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Button Priority

Button priority in this game goes GGXRD D Prompt.png > C.png > B.png > A.png, where the letter to the left takes priority over any and all letters to the right.

For example:

  • Pressing B.png + C.png would have your character perform C.png.

Because there are so many commands that are 2 or 3 buttons, the rules for determining what command you get is simple: The command that uses the highest priority button wins. One More! Cancel has highest priority if available.


  • Pressing A.png + B.png + GGXRD D Prompt.png would execute a Furious Action (B+D) instead of an All Out Attack (A+B).
  • Pressing A.png + B.png + C.png + GGXRD D Prompt.png would execute a Burst (A.png+C.png+GGXRD D Prompt.png); if no burst is available, then a throw (C.png+GGXRD D Prompt.png).
  • Pressing Template:236236 + A.png + B.png with 50SP as Naoto would execute a SB Double Fangs (Template:236A.pngB.png) instead of a super (Template:236236A.png or Template:236236B.png), or if you have less than 25SP, then you will get an All Out Attack.
  • Button priority is crucial to understanding and executing certain option selects!

Cancels After Hitting a Persona

Hitting a Persona counts as the attack being "blocked" in terms of P Combo canceling.

For example, Narukami's 5B can be jump-cancelled on hit only, so he will not be able to jump-cancel if the attack only hits the opponent's Persona, but he will retain all of his "cancel on block" options for 5B, such as backdash-cancelling.

One More Cancel Run

Hold forward or down-forward when doing a ground One More! Cancel and your character will automatically begin running forward!

This is useful for combos where you need to get as close to your opponent as possible after a One More! Cancel.

This trick does not work for backsteps or air dashes.

Recognizing Invincibility

Notice the white circle on Yosuke?

When your character is invincible and goes through an enemy attack, you may notice that a white circle appears. This is to show that the character was invincible.

Note that this circle doesn't always appear: for example, a ground throw on an airborne opponent will not trigger this effect.