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Sorry if this comes off as rude but why have you basically rewritten the Adult Gohan and Super Saiyan Goku from scratch? Months of edits from many different user (including myself) have been completely deleted and replaced with very bare-bones descriptions, many of which are a single line or even just the placeholders. I understand that perhaps you thought the descriptions needed to be trimmed down or made simpler but I don't think that necessitated the complete revision of entire pages. Please help me understand so we can compromise on how these pages should be made so that other players can get the most help in improving their abilities in-game. Thanks in advance.

It's not just AGohan and SS Goku but I've done it with all characters from A16 to TGohan too, it's just that I know some characters more than others.

I'm only removing:

  • Basic info that has already been described elsewhere. Like autocombo being described in the Offense section, gatling being in the Frame Data pages, etc. Most autocombos are borderline combo/blockstring filler so unless they have anything stands out I don't think it's worth mentioning.
  • Descriptions of the attacks. We already have screenshots and short frame data for that.
  • Most memes.

I'm also adding back things like updated frame data, techs and noteworthy quirks... I just don't wanna write a fancy paragraph over every single attack in the game when a short sentence would've been enough.

Imo DBFZ section of Dustloop is too bloated and many people have expressed frustration over this but nobody want to fix it. I'm just trying to make it cleaner and more in line with the other, better sections like GG and BB.

Kaiokek (talk) 09:27, 4 November 2019 (UTC)