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  1. Thank you very much for the tips, I will take account your advices ^^. In these matches I tried to change a lot my pressure tools, because my friend knows my Jin pretty well, so I used different stuff like the 6B throw bait, the 2B 6D gatling (commonly the Jins use 5B after 2B or viceversa, so this could be predictable), etc. Lol, I know that the ice car is risky, so I take care of that for the next time xD (we played and recorded those matches at 4.00 am xDDDD). Buen español ese jaja :D ¡Gracias!
  2. Well, is my first time that I post here, so I thought that would be a goob opportunity to do it. Here, some matches with a friend that mains Noel: Some advice or tips about my Jin? PD: Sorry for my poor english xD, I'm a spanish player.