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  1. I now have a twitter. Idk what to do with it tho

  2. Teach me ice car>662B pls

  3. Zangyaku, the death god destroyer of lolicons.

  4. ORAS Hype. Zinnia Hype. Overheads.

  5. I am the bone of that fish.

  6. Man your avy is too strong to resist. Feels like Haruhi wants my eyes.

    1. Tong


      Yours is hard to not stare as well. Oh, and she wants your soul as well.

  7. A Orochi is unblockable in netplay

  8. Alright, it's 2320-6589-0332. I'm just beat Team Flare in the Frost Cavern, heading for the 7th Gym. Trying to make sure I stay underleveled so that the game can be a challenge but it's hella hard lol.

  9. Just wanted to ask if I can add you on 3DS? Don't wanna add you at random without you knowing first lol. How far are you in X/Y?

  10. Dat recycling of tickets. That works fine lol. Ahh no wonder, apparently Nintendo World is having a midnight party for the game on Thursday night, then it's just going to be crowded all day with people buying it. I'm just getting mine from the nearby Gamestop, not a lot of people go there so hopefully it won't be too packed.

  11. Every time I see your avy it reminds me of how Miya's streak ended. As well as almost every CP Jin vs Valk match I've seen. Mah feels :(

  12. I didn't wanna derail the BB anime thread so I'll just say here that luckily I saved enough money to go to Comic Con and get Pokemon Y. Just gotta make sure to not spend too much money on random merchandise lol. But all tickets for NYCC except Thursday tickets are sold out though. I went before in 2010 and Friday and Saturday are the most hype days with the most booths/stuff in general. If you haven't gotten a ticket yet, I'd say don't go this year and just get X/Y.

  13. After too much Cookie Dough, a little body fixing is necessary. That is amazing lol.

  14. I always thought it was "Unit wo kidō" lol. Either way, the Cookie Dough message is spreading. It'll be everywhere once CP hits America.

  15. That's how you really Unit Cookie Dough. Gotta make sure the controller doesn't get dirty though.

  16. This is how you strike fear into the heart of all future CP netplayers.

  17. Why is your rl waifu cosplaying as my waifu, that's gonna cause some awkward moments man. You should convince her to cosplay as Izumiko cause she's cute and it would solve the awkward situation. Then again, I might change my avy soon to another waifu. Maybe.

  18. Because that's my waifu. I feed her more potatoes than you.

  19. Sir, are you asking why humans eat potatos in general?

  20. I was about to tell you there's a CP Chariot set coming so you could edit it into your post but damn you work fast lmao.