crush the opponent. Hits overhead and always appears next Margaret.

While it is a very damaging tool for mixups, it can be reacted to and either Margaret or Ardha can be struck by fast normals, bursts, or supers before the move is completed. In addition, Evasive Actions will allow opponents to phase through the attack in time.

For these reasons, it is best to limit these mixups where God's Hand can decisively end rounds after conditioning or other situations where Margaret can afford to make a larger gamble for its reward.

Keeping this in mind, God's Hand is primarily used in combos to safely make use of its high damage value.

D version is a slower, more powerful version that always appears a fixed distance from Margaret. Used in combo situations where 214C has already been used or a burst-safe, long-distance ender. However, this move has longer recovery and is also prone to Evasive Actions and fullscreen supers on reaction.

SB vesion has the fastest startup and most damage between all versions. Appears further than the C version and closer than the D version.

Ardha has guard point during the attack and can be used as a temporary barrier between Margaret and the corner.

SP Skill Attacks

Power Slash Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 1000,1000 (2000) All 4+4 4 (8) 4 103 total -24 Body
B 1350,1350 (2700) All 4+19 4 (8) 4 108 total -14 Body
SB 1200,1200 (2400) All 4+3 4 (8) 4 99 total -21 Body

  • A/B versions add 300 extra damage to 236236A, 404 to 236236B, 360 to 236236AB, and 432 to all versions of Hassou Tobi.
  • SB version adds 600 extra damage to 236236A, 810 to 236236B, 720 to 236236AB, and 864 to all versions of Hassou Tobi.

Two part sword slash with Yoshitsune. The A version is fast and Margaret's go to reversal, as it leads to significant damage on hit and if One More! Cancelled on block, it is very difficult for an opponent to punish Margaret.

The B version does the most damage but also has the most start-up, limiting its utility to using the increased invuln to punish very slow moves, while the SB version is one frame faster than the A version, does more damage than the A version but less than B, and adds the most damage to another Power Slash or Hassou Tobi, making it very useful for kill combos.

Power Slash has great horizontal and vertical range, as well as a slight backward hitbox; however, if the opponent is at point-blank during start-up, they can roll at the flash to prevent Margaret from using a One More! Cancel.

During startup frames, you can cancel any version of Power Slash into a second Power Slash or Hassou Tobi for increased damage.

Panta Rhei Persona Required

236236C/D (Air OK)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 1950 All 4+9 - 53 total +45 Projectile
D 1950 All 4+21 - 50 total +84 Projectile
SB 2240 All 4+7 - 53 total +59 Projectile

Margaret summons a large tornado that travels along the entire screen. If the opponent is hit, the tornado gives a fixed number of hits (10 for C&D and 15 for SB) before ejecting them into the sky. The C version is commonly used to extend small ground combos from 214A to finish rounds, often ending with Hassou Tobi.

In addition, using the C or SB version following a well-spaced 214A will extend blockstrings while providing corner carry to reset pressure. Using Panta Rhei in this way will leave Margaret vulnerable to Guard Cancel options and provide the opponent a significant amount of meter on Instant Block.

The C version travels quickly, the D version travels slowly, and the SB version travels a medium speed.

The SB version possesses startup invulnerability and is a notable reversal due to the large hitbox of the tornado. While Panta Rhei does not cover the same areas as Power Slash, it causes more damage on hit and guarantees escape on block for 25 less meter than Power Slash OMC. Unlike the C version, the SB version is more useful in extending air combos due to being completely untechable until the target hits the ground.

Using the move deep in the corner can be wasteful of meter as the tornado will travel off the stage before it is completed. Therefore, using it for corner blockstrings may be less safe than midscreen without One More! Cancels. In addition, the tornado might not eject the opponent before leaving.

Awakened SP Skill Attacks

Hassou Tobi Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 2880 All 4+10 15~31 82 total -39~-24 Body
B 2880 All 4+43 47~63 114 total -39~-24 Body
SB 2880 All 4+3 - 74 total -39~-24 Body

A unique super that deals damage based on the number of hits dealt before the super connected. Hassou Tobi will automatically add hits up to the nearest multiple of 8 in a combo. (Example: If you ended a combo with 7 hits, the super will only go up to 8.)

Each individual hit of the super adds increasing damage with the 8th hit generating very high damage. It is always preferred to end a combo in a multiple of 8 before super cancelling into Hassou Tobi in order to access the highest damage possible.

All versions of Hassou Tobi deal the same amount of damage but differ in startup values. The A version is the most commonly used due to being 50 meter for optimal meter usage. The B version is too slow to use in combos, but the long invulnerability can be used to situationally punish other slow moves with long invulnerability.

The SB version is very fast and is used in combos where the A version cannot connect due to proration or distance. The speed of SB Hassou can be used to punish fullscreen attempts to zone.

However, Hassou Tobi should not be used as a traditional reversal as Margaret is left in place for the entire duration of the move on whiff or block.

Mediarahan Persona Required


Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C - - 13+46 - - - -
D - - 13+66 - - - -
SB - - 13+38 - - - -

A healing super that restores a fixed amount of health to Margaret and a trivial amount to the opponent following the superflash. The C version heals a small amount of health relatively quickly. The D version slowly adds a more substantial amount over time but leaves Margaret exposed longer. The SB version adds an amount between both versions with the fastest recovery.

Mediarahan possesses some invulnerability for a very limited period at the superflash.

This super is rarely used and with good reason as it leaves Margaret open for the opponent to attack. The primary use would be to immediately gain health just as the round timer expires to leave less room for punishing and steal a round with a life lead.

Instant Kill

Morning StarPersona Required


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
K.O. All 17+58 3 37 -21 -

Typical instant kill super with limited application and use. Its short range makes it difficult to cheese people with it as well. It looks damn cool, however.


Ambox notice.png To edit frame data, edit values in P4AU/Margaret/Data.