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| padding=no
| padding=no
| content={{CharaInfoCargo
| content={{CharaInfoCargo
| content2={{#lst:{{PAGENAME}}/Data|Links}}
| nameplate = {{#switch:{{BASEPAGENAME}}|GBVS|GGACR=yes|#default=no}}
| nameplate = {{#switch:{{BASEPAGENAME}}|GBVS|GGACR=yes|#default=no}}
| theme = {{{theme|}}}
| theme = {{{theme|}}}
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Note the broken links. This template doesn't work on non-character pages.
| overview = Overview section. Giovanna’s attack speed is top-class. Her {{clr|1|5P}} is the third fastest button in the game, and {{clr|2|5K}} is quite fast for its range. Her {{clr|3|c.S}} is a powerful, plus on block pressure tool, and the multi-hitting nature of {{clr|3|f.S}} and {{clr|3|2S}} make them easy to hit-confirm from. Pressure can be ended with the risk-free [[GGST/Giovanna#Sepultura|Sepultura]], or reset with the plus on block [[GGST/Giovanna#Sol Poente|Sol Poente]] and [[GGST/Giovanna#Trovão|Trovão]]. Sol Poente hits overhead and is a {{keyword|cross-up}} at close range, while Trovão can pierce through projectiles after a moderate startup. And although both can be beaten by a low profile like {{clr|1|6P}}, Sepultura's vertical and horizontal reach works great as a countermeasure against any attempts to outmaneuver or low profile your pressure.
| lore = Story Mode.
| summary =, is the first vampire from Brazil on a mission to cause drama and protect the president.
| pros =
*'''Inferno Divider:''' Useful things go here.
| cons =
*'''Fancy Formatting:''' Giovanna has [[GGST/Movement#Roman_Cancels|Roman Cancels]] for mixups, [[GGST/Giovanna#Ventania|Ventania]] for damage, [[GGST/Giovanna#Tempestade|Tempestade]] for approach, and [[GGST/Defense#Faultless_Defense|Faultless Defense]].
| difficulty_rating = 4
| official_difficulty = yes
| unique_mechanic1_name = Ogre-powered
| unique_mechanic1 =<gallery mode="nolines" widths=250px heights=250px>
GGST_Giovanna_HalfPower.png|Persona vibes
GGST_Giovanna_FullPower.png|Jojos reference
She gains a (~5%) damage buff at half or more tension, which is replaced with a more powerful (~10%) damage buff at full tension. The buff will apply even if a move consumes tension to a lower threshold, meaning [[GGST/Giovanna#Ventania|Ventania]] and [[GGST/Giovanna#Tempestade|Tempestade]] deal more damage with each boost.

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