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  1. Es is priced in the jp version, but you get her when you buy the ps3 version as a 2nd separate download.
  2. I think they just will patch it in, when the ps3 version drops during the next maintenance. Maybe something about compatiblity issues or stuff
  3. Honestly, how do people even have that already? :O And is there already gameplay or news on him?
  4. We also have the English Demo. The same as with the japanese one: If you preorder the ps4 psn version, then you get the demo. Demo releases on the 11. October.
  5. Is it for ps4 only? don´t see anything in the ps3 store
  6. Alright thanks. So I just have to buy BBCF and I can preload the demo from the same item?
  7. Guys about the demo, would you mind looking it up for me, since I have to go to work right now. 1. Is thre only a ps4 one 2. Is the ps3 madcatz fightstick TE compatible with BBCF, since Mori tweeted about that some sticks might not work with it.
  8. There should be a new one each day until release. Yesterday was Tao and today its Tager.
  9. I know. I just had a little hope that they might keep doing that, since it was well received for Revelator
  10. Btw, I´ve just watched the comments section in the playstation blog about BB. There the author of the entry clearly said there will be NO demo =/ So if anyobody was hoping for that like me :v
  11. Gotta admit I´m quite dissappointed that they didn´t answer the question whether there might be a demo like at all. Was asked quite a few times and at least knowing that it won´t come would be nice. Really brave of em to come out with the dub issue though. Appreciate the honesty at least, though it´s a pity for the fans of the dub :v
  12. I misworded this sorry. What I meant is, that Es would be like Terumi, that she is first week free and later you have to buy her and you can´t unlock her through gameplay. So that she IS NOT like Kagura. Wouldn´t make much sense to me to give out a DLC char, who is unlockable through gameplay anyway.
  13. Wouldn´t she be more like Terumi. He´s also been first week free DLC and otherwise unlockable. At least I think that it´s the same case with Es.
  14. You know what bugs me right now? We have two console exclusive Characters so far and what are those? Both DLC Characters. So either the game will only feature dlc chars as console exclusives, which would be stupid imo. Or they chose not to show them yet.
  15. Well, if this is a hint, then we might get another 3 characters. https://twitter.com/ARCSY_Event/status/761460458884784128?s=09
  16. My bad. Thats what you get, when you only glimpse at it :v
  17. Bururaji on the 30th... maybe we will get some Es gameplay here?
  18. Hopefully we get some footage. Otherwise, when do you think we can expect some more infos on it? The wait is hard :v
  19. So, hype for the new opening, since it is yet even more different than the other two. So, two questions: 1. Does anyone know what emblem is shown when the title of the act is shown? 2. What do those moonrunes, which appear under Izanami when she comes out of that pillar, say?
  20. Well at least it looks like it could last about 4-5 seconds, if enought barrier is available, though I can´t say for sure how long it can stay, since the player cancels it. Thogh it stays out for quite some time. Also, this! :D
  21. I can´t recall in which match that was, but I recall seeing that grab cancels the ribcage.
  22. Well, might as well ask again for this one. Is someone with a nico premium maybe restreaming the stream in 30 mins?
  23. What I was thinking about, can she actually float cancel moves? Like is it possible to do a rising j.B into float into combos?
  24. Ehm, just a question. Will Izanami be actually playable on the 28. this time or will we be waiting another month for that? About Izanami. Mori heared my prayers and made me an early birthday present. She looks awesome and I love that DD where she just goes DBZ on the enemy <3
  25. Well regarding gameplay I´d rather say we can expect anything. Don´t forget that in the teaser she seems to have some kind of battle form, so we can´t really debate on anything, can we?