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Combo List

Very beginner bnbs

Combo Damage Meter Gain Difficulty Notes
5A > 5AA > 5B > 5C > 3C > 236BB~B}} 2048 14 [1] Very Easy Corner carry version. 3C may whiff if too far out, if so omit it and end in Rekka~B. Ending in Rekka~B will do more damage but leads to a worse knockdown, ending in Kaid allows for a safejump midscreen but deals lower damage (and the safejump isn't particularly scary either). Video
5A > 5AA > 5B > 5C > 6B > j.623D~j.2C (2A > 5B > 2C > sjc > j.C > jc > j.C > j.623C~j.2C)* 2150 (2886) 15 (20) [1] Very Easy Damage version. Works at all ranges and leads to good damage while also keeping them in for a close knockdown. Mediocre knockdown, can catch everything except emergency tech by doing 2A after landing for a blue beat air string as shown in the brackets. Do the 2A as soon as you land (so input the move slightly before landing) and buffer 5B and then hit confirm. [ Video
(Crouching Hit 5A > 5AA >) 5B > 5C > 236BB~C > sjc > j.B > j.C > jc > (dl.)j.B > j.C > (dl.)j.623D~(dl.)j.2C 2922 (2506) 20 (17) [1] Very Easy Crouch confirm route, combines the best of both work (but damage wasn't high in the beginning) For a side swap delay the second j.B, j.623D and j.2C. Video
Corner 5A > 5AA > 5B > 5C > 3C > 214D, 5B > 236BB~C > sjc > j.C > jc > j.C > j.623D~j.2C 2657 19 [1] Very Easy Corner combo. Generally recommended to use the very basic corner combo that uses a microdash as the microdash is very lenient, however this combo is useful if you miss the microdash when going for the other route. Video
Forward Throw, (66)5C > 2C > sjc > j.B > j.C > jc > j.B > j.C > j.623D~j.2C 2884 20 [1] Very Easy Super basic Forward Throw conversion that works everywhere on screen outside some very specific corner distances. 665C will be required on many characters and this combo is a good way to practice microdashes as this starter is very lenient. Can also side swap with the same method as the route above. Video
AA 2C > (s)jc > j.C > jc > j.C > j.D > j.623D~j.2C 2794 20 [1] Very Easy Very basic anti-air combo. Depending on the height 2C connects you may or may not need to super jump. You will not be able to otg for a blue beat. You can still time a button to catch no or quick tech or forward roll attempts with a delayed 2A or 2B but the opponent can back roll after fairly safely. Video