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Original notes (in Japanese) are here http://www.arcsystemworks.jp/p4u2/images/imp/info140418.pdf

Translation of notes from http://www.dustloop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6641-p4au-news-gameplay-discussion/page-74?p=796284#entry796284


Guard Cancel Evasive Action
  • Counter instead of a Fatal Counter
  • Total number of frames decreased, moving distance increased
Shadow Type
  • Maximum health of the Shadow characters has been +2000
  • Awakened SP Skills can now be used with the cost of 50 SP
  • During Shadow Berserk, the cost for One More Cancel and Guard Cancel has been halved
  • If the Shadow Berserk is activated from a standing position, the opponent can now move during that time. But... your character is now completely invincible during the activation animation.
    • Works the same old way if you use the Berserk to cancel something
S-Hold System
  • Gauge appears faster after holding the A button
  • MAX charged Meter stays on the screen for a longer time now before it disappears
All-Out Attack (C-Finish)
  • Final hit is always a Fatal Counter no matter how much (or little) you mash buttons during the All-Out Rush.

Yu Narukami

  • The amount of block stun has been decreased
j. D
  • Faster recovery
Lightning Flash (Shiden Issen)
  • Invincibility removed from before and right after the screen blackout
  • SB-version has lowered damage, and the move starts now after the blackout
Cross Slash
  • SB-version's damage nerfed

Yosuke Hanamura

  • The amount of block stun has been decreased
Instant Turn Flying Slash(V-Slasher)
  • SB-version now has a faster start-up and the damage reduction has been loosened
  • D-version has increased recovery
  • SB-version has a faster recovery now

Chie Satonaka

  • Deals now a little longer block stun
  • The reach of the move won't now decrease when its used from a dash
  • Is now dash-cancelable
Black Spot (C-version)
  • can now be super-cancelled with the same timing as D-version

Yukiko Amagi

  • A-version has increased untechable time for the opponent
  • Charge it for a certain time, and it will explode twice
Dancing Flames
  • A-version: Persona stays on-screen for a shorter time
  • Damage nerfed
  • B and SB version: If used as the first move in the combo, combo damage nerfed even more
Fire Boost High
  • Faster recovery

Kanji Tatsumi

Air backdash
  • Increased travel distance
Auto Combo 3rd Move
  • Decreased travel distance
5B (normal version)
  • Is now special-cancelable
  • Is now special-cancelable
Tatsumi-style Ass Whoopin'
  • SB-version damage has been nerfed


Auto Combo 3rd Move
  • You gain a SP boost after the fourth hit of the move
  • Jump cancel and P-Combo are no longer possible after the fourth hit
  • 3 hit of the move also has the same effects
2D & j. 2D
  • Increased "P Combo Route"
  • D and j.D come out when they should come
  • Hit box fixed
What Will Come Out? SP
  • Time needed to wait, until being able to reuse the move, has been decreased
  • Overall amount of frames has been decreased
  • Persona will disappear from the screen faster

Naoto Shirogane

  • Only when using 4D, Naoto will automatically face the side opponent is during the move
Double Fangs (B-version)
  • Counter Hit has increased untechable time for the opponent
Critical Shot
  • SB-version damage has been nerfed

Mitsuru Kirijo

  • Decreased kickback
  • Invincibility of the feint-version has been decreased
  • Latter half of the move can be cancelled to any version of Coup Droit

Akihiko Sanada

  • Speed increased
  • The reach of the move won't now decrease when its used from a dash
  • Automatically turns the side the opponent is, when used from far away
  • Silence stays active longer after a hit
  • Hurt box fixed for Cyclone LV0 version
Sonic Punch
  • Deals now a Fatal Counter
Cyclone Uppercut
  • LV5 minimum damage increased


Furious Action
  • Blow-off on a counter hit has been changed and the opponent can now tech from it
Radical Cannon
  • Now explodes only when you release the button
  • Now also catches the opponents standing on the ground
Heavenly Spear
  • SB-version damage nerfed
  • Attack now starts after the screen blackout


  • Increased travel distance during the move
  • The time until you can summon the Persona has been decreased
  • While in Awakening, recovery from aerial A-version has been decreased
  • While in Awakening, untechable time from counter hit of A-version has been increased
  • A-version has now a faster start-up
  • Recovery after D-version's landing has been decreased
  • Damage reduction has been loosened
  • During the Awakening, SB-version's damage reduction has been loosened and the untechable time has been increased
  • Persona now returns back to Elizabeth after the C and D version of the move
  • Overall recovery has been decreased
  • After the opponent is caught up in the move, Elizabeth is fully invincibile until the move ends


Axe Levels
  • Match now starts with Green Axe
  • Persona's recovery decreased, can be dash-cancelled earlier
  • D version's projectile lands on the ground, like SB version
Breaking Wheel
  • Invincible from the start of the move

Shadow Labrys

Terra's Eruption
  • Damage nerfed
  • SB-version's recovery has been greatly shortened

Yukari Takeba

Feather Flip
  • While C, D and SB versions are rising, Yukari is invincible
  • Landing recovery has been decreased
Feather Shoot
  • After the shot, you can now move her around while she's in the air
  • Duration of the ailment has been shortened
  • B-version now causes Silence
Hyper Feather Shoot
  • A-version shoots a faster arrow


Auto Combo 2nd Move
  • Faster start-up, so the opponent will be forced to block it if they blocked 5A
  • "P Combo Route" has been changed, so it can now be comboed into 5C
  • Faster start-up, shorter recovery
  • Increased untechable time
  • Decreased recovery
Super Push Bunt
  • Decreased recovery
Victory Cry
  • Each time you gain additional 10 runs, the amount of automatically recovering HP&SP will be increased

SHO Minazuki

  • Increased recovery
5D & j. D
  • With 2D you can cancel them from Flash Fang (Senga), Soaring Fang (Shouga) and High-Speed Movement
  • Landing recovery has been decreased
Survival knife
  • Afterimage of the knife has been altered so the knife is now easier to see
Soaring Fang (Shouga)
  • SB version's incinvibility starts later
Moon Smasher (Getsumen Kudaki)
  • Minimum damage has been increased

Sho MINAZUKI (Tsukiyomi)

  • Increased recovery
  • Shortened recovery and added untechable time
  • Shortened recovery, now ground bounces on a hit to an aerial opponent
  • Is not jump-cancelable
j. C
  • Shortened recovery
Survival Knife
  • Afterimage of the knife has been altered so the knife is now easier to see
Spiritsucking (Kyuuma)/Bloodsucking (Kyuuketsu)
  • Fatal Counter removed
Fantasy Fog (Mugen no Kiri)
  • Damage reduction has been loosened