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  1. Clear Sky

    [Xrd] Axl Combo Science Thread

    For TK Bomber stuff I've been using: Throw, 66-[5K-S-TK Bomber] x 2/3 5K-S-2D-Rensen (RC), 66 6P-5S-TK Bomber, 5K-S-TK Bomber Hopefully there is some better stuff. I haven't watched any Axl matches yet.
  2. Clear Sky

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Anyone have tips how to approach a turtle Rachel? With pumpkin, wind and the frog, I feel like I can never catch that little whore or maintain a decent position against her with the doll.
  3. Clear Sky

    [CT] Carl Clover Combos: Clap Trap Inside

    The 2 in 2B is being held, not pressed. Thus you're forced to go to neutral and input the teleport as 22D.
  4. Clear Sky

    [CT] Carl Clover Combos: Clap Trap Inside

    I execute 22D really fast after 2B. It works every time for me. I never use negative edge in a combo unless I need to use the doll more then once, or if I need to position it somewhere. Maybe that's bad. IDK...lol.
  5. Clear Sky

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    Really? I never manage to get the doll on the right side summoning it at that time. Instead, I've been summoning the doll after 2B, hence me asking my old question.
  6. Clear Sky

    [CT] Carl Clover Combos: Clap Trap Inside

    What's the best setup to hit confirm this? Am I suppose to be able hitconfirm off of 2A if I don't have the doll around? :V
  7. Clear Sky

    [CT] Carl Clover Tactical Discussion/Questions/Help

    I'm getting owned by IADs. Is 623[D] Carl's exclusive anti-air?
  8. Clear Sky

    Site Feedback/Suggestions

    I just noticed that on the front page of the website, before you enter the forums, in the web broswer title it says GGXX Slash. Maybe you want to change that.
  9. Clear Sky

    Arcana Heart

    http://magical.alps.ne.jp/stream/index.html Looks like Kubo is going to beast at this game at this year's SBO too. :grin:
  10. Clear Sky

    Arcana Heart

    Speaking of which, has anyone figured out what's the limit to how many activations you get per round (if it exists)?
  11. Clear Sky

    Odds and Ends

    GX does it almost the same. It's just that instead of using OTGs to build the boost bar, he uses 623C, which builds insane boost meter in itself. The result is Raoh gets three fill boost bars if you do it right. So after rewatching Mamiya's 100% combo, I think you get the boost bug to work if you do a lot of OTG hits, interrupt it with something else, and then do something that builds you boost bar. With the examples given, Mamiya interrupts the OTG hits with super -> jump combo, and Raoh does it by stopping his combo and landing his 623C on a blocking opponent. Obviously this idea needs to be tested unless there's already a confirmed answer to this, but it seems to explain both different ways that Mamiya and Raoh can activiate the bug.
  12. Clear Sky

    Odds and Ends

    Nah, I don't think that's it because G.X. can do it, and he never had to do it your way in order to get the bug to work. Anyone seen Rei's teleport bug? Osuza does in 20060814-3 @ 2:46 @ Kuuronn's site. It looks like it could be useful....
  13. Clear Sky

    British Columbia Match Vids

    So I'm guessing no one taped any matches when BC went to Seattle?
  14. Clear Sky

    Odds and Ends

    Any anti-Juda stuff?
  15. Clear Sky

    Odds and Ends

    I notice that this site has scans on frame data frame some japanese magazine. The only thing that sucks is that it only has start up frames listed.