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  1. Kadius

    Pokes/FRCs/Specials: Tricks and Uses

    Just a little trick I discovered today in training mode. You can jump install (or super jump) any ground move of Johnny's without having to MC or JI via combo. How? Simply input an attack while landing from a standard single jump, no need to combo off of a j.HS or anything. Jump, land -> 623S = JI DBT Jump, land, 2S, 5HS ->JI transport Even 6K or 3HS will carry the jump install. I guess the changes to I-no's dash carried over to other characters.
  2. Kadius

    [AC] Johnny Video Links/Video Discussion

    I'm not too sure that guy is DC. He wasn't throwing coins into empty space while his opponent was on the other side of the screen. Only way to know for sure is to see this guy play against Faust. Edit: Watched the second video. I'll eat my boot if that's DC. I don't know, the play style doesn't seem familiar to me. He's good and knows how the game works, but if you watch, he makes a few ground combo mistakes trying to get a coin.
  3. Man, this thread is D-E-A-D. I was hoping one of the more enlightened among us could shed some light on the "Tension Pulse" for me. (Specifically Johnny's if they're different for every character.) As well as how instant blocking and slash-back effect it. With Johnny, I do a combo that gains ~19 tension. Yet after one slash-back, it's ramped up to around 25%. Does he seriously get a 20% bonus to tension gain just from ONE slash-back?
  4. Kadius

    AC: Gameplay Specifics

    I just wanted to drop some info on you guys concerning Johnny's tension pulse. I'm sure some of you guys already know this, but I figured a few people might not. In short: Johnny's tension gain can become freakish. I know you're thinking "No shit, Kadius." But you might have known that there's a limit to his tension pulse from just comboing and moving around aggressively. You have to instant block or slash-back to get it really going. It's kind of a hidden little trait of his. Tested this in training mode, walking from starting position until the dummy is completely backed into the wall. Full life, 0% tension to start No IB/SB: ~60% tension 1 IB: ~65% tension 1 IB, 1 SB: ~75% tension 1 IB, 2 SB: 75% tension before corner, 100% about 2 seconds after 3 SB: ~90% tension In short: More instant blocking/slash-back = more tension, quicker. Slash-back > IB Walking is good. Edit: Not sure on all the numbers, but they're in the general ballpark. Slash-back seems to have twice the effect that instant blocking does. Also: Tension pulse effects how much tension you gain off of combos. 6K, MC, j.K, j.S, dj, j.S, Ensenga seems to do about 20% or less tension from a fresh start. With one slash-back, it's boosted to 25+%. I don't know if this is true or not, since it's nigh impossible to have 0% tension when I'm testing this, think I'll ask and see if anyone has a more in depth knowledge of this. Edit 2: Doing the math (reading the framedata), it comes out to 18.96 tension. Yet after a single slash-back, it's at least 25%...
  5. Kadius

    AC: Offensive/Defensive Guide

    KJT is pretty tricky to combo off of. Spacing is the main problem with it, you can be too far away and it wont combo or you can be too close and Johnny will be too high or behind the opponent. I'd say the ideal range is about the max range of JO's f.S (if you can imagine that distance). Combo'ing off of a Jackhound, you might just be too close. If you've already got that working and just can't seem to get the JI working, just keep practicing, it's so easy once you get the hang of it. Try inputting the [8] at around the same time you hit HS. You'll get it. Bonus fun, Jump installs where you don't expect them: 5K, [8]5HS, MC, f.S, KJT (JI) -Jump installs remain as long as you keep the combo alive. Jump in, j.HS, 2P, 5K, 5HS, KJT (JI) - You retain your jump if you start a combo from the air. 5K, [8]2D, transport - Doesn't combo, but it's neat to pull off. Edit: Yeah, you're a bit too close.
  6. Kadius

    [CT] Haku-men Videos & Discussion

    雀 ...which is Suzume. There's even a "Kyaaaaa- Suzume!" at the beginning of the video. So I assume it's the Suzume that plays Johnny. Sweet.
  7. Kadius

    [CT] Haku-men Videos & Discussion

    Astral Finish!
  8. Kadius

    [AC] Johnny AC Discussion

    This thread feels like a group therapy session, haha. Johnny just feels right to me. The rhythm of his gameplay (combos, etc), I also enjoy having so many options in my combos. Playing Johnny feels artistic. And the fact he has so little going for him means that I have to be the better player, and I guess there's a little pride in that.
  9. Kadius

    AC: Combo Guide

    So, uh, MC links I've been testing and can confirm. (5HS, 3HSand 6HS are all level 5 attacks so they have the same hitstun) LVL 1 5HS/3HS/6HS, 5K... 5HS/3HS/6HS, f.S... (crouching) 5HS/3HS/6HS, f.S > 6HS LVL 2 (everybody knows these) 2D, 5K/c.S/3HS 5HS/3HS/6HS, 5HS/3HS/2S/2D * f.S, f.S/5K *3HS/5HS are very hard to string together on standing opponents (1-2 frames, I'd say)
  10. Kadius

    General Johnny Questions

    Two questions: Do we have a MC links guide in a table(?) format anywhere? And do any of you know how CHs affect Johnny's MC window? I've been reading this and can't really figure out how many extra frames he gets off of them. I'm just curious how many frames total he gets off of certain CHs.
  11. Kadius

    Accent Core Venom Thread

    Thanks ajinkris & ky0n01. ajinkris, I actually have 6P, 6HS, (s)carcass raid down pat. I was actually asking about using (s) carcass raid off of 5HS because it looks pretty sweet in the corner. Or maybe just in combo videos. ky0n01, that's exactly why I asked about comboing a FRC'd stinger aim. As for Mosaic VS N.O, I too think Mosaic would win. But I imagine it would be close.
  12. Kadius

    Accent Core Venom Thread

    Hello Venom forum, it's been a while. I kinda switched my main to Johnny and... eh, I've fallen out of practice. Though, I I wouldn't say I'm terrible with Venom, I am rusty as hell. Three questions. 1.) I have trouble linking 5 HS, Stinger aim, frc, dash in, 2S... etc. Is there any trick to this or is it all distance/dash buffering. 2.) 5S©, 5HS, (s)Carcass Raid... I am terrible at this. Tips? 3.) Does anyone remember the term for manipulating summoned balls into active balls and chaining them? I'm thinking of making a picture guide. Edit: Had to look up C-God's old #R guide. It's called the Mosaic technique (named after the Venom player, you can find some videos of him using it on youtube).
  13. Kadius

    General Johnny Questions

    So what's everyone's opinion on using Slash Back? The more I use it, the more essential it seems to help Johnny get the upper hand. Versus certain moves, it can net you a nice CH combo. The kicker is, if you can IB something you can SB it, I guarantee you. I have mainly been using it against guard specials (I.E: Fuujin, Dubious Curve) You can actually begin holding S or HS when you first enter block stun and then tap the other at the correct moment (the time you'd normally IB)
  14. Kadius

    [AC] Johnny Video Links/Video Discussion

    Nattak: You should be playing more of a ground game VS Sol. Let him be the one to go to the air. That Sol LOVES air dashing in on you, put a stop to it if you can or block it. Remember that MFM lvl 1 can stop gunflame cold, lvl 2 will net you a combo in some places... threaten him with it when you can. Also, be more careful when closing the distance on Sol. I don't know if you were going for throw or what, but sometimes dashing in is like saying "Please hit me." Jo: First off, props for the 2D MC combos. However, I would say you're a little over zealous with the 5HS, MC, f.S sometimes, take your damage and skip the MC combos if you're not landing them that day/match. The main thing that I think I can tell you is to know when your coins are going to connect. I saw you throw at Slayer when he was WAAAY to far up/far away for a coin. And don't be afraid to hit people with lvl 1 MFM, don't give away that little bit of damage for a MC all the time. It does add up and it forces close range characters to come to you. Making them come to you is great since this is one of the areas Johnny excels at (vs characters like Sol or Slayer, obviously).
  15. Kadius

    AC: Combo Guide

    So, I've been looking for new coin>knockdown tricks. Because I'm a pad player it's nigh impossible to do: coin, iad, blahblahblah, enkasu. I might just have picked up something juicy for you guys. (I'm almost sure I've never heard anyone talk about it here.) Best of all: Divine Blade and TRAPS. Basically: For 25% tension you can get a lvl 2, knockdown and relatively safe mist in the corner from MFM or a 6K. It can also be done from a throw, if you're feeling the need to whip out a DB. Damage isn't too bad either, ~128 on Slayer from 6K. In the corner. lvl 2 MFM, coin, 6K, MC, forward jump, j.D, divine blade, frc, air dash, air combo into enkasu. The tricky part is the timing. So far, I've only tested this on Slayer and Potemkin. Seems like the main thing is to know when to jump and connect with the j.D. For Slayer I had to wait almost until he teched, for PO it's almost as early as possible. If this has been mentioned before: oops. But I think it's pretty nice, since it does 'decent' damage, possibly makes knocking down some characters a bit easier in certain situations, probably does a bit more damage than the coin>iad combo, gives you some extra time to mist and leaves you with some options (tech throw, guarding, air dash, etc)