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Kill The Past, jump over the age.

P4U2.5 smug narukami.png
- believe in the net

- god is in the cables

- data transcends time

- and multiplies

- using billions of clones

- gives you undeniable proof

- and then people transcend the light


I am currently focused on researching P4U2, and subsequently maintaining and updating as much of its wiki as I possibly can. Eventually, I'll also focus on doing the same for "Vanilla" P4A, because it seems like an equally funny game.

Click here to visit a P4U2 tech compilation (poorly maintained due to addition of character Resource Dumps, i will most likely be using those instead)

Click here to find out why FG Ranked sucks

@scatteraxis on Twitter
scatteraxis on Steam
scatter#9587 on Discord; I am also in the P4U2R discord (of course) if you are curious.