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Fukyo Mix-Up Matrix
 Option Opponent's defensive option
Block Jump Back dash Poke into block Continuous pressing Meterless Reversal Invincible Overdrive
236K, c.S Neutral (+3) Tons of plus frames Punish1 Countered Countered Punished Punished
236K, 6D / 623P Knockdown Big whiff (38 / 48 frames of recovery) Countered Countered Knockdown Countered
214K, 2S / f.S Blocked Safe whiff Safe whiff Whiff Punish2 Whiff Punish Varies3 Varies3
214K, 236K, 623P Knockdown Big whiff, possibly preventable4 Knockdown Countered Knockdown5 Countered4
Notes 1: Depends on positioning and the speed of the opponent’s backdash. At close range, c.S > 236K > c.S can punish. At longer ranges, 5H > 236K > 2S can punish.
2: Varies depending on Blood Gauge and the blockstun of the blocked move.
3: Depends on the range and frame data of the reversal, as well as how far the chosen move extends Nago's hurtbox.
4: Varies depending on timing. If the opponent uses their option early, it's possible to react and switch out 623P for appropriate counterplay.
5: Timing dependant. An instant reversals whiffs, allowing a punish. A delayed reversal will hit Nago during his forward movement, and a very late one will be interrupted.