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Stolen tables

K Nuke Manual Detonation Chart

Character Can Run Under Will Connect on Crouching Block? Will Hit Neutral Crouch? Notes
A.B.A No No No
Anji Mito No Inconsistent No
Axl Low Yes1 Inconsistent Inconsistent
Baiken No No No
Bridget No No No
Chipp Zanuff No No No
Dizzy No Inconsistent Depends on Idle Animation
Eddie No No No
Faust Yes No No
I-No No No Depends on Idle Animation
Jam Kuradoberi No No No
Johnny No Inconsistent Depends on Idle Animation
Justice No Yes Almost Guaranteed
Kliff Undersn Yes No No
Ky Kiske No No Depends on Idle Animation
May No No No
Millia Rage Yes Inconsistent No
Order-Sol Yes1 Inconsistent Inconsistent
Potemkin No Yes Yes
Robo-Ky No Yes2 Almost Guaranteed2
Slayer No No Almost Guaranteed
Sol Badguy Yes1 Inconsistent Inconsistent
Testament No No Depends on Idle Animation
Venom No No No
Zappa Yes No No
1: Can be hit during specific parts of running animation
2: Must detonate behind him

IK Chart

Data is from DL. If its wrong not my fault.

Some IK activation times were proven incorrect in the process of making this chart.

Character IK mode activation Startup Total Range Zansei Rouga Punish1 Notes
A.B.A 68 36 104 Short Kinda2
Anji Mito 54 21 75 Short-Fulscreen Yes Travels from edge of the screen, thus startup time can be misleading. Disables screen zooming until recovery.
Axl Low 90 28 118 Long No
Baiken 84 17 101 Short-Fullscreen Yes Travels somewhat fast, max distance around 2/3 of the stage.
Bridget 60 13 76 Short-Medium Kinda2 Takes a few frames to reach max distance. Max is around roundstart.
Chipp Zanuff 94 56 150 Short-Medium No Short at ground height. Roundstart distance at jump height. 0 frames post flash.
Dizzy 30 106 136 Short No Activation is minimum charge time. Requires non jumpable state and has slow input. Executed fast will still be faster than Chipp's.
Eddie 68 13 81 Short Yes Very low profile frames during IK mode activation.
Faust 82 17 99 Medium Yes
I-No 76 15 91 Short Yes
Jam Kuradoberi 54 17 71 Short-Long Yes Travels pretty fast for slightly less than half screen.
Johnny 54 17 71 Short-Fullscreen No Travels fullscreen at speed slightly slower than CSE.
Justice 74 12 86 Short-Fullscreen Yes Travels extremely fast for very slightly more than max screen distance.
Kliff Undersn 100 23 123 Short-Long No Travels relatively slowly for slightly more than half screen.
Ky Kiske 46 17 63 Long Yes Punishes Kachoufuugetsu on IB.
May 70 16 86 Short Yes Command grab. True reversal.
Millia Rage 66 34 100 Fullscreen Yes Tracks.
Order-Sol 101 8 109 Short Maybe Activation is time to reach level 3 from zero charge. Startup is Sakkai. Just for fun.
EX Order-Sol 76 8 84 Short Yes Just for fun.
Potemkin 98 17 115 Short No I swear framedata needs to be rechecked across the wiki. True reversal according to hitbox viewer.
Robo-Ky 80 18 98 Short Yes
Slayer 80 20 100 Short-Medium Yes Travels pretty fast for slightly farther than roundstart.
Sol Badguy 76 15 91 Medium Yes Its actually not that short just really high (which is still very bad).
Testament 60 32 92 Medium Yes
Venom 44 26 70 Short-Medium Yes Slightly longer than others in short category. Not a true reversal but invul is quite long.
Zappa 76 5 81 Very Short Yes Command grab. True reversal.
1: Assuming not in IK mode beforehand.
2: Fifth hit misses on block so need to punish by crouching and jump FD fifth hit. All hits connect against Bridget on block if done point blank.

Notes on the chart:

1. Medium range means reaches roundstart. But I still managed to make that row an inconsistent and unreadable mess somehow.

2. Zansei Rouga row comes from Potemkin and Kliff IK activation being incorrect, but its still probably second best practical use of IKs, so I left it in.

CH Airthrow Combos

Yes they are real.

Note: Those routes are for when only airthrow counter hits. For when next hit(s) also CH I havent tested.

Those are all midscreen combos leading into reverse 1 hit sword oki. Multiple routes may work on some characters but only characters on whom combo is optimal will be listed. Optimal according to my testing at least.

Combo Works on Notes
AT > 6H > j.S(1)/(2) > j.D > dj.S(1) > j.H > SMS AB, BA j.S(1) on Baiken. j.S(2) on ABA.
AT > 5K > j.PPK > j.S(2) > dj.S(1) > j.H > SMS AX, BR, ED, FA, JU, KL, PO, TE, SL, ZA Omit one j.P on Bridget, add one on Potemkin.
On Pot do j.P loops for better knockdown instead.
AT > JI > 5P(1) > 5K > sj.PPPK > j.S(2) > dj.S(1) > j.H > SMS AN, DI, JA, RO Omit 5P on Dizzy and Jam. Add one j.P on Robo-Ky.
AT > JI > 5P(1) / 2P > 5K > sj.PKPK > j.S(2) > dj.S(1) > j.H > SMS JO, KY, MA, MI, HOS, SO, VE 5P for Johnny and Sols, 2P for rest.
Johnny is very hard to 1 hit, so I actually havent tested it, but probably possible.
AT > JI > 2P > 5K > sj.PKP > j.S(1) > j.D > dj.S(1) > j.H > SMS CH, IN