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  1. Braver

    [+R] Kliff Video Thread

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMgLarx8LXM Bob vs Tanabata(Slayer), GAKU(Robo), Satou(Johnny)
  2. Help me understand why Akatsuki is not very good. He looks really fun
  3. Braver

    [+R] Kliff General Gameplay Thread

    Whoops, did not mean to add Justice to that. Before posting that, I think I was playing a Justice player. That matchup is definately 5-5
  4. Braver

    [+R] Kliff General Gameplay Thread

    Can you make a video of it? I can't figure it out
  5. Braver

    [+R] Kliff General Gameplay Thread

    Also, is it possible to fuzzy Faust? I wasn't able to find anything yet. If I hit him in his crouching state, his hitbox shrinks too much for me to hit him with anything else EDIT: So far after 30 mins in training mode, I was only able to do: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6voHGaZuBo
  6. Braver

    [+R] Kliff General Gameplay Thread

    Kliff vs characters with good zoning and great anti-air and great keep away feels like 3-7 to me
  7. Braver

    [+R] Kliff General Gameplay Thread

    This is how I feel against Bridget
  8. Braver

    [+R] Kliff General Gameplay Thread

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I'm a little surprised people don't slashback so often against Kliff. Thanks lofo. I'll keep those strings in mind.
  9. Braver

    [+R] Kliff General Gameplay Thread

    How well does IAD j.ksh work on characters with invincible uppercuts? Robo-Ky did not let Kliff get away with doing j.ksh as a blockstring. IAD j.ksh was uppercuted between an IB'ed j.s and j.h Should IAD j.ksh be used differently against characters with invincible uppercuts? Or not used at all in certain matchups?
  10. Braver

    [+R] Kliff General Gameplay Thread

    The only way to punish drill is by instant blocking?
  11. Braver

    [AC+] PSN ID Thread

    PSN: cptBraver Location: NYC Main: Bridget Sub: Kliff If you add me, just write GGXX so that I know you're from Dustloop.
  12. Braver

    [Jan 11-13, 2013] Apex 2013 - Brunswick, NJ

    which Japanese players are entering persona?
  13. Shoutouts to the people helping run the event. Stressful at times when people are MIA for their match. Shoutouts to St1ckbug for running this event and making it happen for the anime community. Thank you for caring so much Alan. Shoutouts to Tokyo Tea. Shoutouts to the Anime tournament room for having a not large enough room despite having 150 players entered. Packed as fuck. Yup, must be a dead game. Shoutouts to playing Jojo's Bizarre casuals in real life. Shoutouts to Tokyo Tea. Shoutouts to AnimeEVO. Shoutouts to Circuitous for driving everyone back and forth from Copabanana to the hotel. Shoutouts to Amadeus for also driving all over the place for people. Shoutouts to cars. I want one. Shoutouts to Sanoshi coming out and being coach of the year during my Bridget matches. Get ready for AC+ netplay. It'll be like #R netplay all over again. Shoutouts to Tokyo Tea. Shoutouts to old friends. Shoutouts to new friends. Shoutouts to NEC helping me put faces on Twitter users.