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Towito was the editor of the month for December 2020!

The wiki staff would like to recognize this user for their outstanding dedication to providing educational material for BlazBlue: Central Fiction.

I focus on BlazBlue: Central Fiction. I play Bullet and a few other characters. I currently have an archive of BBCF Character Tech. I'm working on finding a long-term filesharing solution in case I become inactive for a while. I encourage people to make local copies of it for themselves and others.

Some of the things I'd still like to work on:

  • Finding good places on the wiki to store information I find.
  • Updating BBCF Character pages
  1. Verification from character experts.
  2. Creation of a Matchup Template (Mizuumi's MU template is quite nice)
  3. Full Verification of BBCF's frame data (Note: This is a long project requiring MANY people and a LOT of time)
  • Archival of BBCF's pages online (perhaps through a wayback machine API).
    • Currently attempting to use their google-sheets tool, though it is currently unsuccessful.
  • Creating a "Cheat-sheet" for potential contributors.
  • Creation of Image Map for BBCF's Character Select Screen