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Beginner Combos

Beginner.png Basic combos are simple combos with the fewest requirements and conditions possible. They:
  • Work against every, or almost every, character in the game
  • Can be performed from most positions in the play area
  • Require few adjustments, and if any are required they are simple

Beginner Ground Combo

Beginner Ground ComboWorks against any grounded opponent.
Very Easy
Starter > c.S(3) > 6K > 421K~D

This is an easy way to get damage as Venom while setting up his high/low okizeme, and acts as a foundational component for his core combos.

Common starters include 2K, j.236SGGAC Venom j236S.pngGuard:
6 after landing
, and 5H Stagger, but you can route into this combo any time you are close enough to connect the 3rd hit of c.S against a grounded opponent. If you are too far for the 3rd hit to connect, then replace 6K with 5H.

By routing into Dubious CurveGGAC Venom 421X.pngGuard:
—(here,421K~D)—you set up a multi-hit projectile that can be used for the standard K-Ball Okizeme. If you desire a different, but similarly easy okizeme setup, then you can cancel into a different version of Dubious Curve. These include 421P for P-Ball Okizeme, and 421H for H-Ball Okizeme.

Beginner Throw Combo

Beginner Throw ComboEven works from low air throw!
Very Easy
Throw > c.S(1) > 6K > 421K~D

The basic throw combo is conceptually very similar to the basic ground combo, but has small considerations.

Only one hit of c.S is used because any hit launches the now round-ified opponenet towards the wall and bounces them off it. c.S(1) does this well by combining damage with speed.

This combo works anywhere on the screen, but you need to make some extremely small adjustments when playing around the corner. If you are throwing the opponent into the corner, then skip the c.S entirely. This is because the bounce from c.S can cause the opponent to bounce past your 6K. The same adjustment applies if you are cornered and are throwing the opponent out of it, because the bounce will happen too far away for 6K to hit.

Core Combos

Intermediate.png Core combos balance potency with consistency. They:
  • Work against most characters of a selected weight or hurt box type
  • May require moderate adjustments to account for variables such as screen position, hit count, resources, and opposing character
  • Are expected to be consistently performable by most intermediate and advanced players who main the character

The Venom BNB

"The BnB"Potent, but a bit finnicky
starter > c.S(3) > 6K > [2]8S > 66 > 6K > 214H~D > 66 > f.S > 421X > 214X

The BnB provides excellent corner carry and gives an opportunity to get a lightning ball + regular ball for okizeme. The damage isn't phenomenal, but the route itself is still very helpful since it helps generate a hardy chunk of meter and get the opponent cornered. The combos works in the corner, but is suboptimal in that position.

Generally, no adjustments are needed, but the strictness of the route changes based on how heavy the opponent is, and how tall their airborne hurtbox is. To help with consistency, you want to make sure you dash as early as possible, and as deep as you can get.

This combo does not work on A.B.A nor Justice, and sometimes Zappa. For those characters, alternate routes are available in the Specialized Combos section, or you can default to a beginner combo.

Standard DBC Loop

Standard Dubious Curve Loopiconic
starter > c.S(3) > 6K > [ 421S , 2S ]xN > 421X > 214X

The Dubious Curve Loop is the crux of Venom's corner combos. There's several ways to optimize the loops, and maximize damage, but this route instills the core idea.

Route from whatever starter initiates the combo into the first 421S, link into 2S, and repeat until Venom has been pushed back to the edge of 2S range. Once pushed to max range, end the combo with whichever versions of 421X and 214X you need for your desired okizeme setup afterwards. The standard combo can be extended by FRC'ing one of the 421Ss in the middle of the combo and correcting your spacing.

Combo Theory

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Specialized Combos

Advanced.png Specialized combos are advanced routes which require more knowledge and awareness, but offer advantages over core routes. They:
  • Can have any number or combination of requirements and conditions—character, spacing, hit count, resource, or situation specific
  • Offer some advantage over core routes; be that in damage, corner carry, okizeme, meter gain, etc.
  • Might not necessarily be harder than core combos, but require more specific circumstances and knowledge to execute

Optimal Toki Bani Route

Optimal Banishing Strike Combo Toki variant
Extremely Hard
2Ax2 > 2B > 5D > C+D > 6 > 2C > slight delay 9E > j.A > j.B > j.D > land then jump straight up > j.A (right side only) > j.214D > 2Ax12 > c.D(1) > A+C > j.C > j.214D > 2Ax5 > c.D(1) > A+C > j.A > j.214D > 2Ax15 > 2B > 5D > 214D+E > 2Ax14 > 2A~E > 2Ax4 > 2B > 5D > 214D+E > 2Ax10 > 2B > c.C > C+D > 6 > 2B > 2Ax5 > 2A~E > 2Ax14 > AxN~ (Traveling)

An optimal, 5-hit-bani combo which has been been fine-tuned to balance ease of use with Boost recovery while guaranteeing a ToD.

Like all optimal bani routes, this combo assumes that you have no starting resources and start the combo with a grounded hit into 5-hit-bani. You can still route into something similar to this by using the standard combo pieces of Ura SaiFrom Hokuto no Ken2Ax9~10 > 2B > c.C > C+D+HSC Ex1~2 > (pass through opponent) j.214D > Renda SaiFrom Hokuto no Ken2Ax12 > 2B > c.C > C+D+Mash E until out of Boost > j.214D. The advantage of this route over that kind of combo is that the less-optimal routes involve more TK Sais and take much longer to start cranking out resources. TK Sai is the most common point to drop a Raoh combo, so minimizing how many are needed is a huge boon to your combo.

Miscellaneous Combos