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I'm VIVr, a GBVS player from Europe and Narmaya main. You can also find me at


In the spirit of it being better for tech to be somewhere on a wiki instead of buried in Discords, this page is intended as a dump for the permanent archival of discussions, tech & notes from the EU GBVS discord.

Sufficiently refined and valuable content should then be moved to the respective character or character strategy pages.

Editing Guidelines

Any GBVS player is welcome to edit the "Contents" section of this page, as long as they mind the following rules:

  • Keep it to GBVS
  • Obey the headings formatting (Contents -> Character Name -> Title (creator in brackets)
  • Be good and respectful to each other.
  • Do not change other peoples' entries without permission
  • When in doubt, ask
  • If you do not have an account on Dustloop and don't want to make one, message me with your Note; I will try and add it to this page myself.



TK EX Flip (VIVr)

Regarding TK EX flip. A pressure reset or even just a frame trap into it will indeed be mashable. It is worse than just frametrapping into k.2M in that regard, and the wrong choice to beat opponents choosing instant mash. In fact as a pressure option TK EX flip becomes strong once your opponent stops mashing instantly, and starts delaying his mash or trying to react to throws: What TK EX Flip excels in is the equivalent to other characters' clH pressure, which features a run up into a slightly delayed clH on offense, as a read to your opponent choosing a delayed defensive option to block instant frametraps but mash/tech/fuzzyjump a throw pressure reset. You may have seen Fitizen or other players use it. What makes TK EX flip so good compared to clH in that situation is:

  • easier to hit confirm, you can visually confirm the launch
  • better situation on block - you're +2 in your opponent's face and can directly start another throw mixup on block, which is unmashable for characters with 6f jabs. also you can catch jumpouts with 2L and such
  • invulnerable to throws from frame 1; clH pressure will sometimes lose to instant throw mash but TK flippy does not
  • you still can just run another round of g.clH pressure and make it plus with EX setsuna, other characters can run + on block clH pressure at most once

For delayed clH-style pressure, the higher startup of TK EX Flip and inability to frametrap into it doesn't matter at all, it's almost a feature instead.

Narmaya and Footsies primer (VIVr)

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